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Mongolia Brief August 27, 2014 Part I

Human Development Report 2014 to Be Presented
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 27 (MONTSAME) A meeting will run Thursday at Mongolia's State University (MSU) to present the Human Development Report-2014 entitled "Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience".

At the action, co-organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the MSU, reports will be delivered and presentations made. The meeting will be chaired by Dr N.Batnasan, Dean of Business School at the MSU.
The opening remarks will be made by Mr Thomas Eriksson, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Mongolia; Dr A.Galtbayar, the MSU rector; and Mr D.Battsogt MP, a head of the parliamentary Standing committee on social policy, education, culture and sciences.
The presentations will be made by Dr Saurabh Shina, UNDP senior economist, and by Dr Ch.Khashchuluun from the MSU department of economics.

MPP: Premier Should Boost Economic Ties with Russia
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 27 (MONTSAME) The parliamentary faction of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) Tuesday sent an official document to the Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag regarding a forthcoming visit of the President of the Russian Federation to Mongolia.
The document says that the "MPP laid a ground of good neighborhood, traditional and friendly relations and cooperation with Russia, and has been maintaining a policy to widen these ties and to bring them into a strategic partnership level". "This is why the current Prime Minister must pay a vital importance to the visit of the President Putin". 
"Researchers and observers are saying that Russia has made efforts to intensify its economic and commercial cooperation with the Asian countries, and this must be noticed by Mongolian political leaders," it says. 
After this some "directions" are given to the PM on augmenting external trade turnover with Russia and increasing export products. "Firstly, the PM should tackle an issue concerning a construction of infrastructure, energy, oil and gas pipelines through Mongolian territory, fully exploiting a chance to serve as an economic and business bridge between Asia and Europe. Mongolia now should be dynamic so as to increase sizes and kinds of goods to be exported to Russia and to intensify contracts and talks on supplying meat and meat products to Russia."
"Secondly, the Premier should implement largest strategically-important projects and programmes together with Russia in frames of bringing the economic cooperation to a newer level and strengthening the national security including economic security.
"Thirdly, the Premier should resolve matters together with Russia on building a joint factory equipped with the latest hi tech to process foods and other consumer products," the document says.

Mongolia Starts Manufacturing LED Lights
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, August 27 (MONTSAME) The "TD LED" LLC has started to manufacture LED lights, which are considered a very economical modern lighting system in terms of finance and ecology.
The company, located in Govil baga in Erdenet city of Orkhon aimag, imports main parts such as chips and transformers from the USA, Germany, Taiwan and Singapore, and assembles the LED lights itself.    This factory employs six workers so far and is ready to supply wide range of products--for home and office use, for street lightening and factories, in 1-20 and 30 watts.
An official opening of the factory will run on September 11. The company's products have insurance and are guaranteed for 3-5 years.

Our Dulguun Wins Silver Medal in Youth Olympics
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, August 27 (MONTSAME) A Mongolian B.Dolgon won Tuesday a silver medal in the 46kg "women" category in judo at Nanjing's II Youth Olympics.
The events started on August 16 and will complete this Thursday.
Dolgoon defeated Ina Royk from Belarus with 10:0 points in the first round, satisfied a silver medal condition by beating rivals from Algeria and Venezuela, and in the final match against Kim Sung Hyang from DPRK she ended with 9:5 points, with Kim's victory. In overall results of this tournament, Dulguun has become the third silver medalist of the Youth Olympics.
Dulguun has been trained by B.Battsetseg, international master of judo, who won Mongolia’s first gold medal at the first Youth Olympics in 2010. 

Chinese Culture Month to Begin Soon
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, August 27 (MONTSAME) These days will run from August 29 to September 29 in the UB city.
The opening ceremony is expected on August 30 at Central Cultural palace with joint concert of the two countries’ artists. Other actions have been planned such as a photo exhibition of ancient findings and artifacts themed “Ulaan Khadnii Tuukh” (History of the Red Rock) on September 9-13, an arrival of Zhao Wei, a famous Chinese actress, and the Chinese movie week.
The Chinese Inner Mongolian culture days will be held at the same time.  

