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Mongolia Brief September 2, 2014 Part II

Intellectual open tournament results
Ulaanbaatar, September 2 (MONTSAME) Mongolian intellectual athletes have won the first place by team score in an open tournament which ran in Mumbai of India on August 31.

Some 80 athletes from Mongolia, India, Sweden, the USA, and Indonesia have competed in ten categories of visual and hearing memory tests. Our team with three was headed by a trainer and international 2nd class umpire Kh.Khatanbaatar, the chairman of Mongolia's Intellectual Academy. The team won nine medals out of possible 30, ranking at first place in total score and setting two new world records.
International champion E.Enkhmunkh, 16, won two gold, two silver and one bronze medals, thus ranking at second in overall and winning the first place in the medium age. By memorizing a deck of cards in sequence within 30 seconds, he broke a record of a Chinese.
Z.Tsetsegzul, 14, a medium-age silver-medalist of the world championship held in London last year, won two bronze medals and the second place in the medium age, thus ranking at fifth in overall.
T.Enkhjin, 16, a champion of previous tournament in Philippines, won a silver and a bronze medals, set a new world record in “Binary count” category by memorizing 750 ciphers within five minutes, overtaking Tsetsegzul’s 736.
Intensifying the competitions, the third in a world rank Swedish Jonas Von Essen, the international grand master, won the Cup in the tournament.
The chairman of Intellectual Academy thanked the athletes’ families and friendly staff of “State Bank” for supporting them in achieving such successes. Now another international tournament awaits, to take place in Hong Kong this September 13-14. A team of ten from the academy will partake in the forthcoming events.

About success of Mongolians at int'l boxing tournament
Ulaanbaatar, September 2 (MONTSAME) The first “Ulgii Cup” international boxing tournament ran in Ulgii city, a center of Bayan-Ulgii aimag, on August 25-29. It was exclusive as it became a trial before the grand tournaments such as Asian Cup and World University Championship.
Over 100 top athletes from Mongolia, Russia, China and Kazakhstan have competed in the events in ten weights categories of men and in women’s 44kg.
A Mongolian team was led by D.Bandi, the People’s Teacher and the state Honored coach. The team won nine gold, six silver, and 13 bronze medals, thus making Mongolian National League the champion of this tournament. It was followed by a team of Mongolian Bayan-Ulgii aimag’s Sports Committee.
The state Honored athlete N.Tugstsogt grabbed a gold medal in the men’ 56kg category. In women’s 44 kg, all winners were from Bayan-Ulgii aimag: B.Nurjamila–gGold, A.Janbota– silver, Ye.Tsetsegduren--bronze.  
A team of Kazakhstan won a "gold" in men 91kg, and three silver and two bronze medals in other categories, thus becoming the third in overall.

Our athletes grab medals from Veteran World Championship
Ulaanbaatar, September 2 (MONTSAME) Mongolian athletes have won one silver and two bronze medals in Veteran World Championship which was held in Serbian Belgrade on August 26-30.
The participants were veteran wrestlers from 37 countries. They competed in seven weight categories, and in A, B, C, D, E, F age categories. From Mongolia, there were sportsmen of 41-45 years.
In men 69 kg of freestyle wrestling, out international master Kh.Nyamdorj won a silver medal. He had a bye at first round, defeated Andrew Patrick from South Africa ith 14:4 at second round, and Naziff Barutz from Turkey by 6:1 points at third round, and satisfied a silver medal condition. In the final match he lost to Vladimir Kuntz from Germany by 6:8 points.
G.Dorjgotov in category of 85kg won a bronze medal. In 130kg category of the Greco-Roman wrestling, Sh.Bayanmunk defeated Pali Ravinder from India by 10:0 at first round, Evgenii Mashkov from Russia by 4:0 at second round, but was defeated by Adil Karibov from Kazakhstan at the match for silver, afterwards defeated Karoli Kovetz from Hungary with a sweep at the matching for bronze medal. Bayanmunkh is a fairly experienced wrestler, having won one silver and four bronze medals from Veteran World Championship tournaments.

