Monday, April 28, 2014

Mongolia takes second place at 2014 Asian Wrestling Championship

The Mongolian national freestyle wrestling team won second place at the 2014 Asian Wrestling Championship with 12 medals in freestyle wrestling, including one gold, seven silver and four bronze medals.

Kazakhstan hosted the championship at the Daulet Sport Complex in Astana from April 23 to 27.

On Friday, International Master of Sport G.Khuderbulga won the final match of the event in the men’s 97 kg against Magomed Musaev of Kyrgyzstan and secured a gold medal, Mongolia’s first gold from the Asian Championship in eight years.

In men’s freestyle, D.Tsogtbaatar lost the match for gold in the 57 kg to Rassul Kaliev of Kazakhstan and settled for a silver medal. He qualified for the finals after defeating Japan’s Fumitaka Morishita in the semi-finals.

In the men’s 61 kg, N.Lkhamgarmaa won a bronze medal after beating Lee Seungchul of South Korea, while B.Batmagnai defeated Zhumagaziev Dauren of Kazakhstan to earn a bronze medal in the 65 kg category.

In the men’s 74 kg, P.Unurbat lost the final bout for gold against Reza Afzali of Iran and won a silver medal.

He defeated Inkoentiev Inokentiev of Kyrgyzstan in the semi-finals.

One of the legendary wrestlers of Mongolia, O.Uitumen won a bronze medal in the men’s 86 kg category, after beating South Korea’s Kim Gwanuk.

In the 125 kg category, N.Zolboo wrestled against Gasemi Kamil of Iran for gold, but lost the bout and settled for silver. He won against Hai Shang of China in the semi-finals.

In women’s freestyle category, Mongolian wrestlers won five medals.

E.Narangerel was defeated in the 48 kg final bout against Tatyana Amanzhol of Kazakhstan and won a silver medal. Her opponent in the semi-finals was Korean wrestler Lee Yumi.

In the 55 kg category, P.Orkhon won a silver medal after losing the bout for gold medal against Jong In-sun of North Korea. P.Orkhon defeated Guan Yajing of China in the semi-finals.

Another Mongolian wrestler B.Shoovdor secured a silver medal in the women’s 58 kg category. She lost the final bout for gold medal to Risako Kawai of Japan. Han Kum-Ok was her opponent in the semi-final.

Sh.Tumentsetseg won a silver medal in the 69 kg weight category. She wrestled against Sara Dosho of Japan in the finals and was defeated.

In the 60 kg, S.Tserenchimed claimed a victory against Malik Sekashi of India and won a bronze medal.

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