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Mongolia Brief September 16, 2014 Part I

Standing Committee Head Receives Myanmar Delegation
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 16 (MONTSAME) A head of the parliamentary Standing committee on justice D.Ganbat Monday met a delegation headed by Mr U Win Mra, a chairman of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC).

The Standing committee head underlined that the Mongolia-Myanmar relations and cooperation have been intensively developing in recent years and spoke about the National Commission for Human Rights of Mongolia (NCHR).
Thanking the Mongolian side for the audience, Mr U hoped that the bilateral ties will expand.
S.Demberel MP and an office head of the NCHR A.Dashdeleg introduced to the delegation a draft amendment to the law on NCHR and exchanged some views.
Mr U said the MNHRC wants to study experience of the Mongolian Commission.
The MNHRC was established September 5 of 2011 by a notification of the government with a view to promote and safeguard the fundamental rights of the citizens enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Mongolia Establishes Diplomatic Relations with 182nd State of World, Gabonese Republic
September 16 ( Within its aim to establish diplomatic relations with all United Nations member states (193), Mongolia has established diplomatic relations with the Gabonese Republic in New York City on September 15, 2014.
Setting mutual aspirations to develop and strengthen friendly relations and cooperation as a guideline, the two countries agreed to adhere to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the UN Charter and international legal principles and standards.
The Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations, Ambassador Mr. Od OCH and Deputy Permanent Representative of the Gabonese Republic to the United Nations, Ambassador Mrs. Marianne Odette Bibalou have signed the joint statement to establish diplomatic relations.
The joint statement was registered at the UN and the Ambassadors of Mongolia and Gabon have sent the statement to the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon in order to inform other UN member states.
The establishment of diplomatic relations with the Gabonese Republic provides better opportunities for both countries to develop friendly, peaceful and cooperative relations in the diplomatic, political, economic, humanitarian and other fields, moreover, the two states have agreed to support each other within bilateral and international organizations and that wider opportunities will open up for bilateral cooperation.
As of September 16, 2014, Mongolia has established diplomatic relations with 182 states of the world and the EU.

Nat’l Consumer Price Index in August
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 16 (MONTSAME) The national consumer price index this August rose by 0.4% against the previous month, by 7.7% against the beginning of this year and by 13.7% over the same period of the previous year.
This rise occurred due to 16.8% in education, 1.6% in clothing, footwear and cloth, 1.5% in housing, water, electricity and fuels increases. 

Farming in Statistics
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 16 (MONTSAME) By this September 1, Mongolia harvested 16.6 thousand tons of potatoes, 12.6 thousand tons of vegetables, and received 495.5 thousand tons of gross hay and 5.6 thousand tons of handmade fodder.
Compared to the same period of 2013, hay harvest rose by 272.6 thousand tons or 2.2 times, handmade fodder--by 2.9 thousand tons or 2.1 times, whereas that of potatoes declined by 850.0 tons or 4.9%, and of vegetables--by 1,994.5 tons or 13.7%. 

Industrial Production Index
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 16 (MONTSAME) In the first eight months of this year, the industrial production index (2010=100 seasonally adjusted and experimental estimation) increased by 16.4% from the end of the last year and by 2.0% over the previous month, and decreased 11.8% against the previous year.
The mining of products such as gold, molybdenum concentrate with 47%, iron ore, copper concentrate with 35 %, fluorspar concentrate increased by 1.5-66.6% in the mining and quarrying sectors, a  production of products such as metal steel, juice, buuz and dumpling, soft drinks, milk, knitted goods, pure water, kind of sausage, macaroni, ice cream, vacuum windows and doors, sawn wood, notebooks also rose by 1.9% to 2.4 times in the manufacturing sector against the previous year. 

Freight and Passengers in Figures
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 16 (MONTSAME) In the first eight months of this year, 12,983.5 thousand tons of freight and 2,331.4 thousand passengers (duplicated counting) were carried by railway transport.
Compared with the same period of 2013, the amount of the freight carried decreased by 720.8 thousand tons or 5.3%, and the number of the passengers--by 294.3 thousand people or 11.2%.
The revenue from the railway transport reached MNT 273.2 billion, decreasing MNT 5.0 billion or 1.8% against the previous year.
Some 2,343.0 tons of freight and 474.4 thousand passengers (duplicated counting) were carried by air transport. The amount of the freight dropped by 393.8 tons or 14.4%, the number of the passengers-- by 60.4 thousand people or 11.3% against the previous year.
The revenue from the air transport reached MNT 156.3 billion, decreasing MNT 3.2 billion or 2.0% against the previous year. 

“Natural Resources and Future Heritage” Forum Approaches
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 16 (MONTSAME) A "Natural Resources and Future Heritage"-themed discussion of a new draft law on natural resources will run at the "Blue Sky Tower" on this September 18.
It will be co-organized by a "NextGen"– a young professionals association, and at initiative of the President and with a support from the Ministry of Finance. Basic information on this draft will be presented, and opinions and recommendations from youth will be sounded.
The action is supposed to be attended by the President’s advisor on Civil involvement and Economic policy L.Dashdorj, a director of the Resources division of the Debt Management Department of the Ministry B.Tuguldur, and economist S.Borgil. 

Weekly Bestsellers Named by Internom
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 16 (MONTSAME) “Internom” bookstore has introduced the ten best sold books between 8 and 14 of September. The bestseller list starts with Oxford (Monsudar) English-Mongolian and Mongolian-English pocket dictionary, and Oxford (Monsudar) English-Mongolian dictionary, same as the previous list.
They were followed by “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez; The Constitution of Mongolia; “The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion” by James Fraser, “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne; Chinese-Mongolian pocket dictionary, “Sorkhugtani” novel by B.Sarantuay; and “Green-eyed Monk” by Ts.Oyungerel and J.Falt.
The list excluded the textbooks, which was sold in the highest number last week, due to the new academic year.

Ambassador Attends Int'l Film Festival
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 16 (MONTSAME) Mongolia's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Poland A.Ganbaatar has been invited to the sixth international documentary film festival dedicated to the anti-communist combat. 
The action ran in Gdynia on September 11-12. The invitation was a high recognition of the Ambassador's contribution to the fight for the democracy and to a cooperation between the two countries’ democratic communities, stated the Polish side. Other attendants included honored guests from France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania and the USA.
The documentary named „Traces of Mongolia” by G.Patsek and A.Golenbevski was presented. It has been created based on documents gathered in 1999, when officials from the Polish "Solidarity" labour union visited Mongolia to support the democratic movement.
After the festival, the Ambassador also had a meeting with the organizers and was interviewed by the Polish media. 
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