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Mongolia Brief September 2, 2014 Part I

Ministry of Environment and Green Development reports
Ulaanbaatar, September 2 (MONTSAME) The amount of sulphuric gas reduced by 40%, a nitrogen dioxide in air--by 26%, a particulate less than an average--by 28%, and a particulate more than an average--by 33% in Ulaanbaatar's this year winter against that of 2012.

It was said by S.Oyun, the Minister of Environment and Green Development and deputy chair of the National committee for reducing air pollution, and by J.Erdenetsogt, an office director of the committee, at the “Hours of great constructions” weekly meeting Monday. However, they noted, air pollutants are still higher 1.6-2.7 times than the standard sizes.
In 2013-2014, it was planned to deliver 45 thousand improved stoves to ger (national dwelling) areas’ families, 29 thousand of them have been given so far. This autumn, 22 thousand stoves will be delivered to 170 thousand families out of 193 thousand.
Production-share contracts have been established with enterprises to produce standardized briquettes and to introduce a new technology, a granting of electricity incentives has been continuing in a selected area of ger areas, some 2.4 billion Togrog have been given to 66 thousand 223 families already.
As planned, 19 state-owned and private low-pressure furnaces will be connected to the central heating system this year, already connected are five furnaces to heat several schools and complexes, said S.Oyun.
The national committee intends to introduce a smart system of air quality to make transparent the information about air quality monitoring and to provide state/public organizations with a united database, noted J.Erdenetsogt. This smart system will allow people to obtain information on air quality through mobile phones and the Internet, he added.

Defense Minister visits military gear factory in Turkey
Ulaanbaatar, September 2 (MONTSAME) After the inauguration of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, the Defence Minister of Mongolia D.Bat-Erdene legged a factory of military boots and gears on August 29.
At the factory of YDS company, the Minister saw a collection of boots, backpacks, rucksacks, glasses and other accessories, made for Mongolian troops, and met a director Vedat Yakupolu. The latter assured the Minister that the gears for the Mongolian soldiers are produced in high quality. Then they discussed the two countries’ cooperation in animal skin and hide processing.
Republic of Turkey donates some one million USD to our Armed forces every year, which covers the costs of military clothes and other staff needed. The YDS company started supplying army gears to Mongolia in 2011. The company is well recognized in the UK, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Best pupils awarded scholarships
Ulaanbaatar, September 2 (MONTSAME) Head of the parliamentary Standing committee on social policy, education, culture and science and leader of the “Future of Khovd” foundation D.Battsogt Tuesday received foremost pupils of Khovd aimag to give them the foundation’s scholarships.
The Standing committee head underlined that it is importance for the pupils to succeed in academy and to be a good example for others, and wished them to become eminent professionals and experts.
The “Future of Khovd” foundation’s main objective is to contribute to the education for pupils and youths. This time, the scholarships went to 11 children who successfully took part in the national Olympiads for mathematics, chemistry, physics and English language. 

Mongolia-Belarus Intergovernmental Commission Meeting on Trade, Economy, Science and Technical Cooperation to Run in Minsk
September 2 ( The Intergovernmental Commission Meeting between Mongolia and Belarus on Trade, Economy, Science and Technical Cooperation is announced to be organized in Minsk on September 22-23, 2014.
During the intergovernmental discussions, other meetings between business entrepreneurs of the two countries will be hosted, where representatives of food, agriculture, construction, energy, bank and light industry are to participate organized by Mongolian and Belarusian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
In its mining sector, Mongolia widely uses “BelAz” heavy-duty industrial vehicles manufactured in Belarus and in this regard, sides are planning to boost cooperation.
Besides, Mongolian Textile Exporters Association is closely collaborating with Belarusian state-owned “Bellegroprom” Concern supplying its materials and end-products. Last year, Mongolia imported oil products, trucks and car tires from Belarus worth of 689,300 USD.
In future, Mongolia is planning to establish joint enterprises in elevator manufacturing and mining industry, in particular to construct a heavy machinery factory and parties are negotiating to fund the required investment on behalf of Mongolian side by supplying coal and other minerals.
Moreover, parties will discuss collaboration issues on veterinary sector and on micro-filtration membrane obtain with biocidal properties based on natural silicon dioxide surface as well as solving freight-related problems for Mongolian travelers passing Belarusian territory. 

