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Mongolia Brief August 7, 2014 Part II

427 foreigners deported
August 7 (UB Post) As of August 2014, 427 foreigners have been deported and 4,700 foreigners were told to leave Mongolia within ten days, by the Mongolian Immigration Authority.

“We control every single foreigner who receives a visa from our organization, until they leave. There is a misunderstanding that the Authority of Civic Movement is the only place that gives visas to foreigners and solves their problems. Foreigners who get working visas from our organization should pay the appropriate taxes to Mongolia,” said Head of the Deportation Department of Mongolian Immigration Kh.Bekhbat.
The Mongolian Immigration Authority doesn’t control visas that are issued by the Mongolian Embassy in foreign countries.

Cybercrime raises concerns for local businesses
August 7 (UB Post) The Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of the General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia has recently advised the public to enhance their online security systems and practice caution online, following a rising number of complaints about hacking and fraud.
Lately, several organizations and individuals who conduct international trade have had their emails hacked or become victims of fraud due to poor knowledge about protecting their personal data from criminals.
Following the rise of cybercrime, the CSA is advising businesses, especially those with international relations, to closely check sender’s email addresses, check the domain users of partner companies, to confirm business partner’s names, bank accounts and bank names with a phone call, resetting email passwords according to international standards includes letters, digits, characters and capitalization, regularly change passwords, and to contact professional organizations if they receive suspicious emails.

MPP calls for accountability from PM and Minister of Justice
August 7 (UB Post) The Mongolian People’s Party voiced their objection to Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag and Minister of Justice S.Temuujin’s visit to Tuv Province Detention Facility to meet with the PM’s advisor, L.Gansukh, ignoring a decision made by Commissioner of the Independent Authority Against Corruption D.Zoljargal.
Board Member of the Mongolian People’s Party, Secretary J.Munkhbat stated, “The golden rule in democratic society is law and order. If the PM and Minister of Justice are violating laws, then Government and the Ministry of Justice won’t be able to require the public to follow the law.” The party requested that Chairman of Parliament Z.Enkhbold quickly assemble a special session of Parliament to charge PM N.Altankhuyag and Minister of Justice S.Temuujin with political accountability.
The Board of the MPP believes that the Prime Minister and Justice Minister’s visit violated the following provisions in the State Constitution calling for, “democracy, justice, liberty, equality, national unity and the rule of law and fundamental principles of the state”: Section 41.1, “the government led by the Prime Minister is responsible before parliament for the implementation of state laws”, and Section 21.2 of the Criminal Law, “inquirer, investigator, prosecutor in the proceedings of their powers act independently of one agency official in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law.”
The Prime Minister’s visit violated Provision 19.2 of Article 19 of the Law of Implementation of Detention of a Suspect and the Arrest of the Accused, the April 2013 order of the Minister of Justice No. A/75, and Provision 12.1 of Article 12 on revised procedures for arrest and detention. The MPP believes that the actions taken by the Prime Minister should be considered a criminal offense in a special class of the Criminal Law under Provision 245.2 of Article 245.

Parliament’s Vice Chairman L.Tsog voices concern over Tsagaan Suvraga deposit
August 7 (UB Post) On Monday, Vice Chairman of the Parliament L.Tsog met with journalists to voice his objection to recent decisions by the Constitutional Court. The Vice Chairman believes the Parliament’s resolution on “State ownership of the Tsagaan Suvraga deposit” is unconstitutional.
As stated in the resolution, state ownership of the Tsagaan Suvraga (white stupa) deposit is not required. L.Tsog considers this a significant breach of the law, as it violates the constitution, and opposes the Constitutional Court setting the resolution aside. The Vice Chairman pointed out that devaluing major strategic mineral deposit with explorations funded by the state budget can lead to illegal transfers to private ownership.
Office of Media and Public Relations Department of the Parliament reported that lawyer S.Narangerel shared L.Tsog’s opposition to the actions of the Constitutional Court.

