Friday, December 31, 2010

Mongolia: Provisions on Ninja Mining

It was reported on December 10, 2010, that Mongolia’s Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy has been instructed to implement the government’s order to regulate artisanal or “ninja” mining.

Mongolian boxer in England

Derry Matthews-Choi Tseveenpurev II (second): Sky Sports in England televises a regular series called "Prizefighter," in which eight boxers in the same division compete in a one-night tournament with each bout scheduled for three rounds.

Syria gets 'yurt'-inspired luxury cabins

Two luxury cabins modeled after Mongolian yurts are near completion at Madison County’s Rose River Farm off Old Blue Ridge Turnpike (Route 670) just east of Bohannon Road (Route 600) in the Syria community.

Sifting through the past

Sternberg Museum visitors expect to see dinosaurs.

'Hospitality' taken to new levels / Vet helps set up medical centers for Mongolians with hepatitis

Nobuyuki Nozawa has been fascinated by Mongolia since he was a child--particularly its people's nomadic lifestyles--but not even he could have foreseen he would end up helping combat viral hepatitis in Ulan Bator.

Mongolia, Australia top 2010's strongest currencies

The Australian dollar was the world's best performing currency in 2010 - after Mongolia's.

High Correction Metal Stocks at NYSE: IVN

Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. (USA) (NYSE:IVN) witnessed the correction of 4.08% to close at $23.75 with overall traded volume of 2.68 million shares in the last trading day.

Resource-rich Mongolia

Mongolia, the birthplace of Genghis Khan, has abundant mineral resources in its vast grasslands and deserts.

Add a Mongolian visit to gap years in China

People planning a gap year in China could opt to add a memorable occasion to their itinerary in the form of a visit to Mongolia.

Hot Travel Destinations for 2011

Mongolia – This wide-open country north of China is known for its nomads and endless steppes; Mongolia is the second largest landlocked country in the world.

DP postpones its meeting

DP decided to appoint its heads of the standing committees at the beginning of January.

Hong Kong’s Mongolian IPO Outlook

Hong Kong attracted its first Mongolian stock listing in 2010. Could a bigger, state-backed company be coming in the new year?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Police: Maplewood man missing

Maplewood, MO (KSDK) -- A Maplewood man has been missing for nearly a week and now police are asking for help to locate him.

MNT82.5 billion for students’ fees in 2011

The Chief of the Welfare Department of the Labor and Welfare Service Board, D.Choijilsuren, has said the Human Development Fund has earmarked MNT82.5 billion for payment of students’ fees in 2011.

Public transportation to cost more

Public transportation costs in Ulaanbaatar will go up from January 1, 2011 but users will not have to pay more as the 26 bus companies will continue to receive subsidies.

B.Ser-Od to train in Japan

Noted athlete B.Ser-Od has ended 2010 with winning the Hoju Yomiuri marathon in Japan, finishing first in a field of 1,800 competitors from all over Asia and Africa. He earlier won the Brighton marathon in England.

U.S. Embassy helps disability activists’ visit to USA

The U.S. Embassy in Mongolia recently supported a group of 10 activists – seven of them physically disabled – belonging to the NGO Wind Bird - to make an intense two-week visit to the USA to:

Rare earths hold new promise for Mongolia

China controlling nearly 95% of rare earth minerals production globally and the possibility of demand exceeding supply in the short to medium term provides a strong incentive for Japanese, U.S. and European investment in Mongolian rare earth mining and the associated export infrastructure links, says a research note prepared by Eurasia Capital.

Ch. Khashchuluun: Economic revival after crisis needs large investment

Ch. Khashchuluun, Chairman of the National Development and Innovation Committee, has said the emphasis in their work plan for economic development in 2011 is on optimal use of financial resources by using local indices, the first time this will be done.

160 works on show at Innovation 2010

The annual Innovation 2010 exhibition opened at the hall of the Union of Mongolian Artists (UMA) on December 29 with 160 new paintings, sculptures, and installations on show until January 7.

MPs oppose expenditure on human resource development

The Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy approved on December 28 the terms of Mongolia borrowing USD12 million from the International Development Association (IDA) for the program “Development Policy Financing-2”. However, the members instructed the Government to spend less on trainings and seminars.

State prizes awarded

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ In accordance with a decree of the Mongolia's President Ts.Elbegdorj, some foremost media workers were awarded Wednesday with state prizes for their significant contributions to strengthening valuables of democratic society and developing free journalism.

Young scholars receive President's prize

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The prize named after the President of Mongolia for young scholars was awarded Wednesday. The State Head has granted the prizes to three scholars from the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia (ASM).

Best children awarded

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ A ceremony took place Wednesday in the Government House to grant the prize named after the Prime Minister to the best children of the year 2010. These children have shown brilliant successes in arts, sports and in studying.

U.S Ambassador greets Mongolians

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USA to Mongolia Mr. Jonathan Addleton has greeted the Mongolians on the New Year.

Battle of Indus

The toughness of the Mongol warrior often determined the outcome of a battle. In 1221, at the Battle of Indus, the Turkish Army of Jellalud-din took up an excellent defensive position beside the Indus, its flanks protected by the mountains and a bend in the river.

Copper hits record as markets rally in thin trade

The commodities rally going into the New Year showed no signs of slowing on Tuesday, with copper hitting its second record high in as many days and most markets rising in thin trading amid seasonal holidays.

