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Mongolia Brief September 18, 2014 Part II

Mongolian Associations Overseas Gather Here
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 18 (MONTSAME) A forum themed “Creative Collaboration” ran Thursday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, jointly organized by the Ministry and “Tsakhim Urtuu Kholboo” (E-relay services and communications) non-governmental organization.
The forum is to adopt a general guidance of cooperation between the Government and Mongolian overseas associations.
The event was addressed by B.Boldbaatar, the state secretary of the ministry, and by L.Bold, the foreign Minister. The greetings were also sounded of the President Ts.Elbegdorj, the Speaker of parliament Z.Enkhbold and the PM Ts.Altankhuyag.
The presentations given on the morning session were: “Foreign Policy of Mongolia” by director of Department of Policy Planning and Research in the Ministry Ts.Batbayar; “Consular services for protection of civil rights and interests” by director of consular department Sh.Sukhbaatar; “Mongolian labor market and migration” by director of Department for Development of small and medium enterprises in the Ministry of Labour D.Battogtokh; “General Introduction of NGOs established by Mongolians overseas” by a head of Europre-Mongolian Community and National Association of Mongolians in Sweden N.Nomun-Erdene; “Language and culture issues of Mongolians abroad” by a  head of Mongolian Cultural Center in the USA Dr. M.Saruul-Erdene; “Actual phenomena of dual citizenship and solutions” by a member of “Tsakhim Ortoo kholboo” NGO; “Structure form of cooperation between State agencies and Associations and NGOs of Mongolians Abroad” by a director of Association of British Mongolians.
The forum continues with “For Development of Mongolia” forum, in a scope of which sub-conferences will be held on matters of management for hi-tech, science, education, social knowledge, social health, business, arts and culture. The forum will adopt a general guidance.
The purpose of the event is to urge the representatives of Mongolian-based overseas associations, communities and NGOs to discover possibilities and mechanisms of overcoming the common obstacles faced by these organizations, gaining government support and collaboration, as well as commencing a consistent beneficial cooperation.   
Regarding the tenth annual meeting themed “For Mongolia’s Development”, which started at the initiative of Mongolians in Britain and which became a platform for Mongolians overseas for sharing their knowledge and for discussing specific matters since 2005, organized in the homeland–Mongolia for the first time, Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “Tsakhim Urtuu Kholboo” NGO are co-organizing this year’s “Creative Collaboration” forum. This is considered of great importance, having become the premises of support from the President, the State Great Khural and the Government, on close collaboration with the Mongolian Associations and communities, on sounding their voices, and promoting their actions such as inheriting the language, culture and traditions to their younger generations.
Some 90 representatives of Mongolian associations, communities and NGOs, a lector from “Tsakhim Urtuu Kholboo” NGO, some 50 experts, and 130-150 representatives of ministries, state agencies and associated domestic organizations have gathered for the forum.

Discussion Held on Draft Law on Wealth Fund
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 18 (MONTSAME) At the initiative of President of Mongolia, a discussion on Draft Law on Wealth Fund or Future Legacy Fund was held at the Citizen’s Chamber in the Government Palace on September 18.
Citizen Participation and Economic Policy Advisor to the President L.Dashdorj noted: “Last week Government of Mongolia has approved the Draft Law on Wealth Fund or Future Legacy Fund initiated by the President of Mongolia. Wealth Fund or Future Legacy Fund is one of the main parts of the Smart Government’s policy. The current economic model of Mongolia does not meet modern world’s need. In terms of the indicators such as money supply, budget expenditure and import, the higher the money supply from the central bank and state budget expenditure, the faster increases demand. The import increases due to high demand and that is the model of Mongolian economy. By approving the Law on Wealth Fund or Future Legacy Fund Mongolia will make big steps to improving its law regulations in the economy”. 
After, economists, experts, scientists, journalists and representatives from civil society who gathered in the Citizen’s Chamber discussed and exchanged views on the Draft Law on Wealth Fund or Future Legacy Fund.