Mongolia-Russia plan for anniversary of Battles of Khalkhiin Gol
August 7 (UB Post) Vice Chairman of Parliament and Mongolian-Russian Parliamentary Group Chairman L.Tsog called on Counselor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation Oganov Artem Valierievich to discuss plans for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the WWII Khalkh River victory.
MPs D.Arvin, G.Uyanga, Yo.Otgonbayar, Chairman of the Secretariat of the Mongolian Peace and Friendship Organization R.Bayarsaikhan, Vice Chairman L.Enkhtsetseg and Secretary in Charge of the member countries Yo.Maksim attended the meeting and exchanged proposals.
The Russian Embassy will present a documentary film about the leader of the 1939 Khalkh River War Marshal, Georgy Konstantinovich Jukov. The Mongolian Peace and Friendship Organization will translate the film to Mongolian.
The Office of Media and Public Relations of Parliament reported that the Mongolian Russian Parliamentary Group, Russian Embassy and Mongolian Peace and Friendship Organization are going to organize the anniversary events at the Russian Science and Culture Center. They have planned a number of events including special classes in joint Russian-Mongolian general education schools.

First Mongolian-Austrian political consultative meeting
August 7 (UB Post) On Wednesday, the first political consultative meeting between the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MMFA) and Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The parties discussed bilateral relations and cooperation, focusing on the intensification of Mongolian-Austrian relations in business, the best use of the 40 million EUR loan from the Austrian Government, bilateral visa exemptions for holders of diplomatic or official passports, and collaboration in strengthening the Diplomatic Academy under the MMFA.
Views were exchanged on international and local issues of mutual interest. Meeting attendees offered support in multilateral cooperation, and emphasized that political consultative meetings should be held frequently.

84,000 citizens submit online applications for land ownership
August 7 (UB Post) As of Monday, 84,000 citizens have submitted applications, out of 4.5 million online visits in total, since the online registration for land ownership launched on August 1 via
The Ulaanbaatar City Council included a total of 1,524 hectares of land at five locations in Songinokhairkhan, Bayanzurkh, Khan-Uul, Baganuur and Bagakhangai Districts.
The registration website crashed shortly after the launch due to overload. As the website was loading very slowly, citizens reopened the website many times which worsened the load, reported officials.
Ulaanbaatar City Property Relations Agency’s official Ts.Shijir highlighted that land ownerships will be granted to those who previously haven’t privatized land and submitted completed applications. Applications will be received until 12 p.m. on August 15.
Ts.Shijir advised applicants not to rush as the website might experience faults again.

Snow falls in Arkhangai and Zavkhan Provinces
August 7 (UB Post) Six soums in Arkhangai and Zavkhan Provinces had a snowfall on Sunday evening for many hours, following radical drop in temperatures, according to local residents.
“Temperatures dropped nationwide and some regions are experience minus two to plus three degree Celsius at night since the start of August, which followed rain and snow,” reported engineer of the National Agency for Meteorology, Hydrology and Environmental Monitoring (NAMHEM) B.Tsaschimeg.
The NAMHEM forecasted that the first half of August will be warmer compared to the same period of previous years. However, thunderstorms and rains are expected throughout the whole month with radical temperature drops expected during the latter half.

Auctioned state properties to add 70 billion MNT to state budget
August 7 (UB Post) A total of 22 state-owned properties have been listed for privatization, with estimate value of 60 to 70 billion MNT. All the properties will be auctioned off to private organizations within two years, according to the government and the proceeds from the privatizations will be transferred to the state budget.
The privatization will be open to public and staff of the properties will not be affected in any way.
State shares of nine companies will be reduced, while another three state-woned companies will be completely privatized, in an effort to decrease government involvement in business.
The government is planning to auction several other state properties to boost state revenue. An additional 120 million MNT to four billion MNT is estimated to be added to state budget by privatizing state properties.

New apartments to replace 21 below standard buildings
August 7 (UB Post) A total of 21 old and degraded apartment buildings in Ulaanbaatar will be demolished to make way for new buildings, according to the Ordinance of the Ulaanbaatar City Governor E.Bat-Uul.
The buildings are located in Bayangol and Khan-Uul Districts. The decision to demolish the buildings were approved after inspections concluded that they are not capable of withstanding an earthquake.
The 21 apartments have been closed to prevent accidents and the demolition, as well as construction projects, will launch shortly after contractors are selected through a tender.
Residents of the apartments, executor companies and government organizations will form a trilateral contract to approve the launch of the project.

Annual Mongolia-Russia military exercises launch
August 7 (UB Post) The annual Mongolia-Russia joint military exercises, “Selenge 2014’ is set to take place on an open field for the first time this year, with increased number of participants.
Air force military units of the two countries will also join the exercises, which will continue from August 12 to August 27.
Participating military units will take part in marches and ceremonial events dedicated for the 75th anniversary of the Battles of Khalkhiin Gol after the exercises are finished.
Preparations for the exercises are going according to plan and some of the military forces have already headed to Munkh Khet military base where the exercises are planned, according to officials.