Mongolia Opens Coal Tract to Investors

Mongolia has shifted its approach to developing a massive untapped coal deposit, offering foreign companies a greater chance to invest in the site after all but shutting them out.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Colorado State University Team Receives $1.5 Million NSF Grant to Study Climate Change Impacts on Mongolian Pastoralists

FORT COLLINS - A team of researchers from Colorado State University's Warner College of Natural Resources has been awarded a $1.5 million National Science Foundation grant to study the impact of climate change on rangeland-based ecosystems and livelihoods of pastoralists in Mongolia.

Manas Petroleum raises $1.12 million in equity funding

Manas Petroleum Corp., a Switzerland-based oil exploration company, has raised $1.12 million in a private offering of equity. Deal Value (US$ Million) 1.12

MPP MPs want more time to discuss law draft on pasture land

The MPP group in Parliament discussed on December 27 the law draft on pasture land submitted by some MPs and decided there was need for more discussion.

MPP group wants M.Altankhuyag as head of Constitutional Court

Members of the MPP group in Parliament have approved the nomination of M.Altankuyag, a former Chairman of the State Prosecutor General’s Office, as the next Chief of the Constitutional Court.

MPs urge Speaker to dismiss Minister Zorigt

MPs Ts.Batbayar, S.Erdene and Ts.Sedvanchig have called upon Speaker D.Demberel to dismiss Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy D.Zorigt without delay.

Coal industry representatives to gather in Tianjin

Coal sector representatives from Mongolia will join a consultative meeting in Tianjin in China on January 6, organized by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, the Mineral Resources Authority and the Mongol Coal Association.

Capital city budget discussed

The Ulaanbaatar Civil Representatives’ Assembly reviewed on December 25 the capital city budget for 2011as passed by Parliament.

Appeal to buy more Mongolian goods

The Confederation of Trade Unions (CTU), NSB television and the Mongolian Employers’ Federation issued a joint appeal on December 27 asking citizens to buy more domestically produced goods and food items.

Kharumafuji to sponsor TV reality show

Kharumafuji or D.Byambadorj, who holds the ozeki rank in sumo wrestling, is in Mongolia.

Miners need women to operate heavy machinery

The Mongolian National Mining Association and Energy Resources LLC recently decided after a meeting that the present manpower situation in the country called for a review of a 1999 decree that bars women from operating heavy machinery.

Premier greets Mongolians abroad

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Prime Minister S.Batbold has greeted in behalf of the Government all the Mongolians who are living, working or studying abroad on occasion of the New year.

2010' highlight events of Montsame

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The national MONTSAME news agency is naming the events to be written in its history:

MFSWF: We aim to win two gold medals in London Olympics

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Prime Minister S.Batbold received Tuesday a delegation led by D.Sumyabazar and Ya.Sodbaatar, first vice-presidents of the Mongolia's Free-Style Wrestling Federation (MFSWF).

Standing committee backs matter of receiving loan

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The meeting of the parliamentary Standing committee on security and foreign policy discussed Tuesday a financial agreement on finance and payment for developmental policy, established between the government of Mongolia and the International Development Association (IDA).

Mongolia joins RIMES

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ Ceremony took place December 23, 2010 in Bangkok city, Thailand to join Mongolia to an agreement on cooperation with the Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES).

Coal reserve might increase

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ As of today, Mongolia is being ranked in first ten in the world by reserve of coal.

Judoists to compete in world masters

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The World Masters competitions for the best 16 judoists ranked by the International Judo Federation (IJF) will take place January 15-16, 2011 in Baku city, Azerbaijan.

Better Ag stems from ATAR-3 success

S.Batbold, Prime Minister and head of the national council for the ‘Third Campaign for Reclaiming Virgin Lands’ agrarian development program, gave a speech at the national council’s meeting at the State House.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's Work Published in Mongolia

Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il's work "Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable" was brought out in pamphlet by the Mongolian Centre for the Study of Juche on Dec. 18.

Nomad Green: Mongolia On The Brink Of Eco-Catastrophe

Mongolia is a land locked country with long and freezing winters and hot and drought prone summers.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The UB POST names the 2010 Top Events in Mongolia

1. Big Construction Works Launched

New Years in Mongolia

In 1921, Mongolia, with support of Soviet Russia, started to become a modern country. Since that time, Mongolia started to adopt some current holiday practices, such as New Years, International Women’s Day and Mongolian Army Day (Men’s Day).

Mongolia has a lot of ground to cover before reaching happy ending

The Canadian group Fraser Institute recently dubbed Mongolia the second-worst destination for mining companies, but, nestled deep between Russia and China, this once-overlooked country plays host to potentially some of the world"s largest mineral deposits - a fact that cannot be ignored by the global mining industry, says a report in Interactive Investor.

Ivanhoe-Rio deal is a clear win for Mongolia

Mongolia has passed an important milestone underpinning the core of its growth for much of the next century, according to a note by ResCap.

Programs to create jobs and improve life still to take off

Just having a source of income is not enough, as many people in the country are realizing.

Monetary policy to remain strict

The Central Bank said on December 25 that there would be no change in the monetary policy as its priority was to keep inflation in a single digit.

Commercial bank loans to remain difficult

Not all economic analysts are agreed that the 11% policy rate the Mongol Bank has left unchanged since last year will help control inflation, but the Bank has said it will retain the rate in 2011.

