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Mongolia Brief April 24, 2014

Mongolia Becomes Members of Two Commissions
Ulaanbaatar, April 24 (MONTSAME) Mongolia became members of the Commission on Population and Development (CPD) and the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) during elections of the United Nations Economic and Social Council’s (ECOSOC) commissions held April 23 in New York City, USA.

54 members of the ECOSOC gave votes for Mongolia to have membership of the commissions. The membership term for Mongolia of the CPD and CSW will last until 2018 and 2019, respectively.
Thanks to having the membership of the commissions, Mongolia will become able to forward resolutions and decisions on improving status of women, developing cooperatives and supporting education, and to contribute to activities of the international community and intensify its activities at an international arena.  

Mongolian Young Diplomats to Study ASEAN, ASEM and APEC Activities in Thailand
April 24 ( On April 20-23, 2014, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia D.Gankhuyag paid a working visit to the Kingdom of Thailand.
During the meeting with Sub-lieutenant Kitti Khanthamit, Grand Chamberlain, Office of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon’s Projects (OPSP), parties discussed to extend ongoing projects carried out in Mongolia under the auspices of the Princess Maha Chakri and its expanding issues. Besides, Sub-lieutenant Kitti Khanthamit announced that the Office is planned to implement a “Lunch” project in primary schools in remote 4 Sums of Mongolia.
Also, Deputy Minister D.Gankhuyag had meetings with Director General of Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA) Mrs. Suchada Thaibunthao, Director-General of Banpu Coal LLC Mr. Dumrong Chantong and Honorary Consul of Mongolia to the Kingdom of Thailand Mr. Vivit Tejapaibul as well. At the meeting with TICA, it was agreed to organize a short-term training in Thailand regarding the ASEAN, ASEM and APEC activities involving 10-15 Mongolian young diplomats from the Ministry in upcoming September.
Afterwards, Deputy Minister D.Gankhuyag visited Thammasat University, where he gave a lecture on foreign policy of Mongolia, and gave interviews to the local media.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Open its Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Announces Foreign Minister Prince Saud Bin Faisal Bin Abdulaziz
April 24 ( Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, Mr. Luvsanvandan BOLD met with the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Prince Saud bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz bin Abdul in Jidda city of Saudi Arabia on April 22, 2014.
This is the first meeting at Foreign Ministerial-level between the two states and during the meeting, parties discussed several issues concerning regional and bilateral affairs, in particular agreed to enhance business ties and mutual investments.
Besides, negotiated to organize some works such as to establish intergovernmental working commission, build meat processing plant in Mongolia, export Mongolian meat and supply oil products from Saudi Arabia.
Also, Foreign Minister Saud bin Faisal announced that the Saudi Arabia plans to open its Embassy in Ulaanbaatar near future and emphasized that Mongolian Foreign Minister’s visit to the country is considered the first high-level and opens new historical page in relationships and warmly accepted Minister’s invitation to visit Mongolia.
Mongolia established the diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on February 12, 2007 and since then no official visits have been conducted between the two countries expect for private visits to Mongolia by high level figures such as Prince and Petroleum Minister that caused of weak bilateral relations in political and economic spheres. Nevertheless, this visit opens new opportunities to broaden bilateral relationships.

Banzuke for 2014 May Grand Sumo Tournament Released
April 24 ( On April 24, the Banzuke - rankings of professional sumo wrestlers for 2014 Natsu Basho or Grand Sumo Summer Tournament to take place in Tokyo on May 11-25 was released by Japan Sumo Association.
In upcoming May Tournament, 27 Mongolian sumo wrestlers are to compete, notably former Ozeki Kakuryu will debut with the Yokozuna title, who became the 71st and third incumbent Yokozuna of Japanese Sumo.
Also, Arawashi - E.Dulguun is promoted for Makuuchi for his first time and is recorded as the 21st Mongolian wrestler to reach the highest division.
27 Mongolian sumo wrestlers are to compete in the top four Divisions, 2014 May Grand Sumo Tournament
Makuuchi Division
1. East Yokozuna Hakuho - M.Davaajargal
2. West Yokozuna Harumafuji - D.Byambadorj
3. East Yokozuna Kakuryu - M.Anand
4. MW-3 Kyokutenho - N.Tsevegnyam
5. MW-6 Tamawashi - B.Munkh-Orgil
6. ME-9 Terunofuji - G.Gan-Erdene
7. ME-12 Takanoiwa - A.Baasandorj
8. MW-14 Tokitenku - A.Khuchitbaatar
9. ME-15 Kyokushuho - T.Erdenebaatar
10. ME-16 Arawashi - E.Dulguun
Juryo Division
11. E-1 Azumaryu - S.Todbileg
12. W-2 Kagamio - B.Nanjid
13. E-4 Asasekiryu - B.Dashnyam
14. W-8 Shotenro - D.Nyamsuren
15. W-10 Ichinojo – A.Ichinnorov
16. E-12 Sakigake - Ya.Battushig
17. W-12 Seiro - A.Unubold
Makushita Division
18. E-10 Chiyoshima - G.Munkhsaikhan
19. E-11 Gochozan - D.Uuganbaatar
20. W-13 Sensho - E.Bayarbat
21. W-25 Ryuonami - B.Buyanjargal
22. E-30 Takakasuga - E.Enkhmanlai
23. W-31 Daishoho- R.Shijirbayar
24. W-34 Oniarashi - U.Ulziijargal
25. W-59 Aratoshi - V.Tserendorj
Sandanme Division
26. E-5 Taiga - S.Sharavnyambuu
27. E-57 Daionami - B.Uuganbayar