MSE to use Bloomberg Terminal electronic trading system
August 7 (UB Post) D.Angar, acting CEO of the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE), had a meeting with Asian financial market representatives from Bloomberg on August 4. The meeting covered carrying out government securities trade using the Bloomberg Terminal electronic trading platform.
The Minister of Finance directed the MSE to implement 2013 Parliament Resolution No. 41 on July 30, 2014. The MSE will be required to conduct research on whether payment, accounting, and clearing, through the use of new software, can be carried out in accordance with existing laws and regulations, and whether institutions participating in the market are prepared to carry out government securities trade on the Mongolian Stock Exchange.

State budget to increase through privatization
August 7 (UB Post) The Government for Change has decided to privatize 22 state-owned companies and add 60 to 70 billion MNT to the state budget.
The privatization process will be completed over the next two years. The relevant standing committees of legislative organizations will discuss and finalize decisions to implement the change. The privatization process will be transparent to the public and officials in charge say that issues regarding employees of the companies being privatized will be resolved fairly. State ownership in nine out of the 22 state-owned companies will be decreased, while three companies will be 100 percent privatized.
According to a preliminary estimate, privatization would add 60 to 70 billion MNT to the state budget.
The government will also sell its buildings no longer in use. Asking prices for the companies and buildings are estimated to be between 120 million MNT to 4 billion MNT.

Mongol bank trades USD at 1,873 MNT
August 7 (UB Post) Mongol bank held its regular Tuesday Foreign Exchange Auction on August 5.
During the auction, Mongol bank sold 16.3 million USD at a closing rate of 1,873 MNT, and 101.5 million CNY at a closing rate of 303.11 MNT. On the same day, Mongol bank received a MNT swap agreement bid offer equivalent to 6.5 million USD and a USD swap agreement ask offer of 85 million USD from local commercial banks and accepted all offers.

Mongolian Financial Market Event to be held in London
August 7 (UB Post) The Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE), in cooperation with the London Stock Exchange (LSE), plans to organize Mongolian Financial Market Event in London on September 9, 2014.
The event aims to list Mongolian companies on the LSE and MSE, promote the companies to foreign investors and support them in raising funds from the international financial market.

Capital Bank to cooperate with Korea’s Seran Hospital
August 7 (UB Post) Capital Bank signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work with South Korea’s Seran General Hospital. Customers of Capital Bank will get a 10 percent discount on services provided by the hospital if they use the bank’s international credit card.
Seran General Hospital has a 27 year history and is one of the Republic of Korea’s best hospitals, with a leading position in medical diagnosis, spine and joint treatment.
A.Gerelmaa, deputy executive director of Capital Bank, and Han Yon U, director of the Administration and Activities Management Department at Seran Hospital, signed the MoU. Director of the Treasury Department B.Yanjin, Capital Bank Senior Specialist B.Enkhmandakh, Director of Business Development D.Davaadalai, Seran Hospital’s international relations specialist B.Solongotuya, Senior Specialist of the Administration and Activities Management Department of Seran Hospital Kim Jin Khi participated in the event.

Nine days left until Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics
August 7 (UB Post) The second Summer Youth Olympic Games is about to start on August 16, in Nanjing city of China. Over 3,600 athletes from 198 countries will compete in 28 sports categories.
This year, Mongolians will compete in four categories; judo, freestyle wrestling, weightlifting and shooting.
Mongolian youth athletes that are competing in judo include Ts.Khulan, in the women’s 52 kg, and Ts.Tsogtbaatar, in the men’s 66 kg. In freestyle wrestling, B.Dulguun will represent Mongolian in the women’s 46 kg, in air rifle, N.Angirmaa will represent Mongolia and in weightlifting, M.Ankhtstetseg. Mongolian judge E.Munkhbileg will judge the table tennis competition.
The International Olympic Committee decided to hold the first Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010, which was hosted in Singapore. Some 11 Mongolian athletes competed in the first Youth Olympics.
The following is the past achievements of Mongolian athletes in the Summer Youth Olympic Games.
- B.Battsetseg in Freestyle Wrestling- gold medal
- G.Erdenebold in jumping, Gymnastic -gold medal
- O.Dulguun, in a category of team, Judo -silver medal
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