SMEs need MNT800 billion to fully develop

Most of the 1,000 domestic economic entities that contribute to the budget are small and medium enterprises while a few are large companies.

Mining companies urged to report their water use details

The Alliance of the Civil Movements for Environmental Protection, which includes 11 organizations from 10 aimags, has urged mining companies to reveal details of their water consumption.

Japanese likely to win the Development Bank tender

The choice of organization to run the Development Bank will be revealed this week and two groups from South Korea and Japan are favorites for the selection.

Flights from Ereen to Ulaanbaatar being planned

The newly opened Sain Us airport in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, 27 km from Ereen city and 32 km from the border with Mongolia, is likely to serve flights to Ulaanbaatar and to the Far Eastern areas of the Russian Federation in the near future.

Meat smuggled in coal trucks

Residents in five aimags including Uvs, Khovd and Zavkhan, have told Gal Undesten Union officials that a large quantity of meat is regularly smuggled to China in trucks carrying coal. Between 600 and 700 tons of sheep and goat meat is smuggled daily.

China’s assistance to Mongolia can be limited – the sun today

AP, as the global financial crisis has led to coal, copper and wool prices, the Government of Mongolia 15, the Chinese Government provides 30 billion dollars in loans to address the current crisis.

Invitation for bidding

Date: December 23, 2010
Name: Open Bidding for Contract Miner for Tavan Tolgoi Coal Deposit
Number: Erdenes-TT/23/12/2010

Winter likely to worsen

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and National Agency for Meteorology,Hydrology and Environment Monitoring say that the wintering situation in 88 soums of 15 aimags may worsen.

Why Mongolia and Sri Lanka are top of the stock markets

One exchange is the world's smallest, the other is in a country recovering from war, but they're both thriving.

Mongolia demands upfront payment for Tavan Tolgoi-paper

HONG KONG Dec 28 (Reuters) - Miners bidding for Mongolia's Tavan Tolgoi, which could become one of the world's largest coal mines, have to submit a proposal for upfront payment to win the deal, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday.

Solomon Updates Exploration in Mongolia

Solomon Resources Ltd. (SRB:TSX-V) is pleased to provide an update on its exploration programs in
Mongolia. Solomon іѕ exploring projects, subject tο іtѕ Option Agreement wіtһ Gallant Minerals Ltd., covering 22 projects іח Mongolia.

Marathon man finishes race 52

There was little for Australians to be excited about at the MCG on Monday, but a couple of kilometres away a Melbourne man became the first person to complete 52 marathons in 52 weeks.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Leyshon Resources AIM Readmission and Placement

December 23 (Leyshon) Leyshon Resources Limited (AIM:LRL, ASX:LRL) (Company) advises that it has today lodged the attached Admission Document with the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange pursuant to its readmission to trading on AIM.

Japanese Cos To Bid For Mongolia Tavan Tolgoi Mine Development

A consortium of four Japanese trading houses plans to bid for partial development of Mongolia's coal deposits of more than 6 billion metric tons, spokesmen of three of the four companies said Monday.

China Imports 14.52 Million Tonnes Of Coal From Mongolia

China imported a total of 14.52 million tonnes of coal from Mongolia in the first eleven months this year, growing 109% year on year, as per the Administration of Inner Mongolia Coal Industry.

PM wants detailed proposal from Korea Development Bank

A Korea Development Bank (KDB) delegation headed by its Chairman and CEO, Euoo-Sung Min, recently called on Prime Minister S.Batbold to express their interest in cooperating with Mongolia in running the recently established National Development Bank.

Remnant of Chinese loan to be used for railway work

The Government has decided to spend USD24,307 remaining of the soft loan of USD300 million from the Chinese Government on some construction work for Ulaanbaatar Railway.

Bat-Uul questions need for large programs

The Standing Committee on Nature, Environment, Food and Agriculture decided on December 22 to forward to Parliament the proposal to allocate MNT1.8 trillion to a national program on climate change that will be spent on environmental protection, including post-mining reclamation.

Ambulances and equipment for all aimags

The Millennium Challenge Foundation (MCF) has handed over ambulance vehicles with medical equipment and training facilities worth USD285 million to hospitals and health organizations throughout the country.

S.Oyun: It is imperative to have next election under new law

MP S.Oyun answers our reporter’s questions on the election law.

Parliament approves new procedures to amend Constitution

Parliament passed on December 23 the law draft on procedures to amend the Constitution. Earlier, the final discussion at the Standing Committees had been marked by acrimony and dispute, but the approval by Parliament was comparatively uneventful.

Nine companies in construction field win Barilga awards

Nine organizations in the construction field were chosen as the best in as many spheres and received the Barilga Best Awards-2010 at a ceremony in Chinggis Khaan hotel on December 20.

Cooperation memorandum signed on border area tourism

A cooperation memorandum has been signed between tourism officials of Mongolia and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

Construction expenses in Ulaanbaatar 43.5% more this year

Construction work in Ulaanbaatar city this year has cost MNT21.4 billion or 43.5% more than in 2009. This includes MNT16.4 billion spent on building and street repair work done by foreign and domestic companies.

MPs urge better audit of big state companies

Two DP MPs, Ya. Batsuuri and E. Bat-Uul, have expressed concern that state-owned companies are “used as milk cows” by those in power and said that until there is operational transparency in them, they “will remain hotbeds of corruption”.