Banzuke: 13 Mongolians to compete in top division of sumo
Ulaanbaatar, September 2 (MONTSAME) The Japan Sumo Association (JSA) has released an official banzuke (draft of professional sumo wrestlers) for the aki basho (autumn tournament) to start on September 14 in Tokyo.
According to the banzuke, 26 Mongolian wrestlers will take part in the autumn tournament, 13 of them will compete in the highest division of sumo. This is the largest number of Mongolians ever to enter the top division.
The autumn tournament will run with three Yokozunas and three Ozeki-titled wrestlers. Yokozuna “Hakuho” M.Davaajargal led the left flank. He will compete for his 31st winner title to break the all-time record.

Korea-Russia-Mongolia Joint Concert to Stage in Seoul
September 2 ( On September 06, 2014, “Musical Pops” a joint concert of Mongolia, Russia and South Korea will be staging at the grand hall of KBS television in Seoul.
At this concert, well known singers and pop orchestra from Russia’s Vladivostok, M.Bat-Ochir soloist of Mongolia’s State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, and representatives of Korea’s classical performances are to participate.
The event is organized in the scope of commemorating the 150th anniversary of Koryo-saram or first ethnic Koreans immigrated to post-Soviet states as well as celebrating the Chuseok or Harvest Festival, reports Mongolian National Broadcaster.

Illegal collectors of cedar nuts will be fined
September 2 ( Raw cedar nut sales are taking place all over Ulaanbaatar, but enforcement of the law protecting forests makes the harvest, sale and purchase of the popular cedar nuts illegal before October 15.
According to regulations, the collection of cedar nuts is permitted from October 15 to March 15. This is the best time to collect the nuts as the Siberian pine are in season during this period every three or four years. In Mongolia, pine forests cover a little more than 683,000 hectares, and make up forest resources of 120.8 mil cubic meters. That is only 5.6 percent of the nation's forests and 9.2 percent of forest resources.
Pine forests play a significant role in regulating and filtering the flow of natural streams, protecting against soil erosion, modifying the climate, helping to eliminate greenhouse gas, creating habitats for animals and plants, and maintaining glaciations.
Pine forests are also significant for their biodiversity. Cedar nuts should be collected when they are in season and dry enough, and their harvest in September or October may have negative impacts on the trees.
 It is difficult to pull green cones from pines, and collectors might break branches or damage pines as they shake trees to collect cones. The body of the pine or crown can be damaged.
Green cones also have greater quantities of pine resin and can cause infectious disease.
According to the Law on Forest articles 47.2.1 and 47.2.4, any civilian who violates the law by collecting, carrying or selling illegally pine nuts before the allowed period will have their products seized, along with the income from illegal sales, and fined with five times the minimum wage, and any company or business entity will be fined 15 times the minimum wage.

History, culture, ecology and travel days coming soon in Dariganga
September 2 ( Ganga Lake Forum days of history, culture, ecology and travel will be held in Dariganga sum in Sukhbaatar aimag, from September 21-23rd.
The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism is organizing the events in collaboration with the Sukhbaatar Governor's Office, New Juulchin Tours, and the Mongolian Academy of Culture and Poetry.
The comprehensive program is aimed at featuring the history, culture, heritage, nature, ecology and lifestyles in Dariganga, and will include a number of events to protect Ganga Lake, a beautiful lake where migrating birds gather. The Ganga Lake Forum will host tree planting activities, ecosystem and ecology education, cultural heritage exhibitions featuring Dariganga traditional culture, a scientific program on Dariganga history, well-known Dariganga arts and crafts, cultural performances praising the sun, sky and earth, and horses treks and tours to historic sites in Dariganga.
Organizers say this event will raise public awareness for the protection of Ganga Lake and its beautiful ecosystem by presenting the lake basin's nature, ecology, and its historical significance in the region's nomadic lifestyles. Organizers will be hosting the Ganga Lake Forum days of history culture, ecology and travel annually to make Ganga Lake a travel destination.

Russia and Mongolia to finalize issues on reciprocal visa-free travel
September 2 ( During the state visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Mongolia, the issue of reciprocal visa-free travel is expected to be resolved.
The governments of two countries have held discussions over reciprocal visa-free travel for nationals of both countries for up to 30 days, but business or work travel for more than 30 days will require a visa. The issue is expected to be finalized when parties sign an agreement during the Russian President's visit.
If the agreement is signed, the visa waiver will be effective starting January 1, 2015, said Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russian Federation to Mongolia I.K.Azizov in a recent interview.

