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Mongolia Brief September 4, 2014 Part II

Special Advisor Heumann to Arrive to Advocate Disability Rights
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 4 (MONTSAME) The US Embassy in Ulaanbaatar Wednesday announced that it will host Ms Judith Heumann, the Special Advisor on Disability Rights, from the U.S. Department of State on this September 4-7.

During her stay, Judith Heumann will meet with a broad range of government, private sector, and civil society representatives in Ulaanbaatar. She will run dialogues on increasing disability awareness in Mongolia and throughout the world, will explore ways to increase international cooperation to share best practices and draw on the experiences, challenges and lessons learned from the disability movement in the United States.
Previously served as the Director for the Department on Disability Services for the District of Columbia, where she was responsible for the Developmental Disability Administration and the Rehabilitation Services Administration, and as the World Bank's first Adviser on Disability and Development, Ms Heumann has experience in working with governments and civil society on including disability in the discussions, also in  improving policies, programs, and projects that allow the disabled around the world to live and work in the economic and social mainstream of their communities.

Board of Directors of Oyu Tolgoi LLC Appoints Andrew Woodley as New President and CEO of Oyu Tolgoi
September 4 ( Oyu Tolgoi LLC has appointed Andrew Woodley as new CEO, replacing Craig Kinnell.
On September 04, 2014, the Board of Oyu Tolgoi LLC has appointed Mr. Andrew Woodley as the President and CEO of Oyu Tolgoi, after Mr. Craig Kinnell announced his departure from the role for personal reasons.
Andrew Woodley is currently Managing Director of Rio Tinto’s coal business in Mozambique. He has worked for Rio Tinto for more than 18 years, in many different areas, including Aluminium and Coal, as well as being executive assistant to the chief executive officer and the chairman; he has a degree in mining and an MBA.
Additionally, Mr Woodley has worked as a management consultant and entrepreneur. He will relocate to Ulaanbaatar with his family to take up this position.
Mr. Jean-Sebastien Jacques, chief executive, Rio Tinto Copper, said, “I am very pleased Andrew has accepted this exciting and challenging assignment, and we look forward to working with him closely. I know Andrew will be an excellent fit, and he has a wealth of expertise across a broad range of Rio Tinto’s international operations, including solid experience in developing economies. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Craig Kinnell for his hard work, loyalty and dedication.
Craig has been an exceptionally strong CEO of Oyu Tolgoi LLC. He has established safety as the number one priority, realized significant cost savings, and repositioned Oyu Tolgoi as the safe, sustainable, profitable, and internationally competitive business we want it to be.”
Mr. Galsan BATSUKH, Chairman, Oyu Tolgoi LLC’s Board of Directors, said, “The Board welcomes this appointment and has every confidence that Andrew will build on the strong foundations Craig has created for us. We look forward to welcoming Andrew and his family to Mongolia. I have hugely enjoyed working with Craig over the past year. He has made a significant contribution to Oyu Tolgoi, particularly as it transitioned from post-commissioning to steady-state operations, and he leaves us with the business fundamentals in a position of strength. We wish him well for the future.”
Mr. Craig Kinnell said, “I have enjoyed my time with Oyu Tolgoi greatly, and only wish I could have been here for longer. I am proud of the workforce and all they do for Oyu Tolgoi and this great country, Mongolia. I wish Andrew all the best in his new role.”
Mr. Kinnell will be returning to the United Kingdom, for personal reasons, and will take up a new role at Rio Tinto to be announced in due course. His last day at Oyu Tolgoi will be 15th November 2014. Mr. Woodley will be appointed president and chief executive officer, Oyu Tolgoi LLC, in October 2014 - this will allow for a comprehensive handover.
Oyu Tolgoi LLC Names New CEOMontsame, September 4
New CEO of Oyu Tolgoi, September 4

Intergovernmental Documents Signed between Russian Federation and Mongolia, September 03, 2014
September 4 ( Following the one-to-one meeting that took place at the State Affairs Ger Palace, President of Mongolia Tsakhia ELBEGDORJ and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin held official talks in the Government House on September 03, 2014.
After which, Government representatives of the two countries have signed on 15 intergovernmental documents, where President Ts.Elbegdorj and President V.V.Putin attended the signing ceremony and noted that these documents are big steps forward for boosting bilateral relations and partnership.
The documents signed between the Governments of Mongolia and the Russian Federation are:
1. Intergovernmental Agreement on reciprocal visa-free travel between citizens of the two countries.
2. Intergovernmental Agreement on transferring illegal immigrants.
3. Protocol to implement Intergovernmental Agreement on transferring illegal immigrants.
4. Intergovernmental Agreement on forest fire protection.
5. Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in civil aviation sector between Ministry of Roads and Transportation of Mongolia and Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.
6. Agreement on modernization of Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC and development strategy partnership between Ministry of Roads and Transportation of Mongolia and Russian Railways JSC (RZD).
7. Agreement of Cooperation between Ministry of Justice of Mongolia and Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.
8. Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between Ministry of Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia and Ministry of Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation.
9. Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in developing Mongolia-Russia economic partnership between Ministry of Economic Development of Mongolia and Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
10. Agreement of Cooperation to arrange the training of citizens of Mongolia in partner universities of Rosneft between Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia and “Rosneft” OAO.
11. Protocol on extending the Intergovernmental Agreement on Russia’s military-technical assistance to Mongolia.
12. Memorandum of Understanding on technical cooperation between Ministry of Finance of Mongolia and Russian Federal Property Fund.
13. Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between Mongolian Immigration Agency and Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.
14. Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between National Public Radio and Television of Mongolia and “Russia Today” Russian-based international cable and satellite television channel.
15. Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between MIAT Mongolian Airlines and Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