About preliminary results of livestock census

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ According to a preliminary census of livestock of 2010, Mongolia has lost 12 million heads of livestock due to natural disasters and infectious diseases.

MNOC members' session held

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ All members' session of Mongolia's National Olympic Committee (MonNOC) was held December 22 in the Olympic House.

"Borte Chono-2010" takes place

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The "Borte Chono-2010" festival of granting the best sportspeople prizes took place Thursday in the "600" studio at Mongolia's National Public Television.

GHMAF's delegation visits China

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ A delegation headed by Lieutenant-General Ts.Byambajav, head of the General Headquarters of Mongolia's Armed Forces (GHMAF) paid an official visit December 21-23 to People's Republic of China at an invitation of the Colonel-General Chen Bingde, chief of the General Staff Department of People's Liberation Army (PLA).

"Successor of champions" prize awarded

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ Initiated and established by State Honored Sportsmen Kh.Tsagaanbaatar, E.Badar-Uugan and B.Naranbaatar, the "Together for success" NGO has granted the "Successor of Champions" prize to FIDE Master D.Nomin-Erdene.

Ch. Ganzorig becomes president of olympic boxing federation

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ Director of the "Erdenet" Mining Corporation Ch.Ganzorig has been elected the president of Mongolia's Olympic Boxing Federation (MOBF).

Freestyle wrestling federation has new vice presidents

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ A meeting of Mongolia's Free-Style Wrestling Federation (MFSWF) has elected its first vice-presidents and some leading officials.

Democracy in East Asia

A fascinating study of how democracy is faring in East Asia, released late last year, deserves a closer look, particularly at this time of financial crisis, when self-styled socialist countries (think China and Vietnam) are doing relatively well after turning to the market economy and governments in the capitalist countries are taking over banks and other private enterprises.

Beyond the Cashmere Sweater

Standing two and a quarter meters at the shoulder and weighing as much as a midsize car, the yak is the buffalo of the Mongolian steppe.

Copper 2011 Price Outlook

If copper closes the year near its current price of around $9,200 per tonne on the London Metal Exchange, the metal will finish the year with an impressive 35 percent gain in only six months.

Ivanhoe touts ‘significant’ China gas find

Ivanhoe Energy IE-T has announced what it’s calling a “significant” natural gas discovery at its subsidiary Sunwing in southwest China, expecting to help meet China’s energy needs.

Year End Letter from Chairman of Prophecy

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Prophecy Resource Corp. ("Prophecy" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE: PCY)(OTCQX: PRPCF)(FRANKFURT: 1P2)

The 'bad boys' of sumo: Why some foreign wrestlers have trouble adjusting to the sport's rigid world

The recent Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament ended in victory for yet another foreign sumo wrestler--Mongolian yokozuna Hakuho, a very familiar name on the list of basho winners these days. That marked a victory drought of roughly five years since a Japanese sumo wrestler was last crowned champion.

Korea to Make Joint Bid with Japanese and Russian Firms for Mongolia Coal Mine

Firms from Korea, Japan and Russia will reportedly make a joint bid in January for the rights to develop a large coal mine in Mongolia.

Japan, S Korea, Russia eye Mongolia coal mine - Nikkei

Dec 25 (Reuters) - Itochu Corp (8001.T), Sumitomo Corp (8053.T) and two Japanese trading firms will jointly bid for rights to a large Mongolian coal mine, along with a South Korean consortium and a state-owned Russian company, the Nikkei business daily said.

Livestock number down by 27.7 percent in Mongolia

ULAN BATOR, Dec. 24, 2010 (Xinhua News Agency) -- Official statistics showed Friday the total number of livestock in Mongolia this year is 31.8 million, down 27.7 percent from 2009.

Mongolian president appeals to stay away from vodka during new year period

ULAN BATOR, Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- Mongolian President Elbegdorj Tsakhia Friday appealed to the Mongolian public to give up drinking vodka when attending a new year ceremony.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nippon Steel ‘interested’ in coal assets in Mongolia, Russia

Nippon Steel Corp., Japan’s biggest mill, is interested in investing in coal projects in Russia and Mongolia to secure supplies of the raw material, an executive said.

Debt to be reduced to zero

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The cabinet meeting held Wednesday approved a Mongolia-Russia inter-governmental agreement on regulation of financial responsibility of Mongolia to the Russian Federation (RF) which was signed December 14, 2010 in Moscow, Russia.

Cabinet obliges to render equal social services

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The cabinet discussed and approved Wednesday a document on standards of social services to be equally delivered to the people.

Agreement approved to combat human trafficking

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The government discussed and approved Wednesday an inter-governmental agreement on cooperation in combating against human trafficking, between Mongolia and Macau, a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

Cabinet meeting in brief

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ On Wednesday, the cabinet meeting considered results of the state visit of the President Ts.Elbegdorj to Japan paid November 15-19 and decided to submit them to the National Security Council.

Nat'l olympic committee organizes seminar

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ Mongolia's National Olympic Committee (MonNOC) has organized a seminar for heads of Olympic councils of aimags and the city's districts. The main purposes of the action are to spread and develop sports in rural areas and to propagandize international Olympic ideology among children and youths.

74 new factories were built in the Capital

The year 2010 was named the year of “Renovation of Business Environment” and in accordance, the government provided soft loans for small and medium enterprises.

