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Mongolia Brief September 15, 2014 Part III

Sergey Bubka Visits Mongolia Next Week
September 15 ( Upon the invitation of Mongolian Athletics Federation, Sergey (Serhiy) Nazarovich Bubka, a Ukrainian former pole vaulter, who held the world record of 6.15 meters  for almost 21 years until February 2014, is arriving in Mongolia on September 22, 2014.

In the scope of his visit, S.Bubka will meet Mongolian athletes and get acquainted with their trainings and current progresses. Moreover, he will be meeting with Foreign Minister L.Bold, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ts.Oyungerel and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar E.Bat-Uul.
Sergey Bubka in his active sports career of 1981-2001 won six consecutive IAAF World Championships, an Olympics Gold and broke the world record for the Men's pole vaulting 35 times.
Now, he is a Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board and Vice President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) as well as President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.

General Gov’t Budget in Statistics
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 15 (MONTSAME) In the first eight months of 2014, a total equilibrated revenue and grants of the General Government Budget (GGB) amounted to MNT 3,798.0 billion, a total expenditure and net lending of the budget reached 3,951.0 billion, representing a deficit of 153.0 billion in the equilibrated balance of the GGB.
Tax revenue increased 203.0 billion or 6.7% against the previous year due to increases of MNT 120.8 billion or 30.7% in other taxes, MNT 71.5 billion or 13.5% in social security contributions, MNT 31.6 billion or 2.7 times in taxes on goods and services. There were decreases of MNT 38.1 billion or 5.7% in income taxes.
The total expenditure and net lending of the GGB reached 3,951.0 billion Togrog, increasing 369.6 billion or 10.3% against the previous year, due to increases of MNT 151.4 billion or 10.5% in expenditure on goods and service, of MNT 155.2 billion or 12.4% in subsidies and transfers expenditure, of 116.2 billion or 90.4% in interest payments. There were decreases of MNT 43.9 billion or 92.8% in lending (net), MNT 9.3 billion or 1.3% in capital expenditure. 

MIAT to Start Direct Flight to Singapore
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 15 (MONTSAME) The national flag carrier--Mongolian Airlines company will launch direct flights to Singapore on September 24.
Mongolia first gained the 5th freedom of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in 1996, which gives a right to fly between two countries on a flight originating or ending in one's own country. This year, the MIAT got this 5th freedom again and is ensuring a preparation for the flights to Singapore via Beijing.
As of present, the MIAT operates regular international flights to Beijing, Hong Kong and Erlian, to Seoul, Tokyo, and Moscow. Charter flights are performed to Sanya, Osaka, Pyongyang, Jeju, Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi and Dubai.  

Ulaanbaatar Receives Electro Mobile
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 15 (MONTSAME) A ceremony has ran on Chingis Square to receive an electro mobile granted by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation to the Office of the Mayor.
Present at the ceremony were the UB city Mayor E.Bat-Uul, the Japanese Ambassador to Mongolia Mr Takenori Shimizu, and representatives of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.
This electric car consumes demands some MNT 60 thousand a moth, it can run 130 kilometers when charged to its fullest. The Mayor said he would put these vehicles into taxi services if this car proves its tolerance to -30-40 Celsius in the winter coming. The city administration consider that this would be nice way to reduce Ulaanbaatar’s air pollution, which consists mainly of coal smoke and fair amount of car-emitted smokes during winters.

Aki Basho begins
September 15 ( The Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament of Japanese Professional Sumo, the Aki Basho, kicked off on September 14th.
Hakuho, the 69th grand champion in sumo history, defeated his rival Komusubi Chiyotairyu on the first day. Yokozuna Harumafuji defeated Japan's top hope Endo. The 71st Yokozuna Kakuryu forced down Komusubi Jokoryu, making his way with his first win through 15 days of fights. Kyokutenho Tsevegnyam, who celebrated his 40th birthday last Saturday, became the oldest wrestler in the top division of professional sumo. Kyokutenho  also saw his first win on the first day of the basho.
Top Maegashira Terunofuji overpowered Ozeki Kotoshogiku to pick up an effortless victory on the first day of Aki Basho. The sumo audience is looking forward to the conclusion of the Aki Basho, where three Mongolian Yokozuna and three Japanese Ozeki will fight for top honors.