Mongolia Asks World Bank’s Involvement in “Steppe Road” Project
September 18 ( On September 18, 2014, Minister of Economic Development N.Batbayar received in his office the World Bank's new Country Director for China, Mongolia and South Korea based in Beijing, Mr. Bert Hofman and accompanying former Director Mr. Klaus Roland and recently appointed Country Representative of the World Bank Mr. James Anderson.
Mr. Klaus Roland had been serving as the Country Director for China, Mongolia and South Korea since 2010 and before handing over his duties for Mongolia, he summarized up to date reports of cooperation between Government and the World Bank and introduced the newly appointed envoy.
At the beginning of meeting, Minister N.Batbayar briefed about the soft loan projects to implement under World Bank’s finance such as “E-Health”, “Smart Government”, “Reform in Educational Sector”, and “Sustainable Livelihood III” Project. Moreover, Minister introduced the “Steppe Road” project, which was supported to co-implement during the recent visits of the heads of state of the PR of China and the Russian Federation to Mongolia.
Furthermore, Minister N.Batbayar requested the World Bank’s participation in the latter project that divides in five sectors of railway, auto road, and lines for oil, natural gas and energy.
In response, new Director Bert Hofman noted that the Government’s intensive work to implement such big project namely “Steppe Road” is commendable for Mongolia’s economic development and on behalf of the World Bank, he will collaborate in his full capacity to implement the project.
The World Bank has been one of the biggest supporters and assistant organizations in Mongolia’s economy since 1990 and provided a total of over 560 million USD soft loan and grant aid to date.

Press release: South Gobi students presented with scholarship certificates
- 30 students will receive scholarships for the next academic year –
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – September 17 (Oyu Tolgoi) Oyu Tolgoi’s Gobi scholarship programme saw 30 more students enroll for the academic year last Saturday. This is the tenth year that the programme has helped students with tuition fees and the cost of study.
The scholarships support the South Gobi aimag’s development by providing scholarships for capable students studying those professions needed in the region. In return for an investment from Oyu Tolgoi in all costs of study, students, who must have a minimum GPA of 3.2 or higher, are expected to return to work in their homeland after graduation.
The Gobi scholarship programme is run in cooperation with the aimag governor's office and a management team comprised of representatives of civil society organisations. A total of 242 students from the aimag have benefited from the Gobi scholarships over the years, with most returning to work in their homeland after graduation.
Two students each from Bayandalai, Tsogttsetsii, Noyon and Mandal-Ovoo soums qualified for this year's scholarship programme, along with one student each from Bayan-Ovoo, Nomgon, Gurvantes, Bulgan and Tsogt- Ovoo soums. A further 15 students from Dalanzadgad also received their certificates.

Three wrestlers fail drug tests
September 18 ( Wrestlers annually take drug tests before the wrestling competition of the national celebration of Naadam. The test samples taken from wrestlers who were selected for the final rounds of Naadam national wrestling were sent to the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Doping Control Center.
The drug test results arrived last week and revealed that three wrestlers who were granted state titles had used drugs.
The Mongolian National Wrestling Federation has yet to see the final results of the drug tests.
During this year's Naadam, held on the occasion of the 2,223rd anniversary of the founding of the first Mongolian State, the 808th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and the 93rd anniversary of the Mongolian People's Revolution, eight young wrestlers were granted new titles, including State Lion (Ulsiin Arslan), State Garuda (Ulsiin Garid), State Hawk (UIsiin Hartsaga) and State Falcon (Ulsiin Nachin).
The Mongolian National Wrestling Federation will announce the names of the three newly honored wrestlers who were found to have used drugs after it receives the final test results.

Final stage of tender bid for Sainshand Wind Farm
September 18 ( A tender bid for an executor company of the 50 megawatt Sainshand Wind Farm has moved into its final stage, says the project unit.
For the final stage of the bidding for the Sainshand Wind Farm, General Electric (U.S.), Siemens (Germany), and Vestas (Denmark) consortiums have been selected.
Any of these consortiums will be able to provide widely used turbines  to the wind farms.
The results of the open bidding will be announced in early October.
The project unit plans to launch the final construction and installation of Sainshand Wind Farm in 2015 and make it operational by 2016.
Thirty percent of 120 million MNT required to fund Sainshand Wind Farm will come from stockholder investment and the other 70 percent will come from loans from banks and financial institutions.
One of the main investors in Sainshand Wind Farm, Ferrostaal, has provided the required investment.
In the scope of the project's implementation, studies have been arranged, but more detailed and comprehensive studies will also be conducted in the future.
The project unit believes that construction and installation of the wind farm will be seasonal, but the project can be implemented quickly due to resolved infrastructure issues, and geographically favorable conditions.