Minister L.Bold Meets with Prince of Saudi Arabia
Ulaanbaatar, April 24 (MONTSAME) Having an official visit to Saudi Arabia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Bold Tuesday met with his counterpart and Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saud Al Faisal in Jeddah city.
This was the very first meeting held at Ministerial level between the two countries. The dignitaries discussed issues of the bilateral relations and regional ties such as increasing the business ties, mutual investment, establishing an intergovernmental cooperation commission, exporting meat to Arabian countries by erecting a joint processing factory of meat and seeking an opportunity to supply oil to Mongolia, and then agreed to launch some works.
Mr Saud Al Faisal informed that Saudi Arabia plans to open its Embassy in Ulaanbaatar in near future. He highlighted that the official visit of the Mongolian Foreign Minister which is paid for the first time to Saudi Arabia has opened a new page in history of the bilateral relations, and then thankfully accepted from his counterpart an invitation to visit Mongolia.
Mongolia and Saudi Arabia established the diplomatic relations in 2007. Since then, no high-level visits and meetings have been organized except the above visit, and the bilateral political and economic ties have not intensified yet. It is expected that the two countries have a big opportunity to collaborate in many spheres, and Mr Bold's visit has opened new opportunities and bring the relations into a new volume.

Premier Sees Construction Works of Cement Factories
Ulaanbaatar, April 24 (MONTSAME) The Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag and accompanied him officials Wednesday got familiarized with construction works of three new cement factories to be erected in Dornogobi province.
The visiting group has comprised Ch.Saikhanbileg, head of the Cabinet Secretariat for Government; N.Batbayar, the Minister of Economic Development; D.Gankhuyag, the Minister of Mining; Ts.Bayarsaikhan, the Minister of Construction and Urban Development; and N.Monkhbat, an executive director of the Development Bank of Mongolia (DBM).
Consumption of cement has been increasing year to year in Mongolia. Some two million tons of cement is used every year, and two third of the construction material is imported. As of today, Mongolia has two cement factories put into use in 1990, but these factories’ technologies went out of date.
Most of the cement factories in the world produce the material with dry technology. The dry technology exploits 4-5 times less water than the wet technology, and two times less electricity. It saves energy by 30% as well. Thus, the current cabinet has announced it will back constructing cement factories with such technology.
In frames of this policy, the Premier gave obligations to some related officials and the private sector organizations to construct the cement factories after getting acquainted with the construction works.
These factories are being constructed by the “Mongonyn alt” corporation, the “Hermes gakhiur” company and the “Senj sant” company and it is projected they will fully provide the domestic consumption with the construction material.

Speaker Receives Director of Turkish "ZTM" Corporation
Ulaanbaatar, April 24 (MONTSAME) The Speaker of the Parliament Z.Enkhbold Wednesday received Mr Muslum Gunduz, a director of Turkish “ZTM” corporation.
The director of the corporation Mr Muslum thanked Mr Enkhbold for receiving and introduced about operation of the company.
At the meeting, the director Mr Muslum spoke about company-funded research on hydroelectric power station to be erected in Nogoon nuur soum, some 30 kms far from Bayan-Olgii province at the initiation of a head of the State Structure's Standing Committee A.Bakei MP and A.Tleikhan MP and the company is now working on technique and economic feasibility, he added.
As estimated, a sum of 156 million USD will be required for construction work and some changes will be made in budget calculation after completing research, Mr Muslum said.
In turn, the Speaker Z.Enkhbold wished successes with operation of the company and noted that he visited a construction spot of the hydroelectric power station, last March and underlined, it will become the biggest hydroelectric power station in western areas.
The hydroelectric power station is expected to come into service in 2018, to be operational for some 200 years and the Mongolian part has been represented by electric engineer B.Baatar and coordinator T.Nurbek at this big construction project.

