Thursday, April 24, 2014

Manly West woman to travel from London to Mongolia in Mini Copper for Mongolia Charity Rally

IMAGINE a two-person, five-week, 10,000km drive across deserts and mountains through 21 countries - all in a tiny Mini Cooper.

This is the Mongolia Charity Rally, where the start line is London and the finish line is Mongolia and what happens in between is up to the driver.

Manly West’s Leanne Maher and team mate Tim Ravet met on a Vietnam motorbike tour and Ms Maher’s initial offer to sponsor his trip became a partnership.

“One day I said, ‘Is there anything else I can do’ and he said, ‘You could come’,” Ms Maher said.

Despite some initial misgivings, the business owner and mother-of-five sorted out arrangements for her business and her children and signed up with Mr Ravet to be Team Unlikely.

The pair are travelling though 21 countries as varied as Belgium, Bosnia and Uzbekistan.

The team is raising funds for three charities - Cool Earth, Blue Dragon Children's Foundation and Aussie Helpers.

Ms Maher chose Aussie Helpers, a volunteer-run charity helping farmers doing it tough.

“They help farmers with day to day problems,” Ms Maher said.

She said she wanted a unique charity that really needed the extra funds.

“I looked into what (Aussie Helpers) do and went yep, this is me all right,” she said.

She said she was taking good music to combat being stuck in a Mini Cooper with one person for up to twelve hours each day.

Visit the Facebook page ‘Team Unlikely & Mongol Rally 2014’ to support the team.

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