Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Travel Agent's Unexpected Encounter in Inner Mongolia

There are the things you can plan on a trip (restaurant reservations, spa treatments, private tours), and then there are things you can't. While we all love having those planned details to look forward to, sometimes it's the unexpected that truly shapes the way we see a destination.

Case in point: Last month Travel Agent was on the road with G Adventures checking out its new 12-day tour of Hidden China and Inner Mongolia. What is usually a private stay at a yurt camp in Inner Mongolia ended up being a shared experience with a group of Chinese travelers from Shanghai. After a night soaked in rice wine, what ensued was an all-out dance party in the middle of the Mongolian Grasslands as our new Chinese friends busted out Gangnam Style dance moves by the light of a bonfire, bringing together local and foreigner in a way that is unexpected, unplanned and unforgettable.

Video Link: http://www.travelagentcentral.com/north-china/travel-agents-unexpected-encounter-inner-mongolia-video-47524

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