Mongolian Team Stands at Fifth Place at First World Nomad Games Held in Kyrgyzstan
September 15 ( The 2014 World Nomad Games were successfully organized at Issyk-Kul in Cholpon-Ata city of Kyrgyzstan with a closing ceremony held on September 14, where 22 national teams with over 430 athletes from 19 countries have participated in 10 sports categories.
The Games were held in Alysh (traditional wrestling on the belt), At Chabysh (longdistance horse race), Zhorgo Salysh (sport races of amblers at great distance), Kok-Boru (horse game in which two teams attempt to carry a goat or calf carcass into the opposing team’s end zone), Kunan Chabysh (three years old horse race), Ordo (game with alchiks or anklebones), Toguz Korgool (mancala game), Oodarysh or Er Enish (wrestling on horseback), Salbuurun (eagle hunting) as well as presentation performances of ethnic sport games, cultural, musical and theatrical events from various nations were also presented.
At the first World Nomad Games, the host nation of Kyrgyzstan collected a total of 55 medals (16 Gold, 20 Silver and 19 Bronze) from various events followed by the Team of Kazakhstan with 28 medals (10+9+9) and Turkmenistan with 3 Gold and 3 Bronze medals. The fourth place went to Tajikistan (1+0+3) and the Team of Mongolia stood at the fifth place with 7 medals (0+1+6).
Following the five-day festivity, a broad range gala concert was performed, where well-known artists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Turkey, United States, and Kyrgyzstan have participated. Moreover, greeting messages were delivered by the President of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbaev, President of Turkey R.T.Erdogan, President of Tatarstan R.N.Minnikhanov, Second Vice President of Afghanistan M.K.Khalili, President of the Olympic Council of Asia Sheikh Fahad Al-Sabah, FIFA President J.S.Blatter, FIDE President K.N.Ilyumzhinov, President of Russian Wrestling Federation M.G.Mamiashvili and other officials.
To note, the World Nomad Games was first proposed by the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev during the official visit of then Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the Kyrgyz Republic held on February 01-02, 2011.

External Trade in Statistics
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 15 (MONTSAME) In the first eight months of this year, a total external trade turnover of Mongolia reached USD 7,175.6 million after it had traded with 126 countries.
Some USD 3,576 million was made up by exports, and USD 3599.3 million--by imports. 
A total external trade turnover increased USD 221.1 million or 3.2%, where imports declined by USD 657.4 million or 15.4% and exports increased USD 878.5 million or 32.6% against the previous year.
An external trade balance showed a deficit of USD 1.6 billion in the first eight months of this year, while it was in a deficit of USD 23.0 million, declining USD 1.5 billion against the previous year. 

Mongolia and DPRK to Cooperate in Sciences and Technology
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 15 (MONTSAME) Mongolia’s Ministry of Education and Sciences will cooperate with North Korea’s National Committee of Science and Technology (NCST).
A cooperation memorandum was signed last week in Pyongyang city by M.Ganbold, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the DPRK, and by Mr Jang Ryong Hyog, a deputy head of the NCST. 
Present at the signing ceremony were also diplomats of the Mongolian Embassy in North Korea and officials of the NCST.  

Sports Journalists to Cooperate More with National Olympic Committee
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 15 (MONTSAME) Mongolian National Olympic Committee (MonNOC) and the Association of Sports Journalists (ASJ) inked a cooperation memorandum on Monday. 
It has been inked by presidents of these organizations D.Zagdsuren and Ch.Otgonbaatar. The sides intend to widen more their ties, for example, in advertising the Olympism among children and to involve them more in physical education and interests in sports.
The adoption of this document is one of the creative works aimed at flourishing the cooperation and is dedicated to the upcoming 25th anniversary of the ASJ.  

Stock Exchange News for September 15
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 15 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades on Monday, a total of 6,041 shares of 15 JSCs were traded costing MNT 21 million 550 thousand and 981.70.
"Gobi” /2,000 units/, “Mongolia Telecom” /1,212 units/, “Merex” /1,114/, “E-trans logistics” /729 units/ and "APU” /230 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value were "Gobi” (MNT 16 million and 400 thousand), "Mongolia Telecom” (MNT one million 723 thousand and 464), APU” (MNT 850 thousand and 587), "Gutal” (MNT 770 thousand) and "Makh impex” (MNT 550 thousand and 900).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 607 billion 344 million 531 thousand and 887. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,985.61, increasing 237.26 units or 1.51% against the previous day.
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