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Mongolia Brief September 10, 2014 Part II

Mongolian Stock Exchange Extends Partnership with London Stock Exchange Group
September 10 ( On September 09, 2014, London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and the Government of Mongolia represented by Ministry of Finance have signed an extension to their strategic partnership agreement between LSEG and the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE).

The agreement was signed in London by Finance Minister of Mongolia Chultem ULAAN and CEO of LSEG Xavier Rolet and under the document parties will extend LSEG’s partnership with the MSE by a further three years and allow the two companies to build on the progress achieved to date.
In 2012, the Mongolian Stock Exchange successfully migrated to the new Millennium IT trading, market surveillance and depositary platform, marking the culmination of a 14-month project to modernize the country’s capital markets infrastructure. In addition, LSEG has developed a wide-ranging education programme for market participants and worked with the Mongolian government to re-draft the country’s capital markets regulations and securities law.
Xavier Rolet, CEO London Stock Exchange Group said, “I am delighted to welcome Ch.Ulaan, the Finance Minister to London Stock Exchange to open trading this morning. The Ceremony is a symbol of our very close relationship with Mongolia and reflects our successful partnership with the Mongolian Stock Exchange. The extension of our partnership underlines the significant interest in London in working with Mongolia to help the country realize its exciting potential. We look forward to the future and continuing to partner with Mongolia”.
Finance Minister of Mongolia Ch.Ulaan noted, “We are delighted to have London Stock Exchange Group as our strategic partner in the ongoing modernization and development of the Mongolian Stock Exchange. We aim to transform MSE into a world-class market with international best practices and standards over the next three years. With the global business and technological expertise of London Stock Exchange Group, we will achieve this goal”.
As part of the extended agreement, LSEG will work with MSE on several new areas including Post Trade infrastructure, FTSE Index development and we will investigate opportunities for trading new products and asset classes, including commodity derivatives and FX, reports the MSE.

Mongolia Selects Bloomberg as Official Auction Platform
for Government Bonds
September 10 ( On September 09, 2014, Minister for Finance of Mongolia Ch.Ulaan who is conducting a working visit to London, UK, signed a Memorandum of Understanding commencing the partnership between the Government of Mongolia and Bloomberg for the electronic auction and allocation of Mongolian Government Bonds.
The Government of Mongolia has made significant progress in developing its Government Bond Market since its launch. The Ministry of Finance is implementing comprehensive measures to increase market efficiency, transparency, ease of accessibility and open the market to a broader investor base.
The decision to conduct auction and allocation of Mongolian Government Bonds on the Bloomberg Auction System reflects the ongoing desire and objective of the Ministry of Finance to ensure that the Mongolian market is as efficient, transparent and competitive as possible. The Bloomberg Bond Auction System for Mongolian Government Bond is expected to launch in Q4 2014.
“We believe that the selection of Bloomberg’s Bond Auction System reflects the continuing commitment of the Government to develop the domestic bond market, and ultimately the financial market. Mongolia is on a rapid growth trajectory in the long-term and developing the domestic financial market is the cornerstone of such success”, said Minister Ch.Ulaan.
Bloomberg's Head of Emerging Markets Product David Tamburelli noted, "We are delighted to add the Mongolian Government to a growing list of worldwide issuers that are using our bond auction platform. Bloomberg's bond auction system allows primary issuers to mitigate operational risks while providing market participants with an efficient, secure bidding environment".

“History of Europe” Art Exhibition by Renata Fucikova
Runs in Ulaanbaatar
September 10 ( On September 09, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, Mrs. Androulla Vassiliouopen participated in the opening ceremony of the “History of Europe” exhibition being run at the Red Ger art gallery in Ulaanbaatar until September 27, 2014.
The exhibition by Czech artist Renata Fucikova, depicts the history of Europe from thousands years ago to the present day and being organized in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ulaanbaatar. This exhibition is a part of the official celebration of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the EU.

