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Mongolia Brief September 8, 2014 Part I

Speaker Addresses Opening of Plant of Molybdenum Concentrate
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 8 (MONTSAME) While in Orkhon province with a working tour, the Speaker of parliament Z.Enkhbold last Friday participated in an opening of a molybdenum concentration plant at the “Shim-technology” LLC.

Co-founded by the “Erdenet Mining” Corporation and foreign investors, the plant has reopened with an investment from the Russian “Uralgipromez” company since it was closed in 2009 due to financial crisis, the Speaker noted and expressed a satisfaction with the reopening "which has coincided with times of the working visit of the Russian President Putin to Mongolia".
The plant will provide some 250 people with jobs, it will process 3,600 tons of molybdenum a year, it has become a vital step to implement the state policy on industrialization, manufacturing value-added products and reducing unemployment, he said. He also hopes that both Mongolian and Russian engineers, technical experts and workers will make all their efforts to operate the plant.
During this ceremony, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Mongolia Mr I.K.Azizov highlighted that the plant’s reopening "is an expression of the Mongolia-Russia cooperation", and thanked the top legislator for addressing the ceremony.

New Road Put into Use in Ulaanbaatar

By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 8 (MONTSAME) The Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag last Friday attended an opening of a new 17.1 km road which runs from "Yarmag, a northern part of Bogd Khaan Mountain, to the checkpoint of Bayanzurkh district.
This paved-road has installations at 70 spots and an iron-concrete bridge of 24.7 meters, near the “Bayanzurkh” checkpoint, and another 19-meter bridge near the Zaisan Hill. A 1.2 km sector of the road near the Zaisan Hill has been illuminated as well.
All these works have been executed in 1.4-year time under MNT 24.7 billion togrog, "thus becoming one of the biggest constructions done by the cabinet for reforms," said Altankhuyag.
The works have been performed by the "ESTO" company under the monitoring of the “Monkonsalt” company in accordance with a contract. The ultimate aim was to reduce traffic jam at least by one third.
At the above ceremony the PM told officials to pay attention to this road because it has many turns, high dams and might be slippery in winter.
Present at the ceremony were also E.Bat-Uul, the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar; Ch.Saikhanbileg, a head of the Cabinet Secretariat for Government; and D.Nanzaddorj, a head of the City’s Auto road Department.

TDB Receives “Best Commercial Bank” Award

By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 8 (MONTSAME) Trade Development Bank of Mongolia received the “Best Commercial Bank in Mongolia” award from the "Finance Asia" magazine last week.
This magazine, a provider of the most reliable professional information on finance in Asia, awards outstanding financial organizations every year. This time, according to the magazine’s website, the Trade and Development Bank showed the highest growth and best financial performance in Mongolia, as it covers 40 percent of the banking sector profits of the country. Moreover, the TDB was the first in Mongolia to issue bonds, and has the “Most highly-qualified assets”. The award was given to B.Medree, the executive director of the bank.
“Our bank has received this award for its constant growth in the recent years. The banking sector in Mongolia is the fastest developing in the country," he said.
The awards of Finance Asia magazine is recognized on a global level, as it takes recognition, prestige, operational sphere, financial performance and other capacities of banks, into their account during the selection process.

Day Event Takes Place to Thank for Wild Horses

By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 8 (MONTSAME) This action ran September 4 for those who collaborated during this year’s transfer of another flock of Takhi horses to Mongolia, in a scope of the project to relocate the wild horses back to their homeland.
At the event present were project representatives from Ministries of Defense and Environment of Czech Republic and other organizations, together with the staff of Mongolian Embassy in Prague. The director of Prague Zoo, Miroslav Bobek opened the Day to hand the notes of gratitude to the Czech representatives who greatly contributed to the successful realization of relocating three horses to Mongolia’s Takhiin Shar Nuruu this year.  
The Mongolian Embassy staffer expressed gratitude to the Prague Zoo and to the Czech Republic for their many-year of investments and efforts for delivering and relocating “Takhi” from the zoo back to Mongolia. 