Miners Dig for Deals as M&A Moves to Emerging Markets

Dec. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Mining takeovers, heading for the second best year on record, are shifting to the emerging markets of Africa and Asia as BHP Billiton Ltd., Rio Tinto Group and Xstrata Plc look to seal cheaper deals in less-explored areas.

"When issued" Trading in Ivanhoe Mines rights Begins December 23, 2010, in Advance of Planned Start of Regular Rights Trading in Early January 2011

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 22, 2010) - Ivanhoe Mines (TSX:IVN)(NYSE:IVN)(NASDAQ:IVN) announced today that rights to be issued under the company's previously announced rights offering will begin trading on a "when issued" basis on Thursday, December 23, 2010, on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol "IVN.RT," on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol "IVN RT WI" and on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol "IVN.Z."

SouthGobi Resources Closes Strategic Investment in Aspire Mining Limited

HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwire - Dec. 23, 2010) - SouthGobi Resources Ltd. (TSX:SGQ)(SEHK:1878), announced today that it has completed the private placement with Aspire Mining Limited ("Aspire") (ASX:AKM) announced on October 26, 2010.

Hunnu Coal IPO OF THE YEAR Article on RESOURCESTOCKS Magazine

PERTH-BASED HUNNU Coal listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on February 12, 2010, as a specialist coal company with a clearcut strategy.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Data show economy is improving

The National Statistics Office has released figures for key indices in several social and economic sectors.

MPs favor agreement with China to send back prisoners

The Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy has unanimously approved the proposed agreement between Mongolia and China to send convicted prisoners to their home countries. Mongolia already has a similar agreement with Canada and South Korea. Once the agreement is concluded, the exchange of prisoners can start within three months.

Ulaanbaatar hopes for more economic powers

City officials have been demanding more economic powers and authority for long but no decision has yet been taken. Meanwhile, next year’s state budget shows an MNT26-billion deficit for the city and the Civil Representative Assembly will meet on December 23 to discuss and pass the city’s budget of 2011.

Standing committee wants more discussion on draft on VAT

The Standing Committee on the Budget decided on December 21 to have further discussion on the law draft on the Value Added Tax.

J.Jargalsaikhan: Mortgage market has to develop much more

The General Director of the National Mortgage Corp (NMC), J.Jargalsaikhan, answers our journalist’s questions.

Parliamentary office delegation attends seminar in S.KOREA

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ An international seminar of parliamentary research services of Asian countries has been held in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, at an initiative of the Research Service of the South Korea's National Assembly.

Commission on rehabilitation of politically repressed reports

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ Head of the State Commission on Management and Organization of the Rehabilitation of Politically Repressed (CMORPR), Vice Speaker N.Enkhbold gave a report Monday on works done by the commission since its establishment in 1990. This meeting was also a ceremony to close the commission's 20th anniversary actions.

Montsame names world events of 2010

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The MONTSAME national news agency of Mongolia is highlighting the most important events that have occurred in the world in 2010.

Vice speaker visits Germany

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ A delegation headed by G.Batkhuu, a Vice Speaker of Mongolia, has visited Germany's Berlin, Dresden and Freiberg cities at an invitation of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG).

Montsame names domestic highlight events

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The MONTSAME national news agency of Mongolia is highlighting the most important events that have occurred in Mongolia in 2010.

Asia's Exploding Economic Growth Churns Australia's Coal Industry

Global steel production is set to increase by nearly two-thirds in 2020, anticipates Peabody, the bulk of which will be in India and China. And, as the biggest American coal company playing in the Asian market, Peabody is pressing its case in the form of acquisitions and infrastructure expansions.

Ivanhoe Energy Inc. is Today's Focus Stock on

DALLAS, Dec. 22, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- announces an investment report featuring Ivanhoe Energy Inc. (Nasdaq:IVAN - News). The report includes financial, comparative and investment analyses, and industry information you need to know to make an educated investment decision.

St.Petersburg museums turn to Asia and Africa

The leading St. Petersburg museums, the Hermitage and the Chamber of Rarities and Curiosities, are entering into cooperation with museums in Asia and Africa. The first contacts have been established with Mongolia and Kenya. At the present stage, the Russian museums are assisting their foreign colleagues with forming exhibitions dedicated to the history of their countries.

Revenue: Moncton's Landdrill International contracts expected to generate $20 million in 2011

MONCTON - Next year is already shaping up to be a record-breaker for Moncton-based mineral driller Landdrill International Inc. (TSX.V:LDI).

Mongolia to Have Nuclear Power Plant by 2020: Official

Mongolia plans to build its first nuclear power plant around 2020, officials said Wednesday.

China, Mongolia pledge to enhance military ties

Chinese National Defense Minister Liang Guanglie and Tserendejid Byambajav, the visiting chief of general staff of the Mongolian armed forces, met in Beijing Tuesday and pledged to enhance bilateral military cooperation.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ADB, Japan Help Mongolia Improve Financial Services, Education For Poor

The FINANCIAL -- A $2.5 million grant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will help Mongolia overhaul its savings and credit cooperative market and provide basic financial education nationwide, particularly for poor households.