Yokozuna Harumafuji Withdraws 2014 September Tournament
September 18 ( The 2014 Aki Basho or Grand Sumo September Tournament commenced in Tokyo city on September 14 and is ongoing on its fifth day, where Yokozuna Hakuho, Yokozuna Kakuryu, Maegashira Kyokutenho and Maegashira Ichinojo, all Mongolians, are leading the Tournament with no loss after fourth day records.
On Day 4, the third Yokozuna, Harumafuji got serious injury in his right eye during the bout with Maegashira Yoshikaze, and today Yokozuna Harumafuji claimed that he had to withdraw the competition.
Results of Mongolian sumo wrestlers after Day 4:
Makuuchi Division
1. East Yokozuna Hakuho - M.Davaajargal 4-0
2. West Yokozuna Kakuryu - M.Anand 4-0
3. East Yokozuna Harumafuji - D.Byambadorj 3-1 (withdrew)
4. ME-1 Terunofuji - G.Gan-Erdene 1-3
5. MW-8 Arawashi - E.Dulguun 1-3
6. ME-9 Tamawashi - B.Munkh-Orgil 1-3
7. ME-10 Ichinojo – A.Ichinnorov 4-0
8. MW-11 Takanoiwa - A.Baasandorj 1-3
9. ME-14 Kyokutenho - N.Tsevegnyam 4-0
10. MW-14 Azumaryu - S.Todbileg (withdrew)
11. ME-15 Kyokushuho - T.Erdenebaatar 2-2
12. ME-16 Tokitenku - A.Khuchitbaatar 1-3
13. MW-16 Kagamio - B.Nanjid 1-3
Juryo Division
14. E-3 Shotenro - D.Nyamsuren 2-2
15. E-7 Asasekiryu - B.Dashnyam 2-2
16. E-10 Sakigake - Ya.Battushig 2-2
17. W-10 Seiro - A.Unubold 3-1
Makushita Division
18. W-11 Sensho - E.Bayarbat 1-1
19. E-13 Chiyoshima - G.Munkhsaikhan 1-1
20. W-13 Ryuonami - B.Buyanjargal 2-0
21. E-17 Gochozan - D.Uuganbaatar 1-1
22. W-18 Daishoho- R.Shijirbayar 0-2
23. E-55 Takakasuga - E.Enkhmanlai 1-1
Sandanme Division
24. E-2 Aratoshi - V.Tserendorj 1-1
25. E-25 Daionami - B.Uuganbayar 1-1
Jonidan Division
26. W-82 Sadahikari - D.Narantsogt 2-0

President receives WB delegation
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 18 (MONTSAME) The President Ts.Elbegdorj Thursday received a delegation of the World Bank included Mr Bert Hofman, new Country Director of the World Bank (WB) for Mongolia; Mr Klaus Roland, a former WB Country Director for Mongolia; and Mr James Anderson, a WB Country Manager for Mongolia.
Mr Hofman is a newly appointed Country Director for China, Mongolia and Korea in the East Asia and Pacific Region, as well as James Anderson who was appointed as the Country Manager for Mongolia in last August. The representatives from the WB expressed their aspiration to maintain productive cooperation with Mongolia by continuing implementing many projects and works.
The WB representatives introduced themselves to the President and said the WB has an aspiration to maintain productive cooperation with Mongolia by continuing many projects and works.
Mr Elbegdorj emphasized that the cooperation and assistance of the World Bank-Mongolia made significant achievement in promoting development, reducing poverty and sustaining inclusive growth in Mongolia.
Concluding the meeting, the President wished them successes in their future endeavors.

Reps of Constitutional Court in Russia
By N. Khaliun
Ulaanbaatar, September 18 (MONTSAME) A delegation led by Mr. J.Amarsanaa, the Head of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia, paid an official visit to Russian Federation on this September 17.
The delegation included the Deputy Chairman N.Jantsan, the member of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia, and the first President of Mongolia Mr.P.Ochirbat. They held a working meeting with the judges of the Constitutional Court of Russia at the Senate building in St. Petersburg. The sides discussed a wide range of issues of mutual interest, including a bilateral cooperation and a practice of constitutional review.
Opening the meeting, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Valery Zorkin stressed a longtime friendly character of the relationship between the courts of the two countries, and pointed out a high potential development. Russian judges responded to questions of their Mongolian colleagues on the evolution of constitutional and legal system of the Russian Federation and cooperation with other government institutions.
In turn, the president of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia J.Amarsanaa and his colleagues noted the high professional and intellectual potential of the Russian Constitutional Justice, and shared views with them on the optimal model of the relationship between the judiciary and other branches of government, including a context of the reform of justice mechanisms.
After the meeting, J.Amarsanaa presented Mr Zorkin the Order of the "Polar Star", bestowed upon him by a decree of the President of Mongolia. This is a highest award Mongolia to foreigners. 
Constitutional courts of Mongolia and Russia have long-standing friendships. Since 2001, the two delegations visited each other, actively cooperating also in international forums.
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