Sunday, September 7, 2014

Overview of Putin’s visit

After their one-on-one meeting, Mongolian President Ts.Elbegdorj and Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin attended a signing ceremony for documents on bilateral relations and cooperation.

The following documents were signed between the governments of the two countries:

1. Intergovernmental agreement on visa-free travel for the citizens of the two countries.
2. Intergovernmental agreement on deporting illegal immigrants.
3. Intergovernmental agreement on protection against forest fire.
4. Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in civic aviation between the Ministry of Roads and Transportation of Mongolia and Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
5. Agreement on renewing Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC and the development of a strategic partnership between the Ministry of Roads and Transportation of Mongolia and Russian Railway Community of Russia.
6. Agreement on developing partnership between the Ministry of Justice of Mongolia and Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.
7. Memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia and Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector of the Russian Federation.
8. Memorandum of understanding on developing Mongolia-Russia economic partnership between the Ministry of Economic Development of Mongolia and Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
9. Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia and Russian oil company Rosneft OAO.
10. Protocol on extending the intergovernmental agreement on Russia’s military and technical assistance to Mongolia.
11. Memorandum of understanding on technical cooperation between the Ministry of Finance of Mongolia and Russian Federal Property Fund.
12. Memorandum of understanding between the Mongolian Immigration Agency and Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.
13. Memorandum of understanding between MNB National Public Radio and Television of Mongolia and the international new agency Russia Today.
14. Memorandum of understanding between MIAT Mongolian Airlines and Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

Nine of twenty-four Russian Ministers and Russian business leaders accompanied Vladimir Putin and signed these and other major documents: Minister of Foreign Affairs S.Lavrov; Deputy Minister Yu.Petrovich; Minister of Far East Development A.S.Galushka; Minister of Mineral and Ecology S.Ye.Donskoy; Minister of Justice Konovakov; Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities Mikhail Men; Minister of Energy A.V.Novak; Minister of Regional Development Igor Slyunyayev; Minister of Transport Maksim Sokolov; Deputy Minister of Defense Arkady Bakhin; and representatives of Rosneft, Rostech, Russian Railway, Aeroflot and Russian Direct Investment Fund.

President Putin signed the honorary guestbook and took a photo with President Ts.Elbegdorj.
Towards the end of the day, Putin laid a wreath on the monument to the four-time Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Mongolia, Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov and visited G.K.Zhukov’s museum. The Mongolian Military Song and Dance Academic Ensemble performed.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin left Mongolia on a chartered flight from Chinggis Khaan International Airport at 8:00 p.m. Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag, Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Bold and other officials were present to see off the honored guests at the airport.

President Elbegdorj emphasized that the one-day working visit of President Putin gave great impetus to the development of bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Russian President invited President Ts.Elbegdorj to a pay a visit to the Russian Federation. President Ts.Elbegdorj officially responded to the invitation, and said that he will visit Russia in May 2015, for the 70th anniversary of Russia’s Victory Day, celebrating the Russian victory over Nazi Germany and the end of WWII.

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