Head of Standing Committee Meets with Health Sector's Officials
Ulaanbaatar, April 24 (MONTSAME) A head of the Social Policy, Education, Culture and Science's Standing Committee D.Battsogt Wednesday met with officials of the Ministry of Health and hospital administrations at the State House.
The sides talked the matters about present situation and difficulties of the health sector and exchanged views on the issues.
At the meeting, head staffers of the hospital touched upon several problems relating to the lack of human resource, work load, low budget and medicine supply.
Furthermore, the participants thanked Mr Battsogt for meeting and receiving the opinions and asked to give support on seeking ways to resolve faced problems in health sphere.
Responding to this, Mr Battsogt highlighted an effective outcome of the meeting in solving health sector problem and we will hold such meeting with head staffers of local medical centers and said to create a working group for these matters. 
Present at the meeting were MPs B.Bat-Erdene, S.Odontuya, D.Sarangerel, O.Sodbileg, D.Sumiyabazar and Yo.Otgonbayar. 

Mega Factory to Be Put into Use in 2016
Ulaanbaatar, April 24 (MONTSAME) Within a local tour, the Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag Wednesday got acquainted with construction works of a mega factory of copper-molybdenum to be erected in Dornogobi’s Mandakh soum.
This factory will become the third biggest factory after the “Erdenet” and “Oyu Tolgoi” mines.
Exploration works launched from 1950s in the “Tsagaan suvarga” mineral deposit, and is considered as one of the strategic deposits of Mongolia. The deposit’s license is owned by the “Mongolyn alt” company. It has been estimated that the deposit has 240 millions of ore and 1.8 million tons of copper, which 27.8 times smaller than the Oyu Tolgoi, and seven times--than Erdenet deposit.
It is projected the “Tsagaan suvarga” deposit will process 16.9 million tons of ore and will produce 300 thousand tons of cathode copper and 5,000 tons of molybdenum a year. The construction for the factory is running at its peak, and it is expected it will be put into use by late of 2016, the “Mongolyn alt” company’s authorities said, adding that the energy provision will be taken from sources of the electricity lines of the Oyu Tolgoi and Tavantolgoi mines.
Capital for the factory has been raised from the international banking and financial organizations, and investments of USD 1.3 billion has been made so far. It will employ some 1,200 people, and money of MNT 180 billion will be placed in the local budget every year, the company heads said. They want the government to support the factory with a taxation policy and to make clear the state participation in this factory.

Mongolia to Participate in ITB Berlin as Partner
Ulaanbaatar, April 24 (MONTSAME) Mongolia is to take part for the first time in the ITB Berlin international tourism exhibition in 2015 as an official partner, the Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag announced at a meeting of tourism held Wednesday in the State House.
This meeting brought together delegates of the tourism sector under a motto “Mongolia Nomadic by Nature”. Relevant information on the meeting has been published in English on the website, which is connected with the website.
The Premier said administrations of the city, its districts, aimags, soums as well as entities are now able to post their tourism-related presentations in the website. The cabinet plans to realize works to augment the visa-free countries for Mongolians and the number of aviation companies, the Premier noted, and emphasized an importance of people’s role in bringing the national tourism sector into a new level.
Statistics show about 300 thousand tourists visit Mongolia every year, and this number can go up constantly after participating in the ITB Berlin exhibition, Altankhuyag said. He added that Mongolia is projected to receive 600 thousand tourists in 2015, 800 thousand—in 2016 and one million—in 2017.
The ITB Berlin is considered as the world's largest tourism trade fair. The companies represented at the fair include hotels, tourist boards, tour operators, system providers, airlines and car rental companies.
The thematically ordered market segments help visitors and exhibitors to quickly find their way through the wide product range of ITB Berlin: Book World, Business Travel Days, Cruises, Cultural Tourism, Economy Accommodation, eTravel World, Adventure & Responsible Tourism, Gay & Lesbian Travel, ITB Mobile Travel Services, Training and Employment (CareerCenter), Travel Technology, Trends & Events, Wellness, Youth Travel.

