Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mongolia marks Generals’ Day

Today, April 28, marks Generals’ Day in Mongolia, a day dedicated to the rank of General. General is the highest title in the Mongolian military forces and only 160 military officials were granted the title over the past 70 years.

The first people to officially become generals in Mongolian history, on April 28, 1944, in were former Prime Minister Yu.Tsedenbal and former Minister of Defense J.Lkhagvasuren who were both prominent and respected politicians.

Each year, organizations where honored Generals used to work host the events for the Generals’ Day celebration to pay their respect.

The title of General is granted to the high ranking military officials who have claimed notable and gallant achievements and devoted their lives to the freedom and independence of Mongolia.

Becoming a General is the result of very demanding and challenging years of service in the military, so that only 160 people have earned the title in the whole of Mongolian history so far.

The Minister of Defense D.Bat-Erdene congratulated the Generals for the occasion and made a speech saying: “The people of Mongolia are grateful for all the Generals who served in the Khalkh River war in 1939, and during the war times in the 1940s, as well as during the times of peace that followed. Without the wisdom, tactics and management of Generals, soldiers, polices and border guards couldn’t have completed their duties fully in both times of war and peace.”

The President of Mongolia will meet the Generals of different generations today at the Government Palace and pay his respects to them.

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