Mongolia is revoking “106” licenses back to owners
August 26 ( “106” exploration licenses will be issued to its original owners.
Thanks to the approval of the amended Mineral Law of Mongolia, Ministry of Minerals informed that widely criticized “106” mining and exploration licenses can be issued in accordance with the adopted law.
Previously, three level courts of Mongolia (district, city/aimag court and Supreme Court) made conclusion that action of 106 license issuance without tender selection procedure was illegal. As result, former Chairman of the Mineral Resource Authority was sentenced. Therefore, the Government issued resolution #16 to approve “the regulation on announcement of tender bid of 106 mining and exploration licenses”, in order to compensate the previous owners.
It is said that the regulation covers all aspects of the tender bidding procedure, including evaluation process, providing of equal treatment, evaluation committee and so on.
Mr. B.Batkhuu, Director of the Policy Implementation Coordination Department of the Ministry of Minerals, said that “According to the regulation, bidders shall place 30% of the total bid in the corresponding account. If bidder is granted the license, it shall place the remaining 70% to the account. If the previous owner fails to be selected, it shall be compensated with the bidding payment and considered as to be compensated. If the previous owner wins the bid, it can continue its exploration works immediately.”
Previous owners shall confirm its expenditure based on their financial report and statement to the tax department and with the confirmed expenditure will become the bottom-line of the bid. The first tender bid on 14 exploration licenses with confirmed expense is ready to be announced. In the first tender bid lot, the previous owners shall not need to place tender security payment.
Brief information of the first lot (14 licenses):
These 14 licenses are located in 5 aimags’ territory with 163,565.05 hectares:
- in Bayankhongor aimag 6 licenses
- in Dornogobi aimag 3 licenses
- in Dundgobi aimag 1 license
- in Umnugobi aimag 1 license
- in between Dundgobi and Umnugobi aimags 1 license
- in Khovd aimag 1 license
- in Ulaanbaatar City 1 license
The smallest license has 94.49 hectare exploration area, and the biggest one has 56,098.52 hectare area.

China grants aid of 1.3 billion RMB to the Mongolian mining sector
August 27 ( “Transparent Mining” regular press conference is organized by the Ministry of Mining.
During the press conference, officials provided detailed information on the agreements signed during the Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping.
“Within the framework of the joint statement on development of the profound strategic partnership relations between Mongolia and China, over 20 documents were signed and railway transit transport agreement, medium term program of development of the trade and economy cooperation between two countries were the most important documents” stated by the Ministry officials.
During the visit, grant aid of 1.3 billion RMB to the development of the mining sector and 1 billion US$ soft loan or purchase agreement was signed. 

Mongolia meeting its domestic wheat demand with subsidized loans
August 27 (Mongolian Economy) Farmers were given fuel, wheat and fertilizer to help meet domestic wheat demand. This formed a part of the Ministry of Manufacturing and Agriculture’s campaign to fully supply the domestic wheat market. This year wheat plantations occupied 315.6 hectares of land throughout the country. For these plantations 2.7 tonnes of fuel for 724 enterprises and farmers, 93,000tonnes of wheat seeds for 290 enterprises and farmers, 152.7 tonnes of plant protecting substances for 322 enterprises and farmers and 215 tonnes of fertilizer for 57 enterprises was provided as a loan with a 20-50 percent deposit required.
With the purpose to improve quality and supply of vegetables, 10 types of vegetable seeds worth MNT 120 million was also distributed among farmers. Apart from plantations hit by a summer hailstorm in Selenge, Bulgan and Khuvsgul provinces – totaling 2,859 hectares – this year’s harvest is going according to expectations. 
In addition to this, tractors worth USD 12 million will be purchased from China. The Ministry of Economic Development and The Export and Import Bank of China have started the cooperation for delivering the equipment, which is expected to arrive this winter.
This year, Mongolia’s vegetable demand has reached 240,000 tonnes of which 50 percent can potentially be supplied domestically, said the Ministry of Manufacturing and Agriculture. Minister Tuvdendorj SH. said the price of 1 tonne of wheat should cost no more than MNT 460,000.
According to officials, for next year’s plantation 4,101,000 tonnes of seed, for national seed reserves 79,000 tonnes of seed, for forage 254,000 tonnes and for alcohol production 10.1 tonnes will be utilised from the total harvest. The remaining wheat, 3,196,000 tonnes, will be for flour production. To meet annual domestic flour demand 320,000 tonnes of wheat is needed.