President Ts.Elbegdorj: Productive people are Mongolia's wealth
September 2 ( President Ts.Elbegdorj hosted a TV lesson with the theme of “Productive Education –Productive Society” on the first day of the new school year, September 1st.  The TV class was broadcast on Mongolian National Public Radio and television (MNB) nationwide, celebrating the new school year.
This is the sixth year that President Ts.Elbegdorj has hosted a TV lesson for school children on September 1st as President of Mongolia.
The TV lesson was attended by Minister of Education and Science L.Gantumur, 4-b class from the Ireedui Complex School in Songinokhairkhan district with teacher B.Uyanga, 4-b class from the 12th Secondary School with teacher D.Oyuntsetseg, and other primary school teachers who helped launch a new education program in2013-2014.
President Ts.Elbegdorj said in the lesson for secondary school children that productive people are Mongolia's wealth and society's wealth is knowledge.

Over 20 official documents will be inked during Putin’s visit
September 2 ( Mr. Tsagaan, Head of the President’s Office provided some information on President Putin’s visit, which will last only 6 hours. He answered few questions to the media
Q: What kind of documents will be signed during the President Putin’s visit?
A: Over 20 official documents will be inked during the visit and no strategic documents will be signed due to the lack of preparation.
These documents shall bring much contribution in the development of the mutual relations. I have no doubt that this visit will accelerate the slow pace of development in the relations between two countries.
Q: Putin invited President Elbegdorj to the Russian federation and when the President of Mongolia will pay visit to the Russian Federation?
A: President Elbegdorj officially announced that he will pay visit to the Russian Federation in May 2015, in occasion of the 70th Anniversary of Great Victory (victory over Germany during the World War 2).
Q:What are the key positions of the two parties over the railroad gauge?
A: There are about 3-4 documents under discussion. It is still uncertain that all these documents will be considered and negotiated during the visit. Therefore, it is hard to predict which documents will be inked.
There will be many decisions in the consular relations between two countries and business community cooperation, especially, annulling visa agreement between citizens of both countries. It will be excessive expectation if all the planned documents will be agreed and signed during the visit, however the visit will bring much acceleration in the development of the mutual relations. I see that the if the start is good then the progress will be better.
Editorial: Relatively less important documents than Chairman Xi’s visit, will be signed during President Putin’s visit. But several ambitious plans (“Steppe Road”, “Silk Road Initiative” and so on) will be auditioned to Putin’s level, which will be the kick-off of further negotiations until President Elbegdorj’s visit to Russia. Economically and politically, this visit will pave new opportunities in the relations of two countries in the next decade.

MNWF Releases Schedule of Traditional Wrestling Tournaments for 2014-2015 Season
September 2 ( Mongolian National Wrestling Federation (MNWF) has released the schedule of Traditional Wrestling Tournaments for 2014-2015 Season.
The first tournament will be held among wrestlers with Aimag and Military titles dedicated to the Opening of new season and the 50th anniversary of founding the Training Center for Visually Impaired People, where a total of 256 young wrestlers will be competing at the Wrestling Palace, Ulaanbaatar starting at 02:00 pm on September 07, 2014.
Competition among Aimag and Military titles wrestlers
September 29, Opening of the 2014-2015 Season, 256 wrestlers, MNWF
October 02, October Tournament, 256, MNWF
November 17, November Tournament, 256, MNWF
December 22, December Tournament, 256, MNWF
January 31, Tournament named after “Talkh Chikher”, 256, MNWF and Talkh Chikher LLC
February 15, Tsagaan Sar Festival Tournament, 256, MNWF and Dashchoilin Monastery
March 21, Nauryz Festival Tournament, 256, MNWF, Bayan-Ulgii Aimag Administration and “Bes Bogda Burged” Arena
April 12, April Tournament, 256, MNWF
May 17, May Tournament, 256, MNWF
June 13, All Military Tournament, MNWF, General Staff of MAF and Defense Ministry
Moreover, every month a competition among Sum title and young wrestlers will be organized by MNWF from September 2014 to June 2015.

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