Counterfeit drugs in Mongolia

My friend from UlanBaatar, Jargal Dambadarjaa, who is also the head of the Mongolians for Fair Taxes and Wise Spending wrote two months ago in his blog, Counterfeit Medications. Jargal wrote,

Mongolia adopts EU standards

Prime Minister S.Batbold’s aim to adopt European standards in Mongolia received a boost with the signing on December 20 of a Collaboration and Partnership Agreement between Mongolia and the European Union.

Goyol-2011 chooses best models and designers

The annual Goyol show has always been the biggest gathering of Mongolian fashion designers and models, but Goyol-2011 also brought to viewers designers from Russia, Thailand, South Korea and Japan. E.Selenge was adjudged.

MPP group favors more power for local officials

The MPP group in Parliament met on December 20 to discuss the law draft on the election. A working group had earlier reviewed the MPP Managing Council’s understanding of the Constitution that an MP can only be directly elected by voters and its suggestion that the new structure should allow representation from local people.

Aimag Governors want Atar-3 to continue

The National Council of the three-year Atar-3 project, initiated by S.Bayar when he was Prime Minister to increase agricultural production, met on December 20 to review final results. Several aimag Governors urged continuance of the project so that its gains could be consolidated.

NEA chief denies court ruled in favor of Khan Resources

Khan Resources LLC of Canada owns 58% of the Central Asian Uranium Co., which has worked in the Mardai uranium deposit in Dornod aimag, while Monatom LLC of Mongolia and ARMZ LLC of Russia own 21% each.

Erdenet team visits Oyutolgoi

A team of 12 senior executives and specialists from the Erdenet Mining Corporation recently visited the Oyutolgoi project site to observe the grand development going on there.

20 students receive Rio Tinto scholarship

Rio Tinto, working in cooperation with Zorig Foundation, has awarded scholarships to 20 students of domestic universities in the present academic year, majoring in geology, mining, economics, and law.

Domestic companies want bigger share of mining-related work

The aim of the recent Competitive Mongolia exhibition was to demonstrate that a “strong Mongolia can be established only by allowing domestic producers, goods and service providers to participate in the grand development of mining in the Mongolian Gobi”, according to its joint organizers, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Mongol 999 national consortium.

Ambassador to Croatia presents credentials

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Republic of Croatia J.Enkhsaikhan has presented his letter of credence to the Croatian President Ivo Josipovic.

Premier: Campaign for reclaiming virgin lands is fruitful

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Prime Minister, head of the national council for the "Third Campaign for Reclaiming Virgin Lands" agrarian development program S.Batbold gave a speech at the national council's meeting held Monday in the Government House.

State leaders receive diplomats

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The representation of Mongolia's powers--President Ts.Elbegdorj, the Speaker D.Demberel and the Prime Minister S.Batbold--received Tuesday the heads of diplomatic missions and international organization in Mongolia.

Prime Minister meets WB country director

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Premier met Tuesday Mrs. Coralie Gevers, the newly appointed country director of the World Bank (WB) for Mongolia.

Top university sportspeople selected

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ Mongolia's University Sports Federation (MUSF) has selected the top students--sportsmen, sportswomen and a team of the year 2010. On Tuesday, the top ones received prizes in the Central Sports Palace.

Foreign mining in Mongolia: Western Deceptions and the Extinction of the Nomads

Predatory capitalism has invaded Mongolia -- the savage western hordes overrunning the land -- and but for the recent Hollywood movie spectacle Mongol [1] and colorful travel magazine articles no one in America hears much of anything about the place.

Bayankhuu Becomes Mr. Mongolia 2010

L.Bayankhuu won Mr.Mongolia-2010 title and bagged MNT10 million cash prize in the 19th Mongolian National Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships, which was organized by Mongolian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation in Culture’s Center Palace on December 18, 2010.

New Reference Book about Mongolia

You may have heard of Genghis Khan, but who was Bogd Khan? What happened during the great purge of 1937? What is the difference between the Great Khural and the Little Khural?

Serving as Ambassador in Mongolia

Until the 1990s, Mongolia was a member of the Eastern bloc. Therefore, the Mongolian diplomatic community was represented by socialist countries. Now, most former socialist countries shut down their embassies. We do not have any more embassies from Hungary, Poland, and Romania etc. For ambassadors from these countries, Mongolia was another socialist country, and it was mostly clear.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mongolia – First Asian Country to Sign PAC with EU

A Framework Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation (PAC) between the European Community and its Member States and Mongolia is signed in Ulaanbaatar on December 20.

Xanadu Mines in solid ASX debut

Mongolia-focused coal, copper and gold explorer Xanadu Mines Ltd has made a positive debut on the Australian Securities Exchange.

E.Bat-Uul: Livestock may lose special state protection

MP E.Bat-Uul answers questions on the ongoing discussion in Parliament of the draft of the amendment procedures for the Constitution.

Russian money likely to be spent on 50 locomotives

The head of Ulaanbaatar Railway, T.Ochirkhuu, has indicated that the USD125 million Russia has indicated it will add to the joint venture company’s capital is most likely to be used to buy 50 locomotives.

No decision yet on 5th power plant site

The demand for electricity continues to increase along with the population of the capital city. It is believed that 15,000 households live without electricity. The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy puts the figure at 6,776 and Minister D.Zorigt has said these have been denied electricity connection as they have no permission to own land.