First World Nomad Games Commence in Cholpon-Ata City of Kyrgyzstan
September 10 ( On September 08-14, 2014, the First World Nomad Games are being organized at Issyk-Kul in Cholpon-Ata city of Kyrgyzstan, where sports delegations from Afghanistan, China, Mongolia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Gagauzia (an autonomous region of Moldova), Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and over 10 subjects of the Russian Federation, as well host nation Kyrgyzstan are participating in this ethnic sport games, cultural, musical and theatrical events within the framework of the Games.
The World Nomad Games is an analogue of Olympic, Asian and Paralympic Games and being hosted under tourist project that aims to develop traditional, national games of many nomadic nations and to strengthen the international and sporting links with foreign countries through competition. The project is presented on behalf of Kyrgyzstan and as a competition organizer will be represented by two teams in each sport. Also, viewers will see national exhibition game and a number of cultural events.
Mongolia is participating with its traditional wrestling athletes to introduce and promote the culture, customs and rules of Mongolian traditional wrestling.
The program of the World Games of Nomads includes games such as:
- Kok-Boru, Kyrgyz traditional horse game in which two teams of riders face off in a field and attempt to carry a goat or calf carcass into the opposing team’s end zone,
- Toguz Korgool, a mancala game, which is played with a field of 2x5 pits and 90 goat droppings,
- Kyrgyz Kuroshu, traditional wrestling on the belts,
- Alysh, traditional wrestling on the belt,
- Oodarysh, two contestants wrestle on horseback,
- At Chabysh, a long-distance horse race,
- Zhorgo Salysh, sport races of amblers at great distance
- Kunan Chabysh, a short-distance horse race,
- Ordo, ancient game with alchiks,
- Kyz-Kuumai the race which is regions of attended by the bride, groom, and their friends the where the main aim is to catch the bride and to country kiss her;
The winners of such national games as Tyin Emmei (picking up a coin from the ground at full gallop), Kulatuu (Kyrgyz fight), and Salbuurun (similar to Kok-Boru) are also expected to be awarded with medals.

PM Addresses Forum of Int’l Investors
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 10 (MONTSAME) The current cabinet has made some reforms to create good legal conditions for the oil sector, to attract investors, to improve a competitiveness, and to back the sector of non-traditional oil sphere.
The Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag said addressing the opening of an international investors’ forum themed “Oil and shale-2014”. The action kicked off Wednesday in the “Tuushin” hotel with a participation of some 300 delegates from the world’s biggest oil companies such as the “Rosneft”, “Petrochina”, “British gas”, “Snopes” and others.
The Premier said the Mongolian parliament adopted the state policy on mineral sector and a draft amendment to the law on oil, therefore the country has now a legal environment for attracting investments in the non-traditional oil sector such as shale and coal-bed methane.
He also said that the legislative body passed bills on exempting the contractor from the customs tax and VAT within the construction period in order to support the exploration, extraction and processing of traditional and non-traditional oil sectors. He hopes that the investments and the economic benefits will increase due to making the oil sector more understandable, competitive and flexible.
The forum is to run discussions on state policy on oil, the oil law, environment for investors, present situation and perspectives of the sector, the environmental and local ties, the latest techniques and technologies, research, infrastructure and work force.
Mongolia has 30 oil exploration fields, the reserves of only three of them have been estimated--332.6 million tons of oil, also there are 43.3 million tons is proven reserve. Moreover, it is supposed that Mongolia has 3.2 trillion cubic meters of coal-bed methane and 788 billion tons of shale.

First Deputy Chairman of GPD Appointed
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, September 10 (MONTSAME) The Minister of Justice Kh.Temuujin appointed J.Ganbaatar the first deputy chairman of the General Police Department (GPD) on Tuesday.
Ganbaatar was a deputy head of the GPD in charge of support rendering affairs. The same day, the Minister granted him a title of First Deputy Commissioner.
The former post of Ganbaatar went to D.Erdenebaatar. 

M.Enkhbold Receives "Maidar–Eco City" Urban-Planning Group
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, September 10 (MONTSAME) The Vice-speaker of the State Great Khural (parliament) M.Enkhbold received last Friday Mr Stefan Schmitz, a leader and a key architect of the urban-planning group of "Maidar–Eco city" project.
The latter spoke about their project. "The eco-city, symbolized by the 'Ikh Maidar' god, is planned to be located in the front of the Bogdkhaan mountain, covering some 110 thousand hectares with 300 thousand people population. The general planning and infrastructure are being executed by a team of German architects, who will hand over their job to Mongolian side this November," he said.
The team members said that efforts and commitments of many are very crucial for developing the city as planned, and stated that German side is ready to assist with technology and staff when required. As many other countries do, Mongolia can also move state administrative organizations from the UB city to Maidar, "which will help in decentralization", the team suggested.
To this, Enkhbold said he support the project, having been elected twice from Tuv aimag. “The planned capacity of Ulaanbaatar was 680 thousand people, according to 1986’s general plan, however, the population has already reached over 1.2 million. As having worked in the fourth urban-planning group of the capital city during my time in Mayor’s office, I wish 'Maidar–Eco city' would be of standards of New-York and Sapporo,” he added.
Mr. Enkhbold, when working as a deputy minister, initiated the commencement of 25km road near the area.
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