New Concentrate-Processing Plant Commissioned

By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 8 (MONTSAME) A wet concentrate plant of Khudag Baishint iron deposit in Bulgan aimag was commissioned on September 6. The plant has been constructed by "Focus Metal Mining" LLC.
The commission of this new plant’s first line has opened a new page in Mongolia’s metal industry development. The Khudag Baishint mine has spent USD 20 million of investment for the plant construction and has completed set-up and test works during 2012-2014.
The new plant, which has offered 100 workplaces, has a capacity of 600 tonnes of iron ore exploitation and 300 tonnes (TPA) of concentrate production per year. For five years of operation since commissioning, the plant will put on the market 1.9 million TPA of wet concentrate and 69 thousand TPA of regular concentrate, making a profit of USD 228.2 million, according to estimation. The 66% iron concentrate is 20% higher than the regular concentrate in terms of iron content, and is traded up by USD 40-60.

“108 Images of Mongolia” Exhibition Opens

By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 8 (MONTSAME) It opened in Modern Art Gallery of Prague on September 4 to show photographs taken by Czech scholar and archeologist Lumir Iisl in 1957-1963 in Mongolia.
The action has been co-organized by Mongolia's Embassy to Czech Republic and faculty of Mongol Studies of Charles University. At the opening present were D.Zumberellkham, the Mongolian Ambassador to Czech Republic; I.Grollova, the Czech Ambassador to Mongolia; scholars and professors from the faculty; Mongolian and Czech people. This exhibition displays 108 out of 2,000 photos depicting life, religion and nature of Mongolians of those times.
Next exhibition is planned on expedition of Ancient Kultegin monument.
"L.Iisl is an honored scholar, having cooperated with our distinguished scientists such as B.Renchin and Kh.Perlee , he has also created a large photo fund on Mongolian lifestyle, culture and traditions, leaving priceless cultural and historic resources for research," stressed D.Zumberellkham.  

“Ulaanbaatar” International Film Festival set to place

September 8 (news.mn) Ulaanbaatar city will host the II Ulaanbaatar Film Festival on October 8-12th.
Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism in collaboration with the Arts Council of Mongolia organizes the Film Festival with purpose to expand international cooperation in movie industry, screening the selected world movies to Mongolian audience.
Over 10 film directors, producers, artists and film festival organizers from Mongolia, USA, Asia and Europe will arrive at the Ulaanbaatar Film Festival.
The Opening for the Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival will be held at Tengis movie theatre for five days.
The Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival was held for the first time in 2013.

“Walking through History” expedition to air on MBC

September 8 (news.mn) Oirad Tumen NGO and MBC Television are launching a month long series, “Walking through History”, a program following an expedition on history, cultural research and cooperation from Ulaanbaatar to Elista, Russia, and Kalmykia in Russia back to Ulaanbaatar, airing from September 15 – October 15th.
The expedition team will conduct research, film a documentary and series following the itinerary, and will publish a book on the expedition looking back at the history of Mongolia's Oirads, who began a great migration to the Volga River in Russia in 1604.
The expedition is expected to show the world how Mongolians preserve their culture, lifestyle and customs, to share this part of history with younger generations, and intensify cultural relations between Mongolia and Russia.
The expedition team of 15 includes four Kalmykian Mongol studies researchers, two Inner Mongolian researchers, a journalist focused on Mongol studies, and Mongolian scholars, researchers, film crew and a cameraman will cover 15,000 km through Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kalmykia and Buryatia.
Co-organizers of the expedition are the Kalmykian Academy of Sciences, Mongolian Oirats Research Institute, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Culture Ministry of Kalmykia, Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Youth, National University of Kalmykia, Khovd University Mongolia, Oirats Research Institute in Inner Mongolia, National University of Kazakhstan, Russian channel 2, MNB, Bayanmongol Television in Inner Mongolia, Gogo.mn, and Oirad Television in Uvs aimag.
The expedition will leave from Chinggis Khaan Square on September 15th.
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