Statements by Presidents of Mongolia and Russian Federation
September 4 ( On September 03, 2014, President of Mongolia Tsakhia ELBEGDORJ and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin made statements in the Government House of Mongolia.
Statement by the President of Mongolia, HE Tsakhia ELBEGDORJ
I and President Vladimir Vladimirovich have exchanged views and reached consensus on many matters concerning current bilateral relations. For instances, we have discussed on several vital issues such as infrastructure, transit transportation, trade and economy, finance and investment, humanitarian sector as well as issues relevant to international, regional and trilateral relations.
However, the working visit of the Russian President to our country is a short-term, but being conducted in a wide frames and a very fruitful visit. In the frameworks, Government representatives of the two states have inked on 15 agreements, protocols, memorandums of understanding and joint documents that proves how the visit is high significant.
I would like to underline that one of the negotiated agreements is a reciprocal visa-free travel between citizens of our two countries. Also, in the scope of strategic development partnership on modernization of Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC, parties agreed to electrify Mongolian railway network and construct a parallel tracks, which are planned to be accomplished by 2020.
Moreover, in the frames of freight transit transportation, Mongolia-Russia and Mongolia-Russia-China intergovernmental meetings are planned to be organized in near future.
We have also focused on current imbalance of trade turnover and discussed to increase the volume up to 10 billion USD by 2020. Besides, I forwarded our proposals to start negotiations on tax & customs fee-free of exporting goods and products manufactured in Mongolia over a period of 20 years.
In addition, we are pleased to note that the partnership in military and technical cooperation are broadening and we exchanged opinions on involving Mongolian Armed Forces in the military parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Great Patriotic War to mark next year.
Finally, I am glad that the Russian side expressed its understanding and accepted our proposals on mutually partnering at international and regional spheres, and participation in a top-level trilateral meeting in Ulaanbaatar.
I invite You, the President of the Russian Federation HE V.V.Putin to pay a state visit to Mongolia.
Thank you.
Statement by the President of the Russian Federation, HE Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Our talks with President of Mongolia, Ts.Elbegdorj and this visit is entirely devoted and coincided with one of the important events in the history of our two countries - the 75th anniversary of our joint victory at the Khalkhyn Gol River.
I would like to express our gratitude to Mongolia’s Government and People for looking after our common historic heritage. The celebration events marking this important date are proof of this respect for our past. Today we are taking part in one of the commemorative events.
Our common historic memory and heroic pages of the past certainly provide a good base for building our modern bilateral relations in a spirit of mutual respect, trust and friendship. President Ts.Elbegdorj and I were in unison during our talks in saying that our task now is to take concrete steps to continue developing our cooperation for the good of both our peoples.
We examined in detail the various areas in our bilateral strategic partnership and outlined plans to strengthen and develop it, especially our trade and economic ties.
Following these talks, Mr. Elbegdorj and I will give instructions to the relevant Ministries to draft a roadmap for the work ahead.
The focus will be on developing business activity, encouraging trade and reciprocal investment, and expanding our humanitarian contacts.
We have also agreed to step up our cooperation in developing Mongolia’s transport infrastructure. In this context, I want to say that developing the railway network will help Mongolia to open up rich but for now hard to access deposits and make broader and more effective use of its potential as a transit country.
We have built up solid experience in the mining industry. I would cite the successful example of Erdenet Mining Corporation, which is one of Asia’s biggest producers of copper and molybdenum. I also want to mention MongolRosTsvetMet JSC, which works in the gold-mining sector. These two companies account for up to 20 percent of Mongolia’s GDP and have plans for comprehensive technological modernization.
We agreed to intensify our cooperation in air transport. The Protocol on cooperation in civil aviation and the memorandum on expanding Aeroflot’s and MIAT Mongolian Airlines’ route networks will help in this area.
Russia has traditionally been a reliable electricity supplier to Mongolia, covering 7 percent of the country’s electricity consumption and playing a big part in its energy security.
Russian company Rosneft OAO, one of the world leaders in hydrocarbons productions, covers a large share of Mongolia’s demand for oil products, supplies Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, and has big plans for developing its activities on the Mongolian market.
I note too that Russian-made GAZ and URAL vehicles and buses and some other types of vehicles have earned a good reputation in Mongolia. Our manufacturers plan to increase their supplies to the Mongolian market.
President Ts.Elbegdorj noted during our talks that the trade balance is somewhat skewed in Russia’s favor and proposed that we lift the restrictions on animal products from Mongolia entering the Russian market. We will certainly take this step in our Mongolian friends’ favor and the Russian Government will soon make the necessary decisions.
Mongolia has good prospects for significantly increasing its supplies of livestock industry produce to Russia’s market so long as it complies with Russia’s health and sanitary norms. Our specialists have been in contact for a long time now and I am sure that they will manage everything with success.
We also gave particular attention to humanitarian issues and ties, areas such as education, cultural ties, and reciprocal travel between our countries.
We know that the Ulaanbaatar branch of one of Russia’s top universities, the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, is very popular. The Agreement with Rosneft will help to develop these opportunities.
The Agreement on abolishing visas for our citizens’ reciprocal travel is also important, as is our regional cooperation. We will of course support coordination in international relations and continue our cooperation in the main negotiation forums such as the UN and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
In conclusion, I want to say that these talks reflected our desire to strengthen the wide-ranging cooperation between our countries.
I want to thank the President Ts.Elbegdorj for the invitation and thank our colleagues on both sides for this visit’s thorough preparation.
Thank you.
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