President receives Turkish NSC Secretary-General
Ulaanbaatar, September 2 (MONTSAME) The leader of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj received Tuesday a visiting delegation headed by Mr Muammer Turker, the Secretary-General of the National Security Council of the Republic of Turkey.
The long-year Mongolia-Turkey relations have been successfully developing in all spheres, especially in defense and security, Mr Turker said. The two countries should now boost the ties in economic and investment sectors, he added.
An opening of direct flights between Ulaanbaatar and Istanbul by the Turkish Airlines "was a big step for our countries", he went on and invited Mr Elbegdorj to Turkey.
In response, the President thanked the delegation for visiting Mongolia. This visit is important, and it coincided with the inauguration of Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he said.
The newly elected President Mr Erdogan visited Mongolia twice being the Prime Minister, which shows a great importance he attaches to the bilateral relations, the President noted and conveyed his greetings and invitation to Mr Erdogan.
Then Mr Elbegdorj expressed a satisfaction with the bilateral ties in the defense and security fields.

Golomt bank acquires custodian banking license, first in Mongolia
Ulaanbaatar, September 2 (MONTSAME) Golomt Bank was licensed by the Mongolian Financial Regulatory Commission to carry out custody of valuables on August 27.
Now it has turned to be the very first commercial bank privileged with "Custodian Banking" service, thus starting a brand new historical edge in Mongolian Stock Market, as said in the bank's website.
The license will allow Golomt bank to render number of professional services especially tailored for various stakeholders in stock market including safeguarding securities and valuables entrusted by customers, managing and making securities/asset transactions, certifying ownerships, defending rights of stock owners and estimating taxes and fees issued for stakes.
Custodian banking service is needed at first hand for further development of Mongolian Securities Market due to its role in emergence of domestic investment funds and it’s a prerequisite for foreign investors to run business in Mongolian Stock Market, as such it allows increased flow of foreign investment and expansion in securities trading. Hence, as one of the major players in banking system, Golomt bank contributes significantly to the development of ‘Custodian Banking Service’ in Mongolia.

New ADB Office to Provide Independent PPP Transaction Advisory Services
MANILA, PHILIPPINES — September 1 (ADB) The Asian Development Bank (ADB) today opened a new office to provide governments with independent advice on shaping public-private partnerships (PPPs), a key conduit for greater infrastructure investment in developing Asia.
"Using PPP business models is one of the best ways for developing Asia to meet its massive infrastructure investment needs, estimated at $8 trillion up to 2020, given the significant amount of private capital that is waiting to be deployed to well-structured and bankable deals,” said Ryuichi Kaga, Head of the new Office of Public Private Partnerships. “Accessing the operational expertise of private companies is another advantage of PPPs for implementing infrastructure projects efficiently.”
Strategy 2020, the long-term strategic framework that guides ADB’s activities, identified the private sector as critical to meeting Asia’s development needs. ADB has committed to having private sector operations and development account for 50% of its activities by the end of this decade. As well as delivering much-needed investment, the private sector can also help inject greater efficiency and innovation into infrastructure projects in the region.
ADB has strong and longstanding relationships with developing member governments, development partners, banks, and companies operating in Asia. It also has extensive experience in assessing and financing large and small infrastructure and social projects in the region, involving both the public and private sectors.
ADB has successfully provided PPP transaction advice on several infrastructure projects. They include the $1.3 billion Combined Heat and Power Plant 5 in Mongolia, the country’s first PPP which reached contractual close in June, the ongoing Lae Port, the largest port in Papua New Guinea, and the cross-border Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline.
ADB’s PPP transaction advisory service will ensure that ADB's client countries are able to bring to market bankable transactions. The new ADB office will provide advice on project marketing, deal structuring, bid packaging, and strategy so that governments are able to complete their transactions and achieve financial close. The advice will not be tied to any ADB lending and would be provided on a fee basis.
These services will be distinct from the new office’s work in PPP advocacy, support for development of policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks to promote PPPs, and coordination of financing.

