Monday, April 28, 2014

Public outrage goes viral in northern China as dogs found buried alive in pit

Only 25, out of nearly 100 defenseless, stray dogs and puppies were able to be rescued as the rest were left to languish in agony as they were buried alive in a pit in the northern area of China called Alxa Left Banner in Inner Mongolia reported

"Yinchuanshouhuzhedongwuzhijia," or "Home for Stray Animals in Yinchuan," posted pictures of some of the rescued dogs including a puppy who appeared to be only a few days old with his eyes still closed.

Using the Chinese form of Twitter, Sina Welbo, told the story of a woman named Tan and her five friends traveling into the area on Wednesday, looking for a lost dog. The women came upon an excavated pit with at least 100 dogs in it; there was no food or water, and the dogs were barking and crying furiously to be rescued. The pit was too deep to rescue all of the dogs, but the rescuers were able to save 20 dogs including the tiny puppy using ropes.

On Thursday, "Home for Stray Animals in Yinchuan" went to the site to rescue the rest of the dogs, but when they arrived, the hole had been filled with dirt. A few more of the dogs managed to climb to safety or be rescued.

Internet rumors continue to spread like wildfire accusing the city manager of ordering the 'inhumane and shameful" deed, however the local government has continued to deny the allegations.

According to the Shanghaiist, five more dogs were found as rescuers dug into the pit. Heartbreaking photographs were posted on line by animal rescuer Yinchuanshouhuzhedongwuzhijia.

As has been previously reported, China has few animal cruelty laws, and those that do exist are not enforced.

Less than one week ago, two men were beaten in southern China and their car destroyed for stealing pet dogs from nearby family villages and selling the dogs to local butchers for human consumption. Read more about that story by clicking here.

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