Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mongolia to reduce radar separation standards in September

Mongolia will reduce radar separation standards between aircraft from 90 to 30 km in September. The move follows a review of the Mongolian Civil Aviation Authority (MCAA) safety assessment requirements by New Zealand air navigation services provider Airways New Zealand.

Airways New Zealand has been helping MCAA to reduce aircraft separation distances following the installation in 2012 of radar sites across the region. Radar control has been gradually introduced, starting with a conservative 90 km separation between aircraft. Airways New Zealand has been working with MCAA to assess reducing radar separation standards to more closely align with the ICAO standard of five nautical miles (10 km).

Tim Bradding, a former airways safety manager and current regional chief controller who has been working with MCAA, said: “Reducing aircraft separation requirements in a safe manner will allow the Mongolian CAA to more rapidly increase their air traffic flows, with economic benefits across the country and the region.”

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