Children’s Park full of fun

A Christmas fair was inaugurated in the Children’s Park on December 17 and will continue until December 31. Daily programs are scheduled from 10 am to 9 pm. Other attractions at the park during the festive season are representations in ice of the seven wonders of the world, including the pyramids of Egypt, the great wall of China, the Eiffel Tower of France and the Taj Mahal of India. There will be fireworks every day at 7.30 pm and spectators can choose their own display.

Xanadu Mines IPO oversubscribed, listing on December 21

Australian-backed and Mongolia-focused minerals explorer and developer Xanadu Mines Ltd. closed its Initial Public Offer (IPO) oversubscribed and expects to list on the Australian Securities Exchange on December 21. Through its IPO, Sydney-based Xanadu sought to raise AUD21 million at 60c a share and the offer received a significant level of support from a broad cross section of local and international investors.

Minister reasserts successful wheat production

Deputy Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry Kh. Zoljargal has said the recent outbreak of the foot and mouth disease was the first in Mongolia since 2001, and actually came at a time when the Government was planning to write to the WHO that Mongolia was free of the disease. He guessed the infection had come from antelope which travel to and from China, but did not answer a question on whether “China had deliberately sent infected antelope across the border”.

Speaker calls for “national fight” against corruption

Parliament Speaker D.Demberel has said it is unfortunate that the feeling is widespread in the country that someone stealing MNT100,000 gets to spend 10 years in jail, but those stealing several billions live in honor and dignity.

UNDP deputy premier is granted diploma

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia G.Zandanshatar received Monday Mrs. Shoko Noda, the Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Mongolia. She is to return home soon.

S. Batbold meets Qatari minister of finance

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Prime Minister S.Batbold received Monday Mr. Youssif Hussain Kamal, the Qatari Minister of finance and economics, in the Government House.

Mongolia and EU initial partnership and cooperation agreement

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ Mongolia and the European Union (EU) initialed Monday a partnership and cooperation agreement in Ulaanbaatar, successfully finishing the stage of the talks. The agreement has been initialed by B.Bolor, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, and by Mr. Franz Jessen, a head of the European Commission's unit for Mongolia.

U.S. ambassador gives lecture

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the USA to Mongolia Mr. Jonathan Addleton has given a lecture to students of the International Relations School at Mongolia's State University (MSU), the U.S Embassy in Mongolia said Monday.

Forum held on purchase activity

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The first forum dedicated to the governmental purchase activity has been co-organized by the Ministry of Finance, the "Mercy Corps" international organization, and the "Developmental center of purchase activity" NGO.

Board of Erdenes Tavantolgoi LLC is announced

The State Property Committee announced the names of the 9 members of Central Governing Board of the Erdenes Tavantolgoi LLC.

Xanadu Mines admitted to the ASX, targeting coal, gold and copper in Mongolia

Mongolian focused Xanadu Mines (ASX: XAM) has been admitted to the ASX and will commence trading at 11am AEDT today, Tuesday 21 December 2010.

Lake George church raises funds for Mongolian woman struck by car

LAKE GEORGE -- Caldwell Presbyterian Church members have raised $3,350 in the last month to benefit a Mongolian woman seriously injured after a car struck her last summer.

India, Mongolia hold joint military exercises

The troops of India and Mongolia engaged in joint exercises, with the latest two-week drill in counter-insurgency ending in Belgaum on Sunday.

Monday, December 20, 2010

193 Mongolian women take South Korean citizenship

The South Korean Immigration Office says193 of the 2,500 Mongolian women married to Korean citizens have taken Korean citizenship. Korean men are said to prefer marrying foreigners as Korean women do not want to have many children.

Canceling mining licenses will hit banks also, says movement leader

Mining companies have come together to oppose the Government’s decision to review and revoke licenses of explorers and extractors in river basins and forest areas. Altogether 254 licenses held by gold mining companies have already been identified for cancellation.

Erdenes Tavantolgoi RMC raises eyebrows

The State Property Committee has announced the names of the members of the Representative Managing Council of the Erdenes Tavantolgoi LLC. The SPC Chairman, D.Sugar, heads the 9-member RMC.

City to relocate all leather and wool processing units

The city authorities have accepted recommendations in a feasibility study conducted by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Light Industry on replacing the present Hargia waste water treatment plant with a new one that will use newer technology and have more capacity.

Mongolian ambassador presents credentials

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Republic of Greece Ts.Gankhuyag presented Wednesday his diplomatic credentials to Karolos Papoulias, the President of Greece.

U.S embassy's public affairs section donates teaching materials

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ On December 16, 2010, staff from the Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy in Mongolia donated free publications and teaching materials for use by Peace Corps volunteers during participation in the Peace Corps "Partnership Fair".

Judoists grab medals

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ An international master of sports G.Boldbaatar won a gold medal in the Judo Grand Prix took place December 17-18 in Qingdao city, China. Some 250 judoists from 31 countries have competed in the competition. Mongolia has been represented by 12 male and seven female judoists.

Resolution made to transfer energy sector to market principals

It has been around 20 years since Mongolia transited to market economy; however the energy sector did not make a transition to market economy. As a result, heating and electricity services continue to be provided at prices lower than production costs which leads to the sector to suffer permanent losses and rely on State subsidies.