Our Actress Brings Home Grand Prix
Ulaanbaatar, April 24 (MONTSAME) Actress of the Mongolian State Academic Drama Theater Ts.Bayasgalan has taken a Grand Prix from the International Monodrama Festival.
The festival ran in Peja city of Kosovo on April 16-22 with participants of 16 countries such as France, England, USA and Germany.
Our actress Bayasgalan performed “I am Edith Piaf” monodrama about life and artworks of famous French singer Edith Piaf who became widely regarded as France's national diva, as well as being one of France's greatest international stars.

Mongolia to Have New Parliament Palace
April 24 ( Regulatory Organ of the Government, the General Agency for Specialized Inspection diagnosed that the some parts of the Government House built in 1951 and 1961 are under "danger situation".
Coherently, the discussion of building a new Parliament Palace has been continuing in recent few years, but it was postponed several times due to land issues, where the Government of Kuwait earlier pledged to finance the construction.
Thereafter, the Parliament authorities have decided where to construct the new Palace and Secretary of the Parliament Secretariat B.Boldbaatar reported comprehensive information during the press conference held on April 23, 2014.
It was said that the land issue for new Parliament Palace was resolved. Where it expects to build?
The Decree to construct new facility is issued by the State Great Khural (Parliament) and currently it is submitted to the Government for approval. Previous Parliament authorities decided to construct on the space, where garden is located north to Government House, but then some MPs refused claiming that the garden should exist.
Following some investigations under Parliament Speaker ordinance it was resolved to build taking only one third of garden area, moreover experts diagnosed most bushes and trees in the garden are too old and not capable to rehabilitate. Therefore, we plan to restore greenery and move into eastern and western sides of the Government House, where parking lots exist and to construct on this area 2-3 levels underground parking. In other words, green environment would not lessen, instead to be expanded.
First it was decided to construct under Kuwait grant aid, but it has been passed years. How about financial issues, will be provided some additional fund?
Kuwait promised to allocate 12 million USD, but in recent years construction materials’ prices went up and inflation rates also affect that cause insufficient fund, thus it estimates an additional fund is required. Following the calculation about 54 million USD would be necessary, therefore we are negotiating with Kuwaiti side on additional fund.
So, does it mean you are waiting for only financial issues?
The blueprint is completed and if investment issues resolved, the only thing left is to select executive contractors. Renovation and constructional works on current State Palace being made in 1951, 1961, 1981 and 2006 years respectively, where facilities built in 1951 and 1961 years are in critical situation and at risk of collapsing in a major quake.
Do you have a preliminary estimations when to start the construction?
As soon as financial issues resolved, we will announce tender for executors and have a plan to start primary works from this spring.
How many years it estimates to finish the constructing and how many storey-building it will look like?
The term of completion depends on tenders and according to blueprint, the new Palace would be a 14-story building to accommodate halls for standing committee meeting and plenary session, moreover all 76 Parliamentarians will have an equal space rooms and their assistants and advisors will also have a separate rooms.

Prime Minister Introduces “100 Days To Strengthen Economy” Project
April 24 ( The regular "30 Minutes with Prime Minister" was held today on April 24, 2014, where Premier N.Altankhuyag introduced his initiated "100 Days to Strengthen Economy" project.
In his introduction, Prime Minister noted, “In order to strengthen country’s economy, Government plans to conduct several works supporting national manufacturers and entrepreneurs, enhancing mining-minerals output, accelerating construction industrialization and infrastructure projects, strengthening economic capacity and attracting more foreign investments.
For instances, over 50 works are planned such as to increase MNT Swap agreements equivalent up to 20 billion CNY; to establish National Loan Insurance Corporation; in order to increase investments from mining sector, the State Great Khural (Parliament) should ratify Law on Minerals to allocate exploration licenses; also to aggrandize coal export and increase gold mining.
Moreover, to start Asgat silver deposit activity; to commence China-invested coal gasification plant; to increase the loan volume for SME Support Fund up to 100 billion MNT; to spend 270 billion MNT for additional wool and cashmere industries; to attract 100 thousand USD investment in order to annul profit taxes for non-bank financial institutions.
Also, in order to reduce workload for 888 projects that aims to replace import and increase export outputs, some fund will be allocated from Chinggis bond to SME Support Fund.
Finally, within this 100 days, the Government will accelerate above 50 tasks that would strengthen the country’s economy and Economy Strengthening Council under Prime Minister’s Office will regularly monitor and work closely”.

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