Mongolian Youth Team Wins Silver Medal from 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games
August 27 ( The 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games are being held in Nanjing, PR of China on August 16-28, where about 3,600 teenagers from 201 nations are competing for 222 events in 28 sports.
At this second Summer Youth Olympics, Mongolian National Youth Team was represented with five athletes namely Ts.Tsogtbaatar (Men’s Judo), Ts.Khulan (Women’s Judo), B.Dulguun (Women’s Freestyle Wrestling), N.Angirmaa (10m Air Rifle Women), and M.Ankhtsetseg (Women Weightlifting).
All events are nearly finished and after overall results, Mongolian team achieved a Silver medal by Bolormaa DULGUUN in the Women’s 46 kg Freestyle Wrestling. As of other young athletes, M.Ankhtsetseg finished her contest standing at the 4th place, Ts.Khulan at the 7th and N.Angirmaa at the 8th place.
In the 2010 Summer Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore, Mongolian Youth Team grabbed two Gold medals by G.Erdenebold (Men’s Gymnastics) and B.Battsetseg (Women’s Freestyle Wrestling).

Acting CEO of MSE Meets Representatives of Investment Companies
August 27 ( On August 27, 2014, Acting CEO of Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE) received in his office representatives of reputable companies in the business of an investment fund such as ING Commercial Banking, Goldman Sachs (Asia), Thai Capital Management, Neuberger Berman Singapore Pte Limited, Value Partners Limited, and T.Rowe Price International.
During the meeting, parties discussed current activity of MSE and new products and services to introduce on market following the recently approved “Securities Market Law". Also, Acting CEO introduced how to trade government securities on MSE, investment opportunities and stock market further tendencies.

Mohanik to Stage at International Music Festival “V Rox”
August 27 ( The second international music festival "V ROX" is going to be held in Russia, where more than 200 musicians, music industry professionals, translators, writers and journalists from China, France, Georgia, Germany, Japan, Mongolia, South Africa, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States and host Russia are to gather in Vladivostok on August 29-31, 2014.
Upon invitation six bands are to stage their 30-minute concerts including Skindred (UK), Queen Sea Big Shark (China), Galaxy Express (South Korea), Buffalo Daughter (Japan), Mohanik (Mongolia) and Mumiy Troll (Russia).
Moreover, musicians from Georgia (Asea Sool), Japan (Broken Haze and Mothercoat), China (Candyshop, Cold Fairyland and Mr. Sea Turtle), South Korea (Dead Buttons, Hellivision, Idiotape and OOpsNice), USA (Flash Bastard and Mykki Blanco), UK (The Ghosts and These Reigning Days), UK-Germany (Jim Kroft), South Africa (Shadowclub) and over 20 musicians from Russia’s Yekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok cities are to participate.
Mongolia’s Mohanik will perform their concert at 08:00 pm on August 29 at Main Stage and another 30-minute performance on the following day at 11:00 pm in a Club in Vladivostok.
Mohanik Members
Tsaschikher DAVAAJARGAL - Vocals/Guitar
Sambalkhundev TSOGT - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Otgonbaatar ENERELT - Bass
Ganbaatar BATBAYAR – Drums

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