New survey indicates sharp rise in public awareness of human trafficking

Since February 2008, the Human Security Policy Studies Centre HSPSC,NGO, has been implementing the‘Project to Combat Human Trafficking in Mongolia’ under a grant from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). One of the main objectives of the project has been to raise public awareness to help prevent and protect citizens from being victimized, as well as to help focus the attention and resources needed to tackle this crime.

Regular Mongolia-China meeting irons out consular issues

Dec 17, 2010 (BBC Monitoring via COMTEX) -- [By B. Huder] Ulaanbaatar: The 12th consular consultative meeting of Mongolia and China was held 15 December in Beijing, China.

Voyager has commenced drilling at the Khongor Copper Gold project in Mongolia

Voyager Resources Limited (ASX:VOR) announces that it has commenced diamond core drilling at its 100% owned Khongor Copper Gold Porphyry Project located in the World Class Oyu Tolgoi Copper Belt of the South Gobi Province of Mongolia.

Partnership and cooperation agreement to be initiated

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ A partnership and cooperation agreement between Mongolia and the European Union will be initialed December 20 in Ulaanbaatar. Fro this purpose, a delegation is to arrive headed by Mr. Franz Jessen, a head of the European Commission's unit for Mongolia.

CPC vows to enhance friendship with Mongolian People's Party

A senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday vowed to enhance the party's friendship and cooperation with the Mongolian People's Party (MPP).

Ivanhoe aims to raise $1.2 bln in rights offering

* 100 rights to equal 15 common shares

* Shares priced at C$13.93 on TSX, $13.88 on NYSE

* Shares up 2.25 percent at C$25.01 on TSX (In U.S. dollars unless noted)

Preparing for winter in a remote Mongolian province

Last year, Mongolia was hit by a devastating “dzud,” – an extremely harsh winter that follows a very dry summer. With heavy snow, and temperatures as low as -40 to -50C, large parts of the rural population were unable to access any form of healthcare. Hospitals and clinics were damaged, infant mortality rose significantly and the government declared a national emergency.

Bringing Vietnam-Mongolia relationship to a new height

A high-ranking delegation of the Mongolian Parliament, led by its Chairman Demberel Damdin, left Hanoi on December 17 after concluding its official visit to Vietnam.

Friday, December 17, 2010

101 of 337 regulations to be cancelled

Deputy Prime Minister M.Enkhbold, head of the working group charged with implementing business environment reforms in 2010, has said it has been decided to cancel 101 of the 337 regulations enforced by 11 ministries and 25 agencies.

Measuring poverty in Mongolia

The unwritten law that the poverty is reduced if the economy grows does not seem to hold true in Mongolia. Why is this so? A World Bank report on the puzzle was yesterday released by the Bank’s economists Andrew D Meson and Tran B Nguen at a ceremony attended by representatives of the National Development and Innovation Committee, the National Statistics Office, the President’s advisers, some Ambassadors and media.

Snow between 10 and 45 cm covers 70% of Mongolia

The Meteorology Institute says snow now covers 70% of the territory and some soums of Bayan-Ulgii, Uvs, Zavkhan, Khuvsgul, Arkhangai, Uvurkhangai, Bulgan, Selenge, Dundgobi, Khentii, Dornod and Sukhbaatar aimags are under 10 and 45 cm of snow.

Small suppliers meet OT delivery deadline

Small start-up businesses in South Gobi and Ulaanbaatar recently overcame a number of obstacles to deliver an Oyutolgoi order for more than 1,000 winter jackets.

Number of environmental NGOs reaches 500

The number of non-governmental organizations (NGO) in the environment field has gone up from 312 five years ago to 500.

Mongolians win two medals in Asian para games

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ Mongolian judoists have won medals in the 16th Asian Para Games that started December 12 in Guangzhou, China.

L. Bold meets Defense Minister of Russia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ In scope of the official visit of Mongolia's Premier S.Batbold to the Russian Federation (RF), the Defense Minister of Mongolia L.Bold held Wednesday a meeting with his Russian counterpart A.E.Serdyukov.

President meets German ambassador

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj received Wednesday Mr. Pius Fischer, the Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany to Mongolia.

G. Gerelt-Od elected vice head of Statistical Bureau of ESCAP

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The second session of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific's (UNESCAP) Statistical Commission started Wednesday in Bangkok city, Thailand.

Premier ends visit in Saint Peterburg

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, /MONTSAME/ The Prime Minister S.Batbold arrived Thursday in Saint Petersburg city in frames of his official visit to the Russian Federation.

ARMZ Uranium Says Mantra Needs $400 Million for 2012 Startup

Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Rosatom Corp.’s ARMZ Uranium Holding, which yesterday agreed to buy Australia’s Mantra Resources Ltd., said the Perth-based company needs as much as $400 million in investment to begin uranium output in late 2012.

Prophecy Files Prefeasibility Study for the Ulaan Ovoo Coal Mine in Mongolia

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 16, 2010) - Prophecy Resource Corp. ("Prophecy" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:PCY)(OTCQX:PRPCF)(FRANKFURT:1P2) reports the Company has received an updated prefeasibility study on the Ulaan Ovoo deposit in northern Mongolia.

Meritus to commence winter diamond drilling program at Gutain Davaa, Mongolia

Vancouver, B.C.: Meritus Minerals Ltd. (MML) (TSX-V - MER | PowerRating) (the 'Company") announces that it expects to commence a winter drilling program at its Toordogiin Shil Project on the Gutain Davaa Property in Mongolia in the next few days.