Stock Exchange news for September 2
Ulaanbaatar, September 2 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades on Tuesday, a total of 15 thousand and 757 shares of 23 JSCs were traded costing 16 million 453 thousand and 868.50 togrog.
"Genco tour bureau” /6,380 units/, “Remikon” /3,130 units/, “Khishig uul” /2,045/, “Avto impex” /1,513/ and "APU” /1,056 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value were "Avto impex” (MNT six million 050 thousand and 220), "APU” (MNT four million 065 thousand and 350), "Khishig uul” (MNT two million and 045 thousand), "Darkhan nekhii” (MNT one million 090 thousand and 400) and "Sharyn gol” (MNT 580 thousand and 200).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 636 billion 769 million 597 thousand and 554. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,947.77, increasing 34.84 units or 0.22% against the previous day.

Mongolist Yu.N.Kruchkin Releases “Vladimir Putin and Mongolia” Book
September 2 ( On September 02, 2014, two books were released by Mongolist Yuri Nikolaevich Kruchkin titled “Ts.Elbegdorj” and “Vladimir Putin and Mongolia”, where the first book is a collection of speeches and interviews by incumbent President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj translated into Russian and the second is about Mongolia-Russia relations and Russian President V.V.Putin’s notes on bilateral ties of the two countries translated in Mongolian language.
At the launching ceremony held today, Chief of Staff of the Office of the President of Mongolia P.Tsagaan congratulated and thanked the author of the books and emphasized, “You are the well-known scholar among Mongolians, who doing charitable works to bring understandings closer between the peoples of Russia and Mongolia. One’s creative initiative plays such an important role in improving the bilateral relations”.
Under the Presidential Decree in May 2014, Mongolist Yu.N.Kruchkin was awarded with the Order of Polar Star for his significant contributions and efforts to strengthening the friendly mutual relations and partnership between Mongolia and Russia. 
Books of Mongolist Kruchkin inauguratedMontsame, September 2

Press release: Protect your hands
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – September 2 (Oyu Tolgoi) After traffic accidents, the most common accidents involve injuries to hands and feet according to statistics in Mongolia. Such injuries mainly occur at the workplace as well as at home. They range from cutting hands and fingers while preparing meals, to crushing and pinch-point injuries while working with equipment. There are even cases where people completely lost hands.
Wary of these trends, Oyu Tolgoi is focusing on raising awareness of the risks to hands among its workforce, while encouraging the wider public to protect their hands too.
A.Tsengelmaa, Head of the Labour Conditions Research Department of Ya.Munkhchuluun’s Occupational Health Research Centre, says: "Oyu Tolgoi does exemplary work in occupational safety. They put safety above anything else. Their safety training is carried out regularly and a Risk Demonstration Centre for safety training has been established. I support the company’s new hand safety campaign. Generally, we should always remember than any injury stems ultimately from negligence and being careless and carefree. Mongolian people have this common problem. If safety rules are enforced strictly, we can avoid accidents and injuries.”
R.Enkhsaikhan, Vice president of the National Centre for Trauma Research, says: “The hand is one of the most important organs of human body. While humans think with their heads and brains, any conscious action is done above all by your two hands. Therefore, in any hazardous situation, the hand is likely to be first organ to be affected. So, please protect your hands, think before you use your hands, follow safety instructions, and be careful when doing any action.”
B. Battulga, Oyu Tolgoi’s safety Superintendent, added: “There is virtually no task which doesn’t involve hands. The human hand will not grow again - it is given to humans only once. Imagine if you lacked hands and fingers. Try to do anything while bending one finger out of the way. It’s hard, isn’t it? In our industry, hands and fingers play the most important role and are always at risk. All possible measures must be taken to reduce this risk. Everyone's participation in our hand safety campaign is important. During this time, we are planning a variety of activities to provide training to employees to give them the necessary knowledge and information”.
In September, Oyu Tolgoi’s safety motto will be, Look Before You Touch. No matter for how many years you have done this task for, you cannot assume it is safe. Every day, you should always consider whether you could injure your hands and fingers. Instead of learning lessons from injuries, it is much more important to prevent hazards in the first place.”
Please, protect your hands.

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