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Mongolia Brief August 29, 2014 Part I

Oyu Tolgoi Fires Workers
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, August 29 (MONTSAME) Oyu Tolgoi company has made an official statement on discharging 219 workers.

About it reported "" website and other Mongolian media outlets on Friday.     
They also say the company sent out firing notices to over 100 personnel from project executor companies. The fired are to receive three months' salaries and extra USD 1,100 each.
The company links its decision to the current economic difficulties.

New head of General Police Agency appointed
August 29 ( Cabinet meeting decision called for the dismissal of the Head of the General Police Agency, Brigadier General B.Bilegt, and the appointment of Deputy Head and Deputy First Chief Commissioner S.Baatarjav as acting head of the agency two weeks ago.
But in Wednesday's meeting, the cabinet issued a decision to appoint S.Baatarjav as Head of the General Police Agency.
Deputy First Chief Commissioner S.Baatarjav has been working in law enforcement for 29 years, since 1985.
S.Baatarjav started as a detective in the Tuv Provincial Police Department and was promoted to criminal agent, and senior agent in the Selenge and Darkhan-Uul province police departments.
S.Baatarjav worked in the Control and Inspection Division of the General Police Agency after graduating from the Academy of Management of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and was then appointed head of Darkhan-Uul Provincial Police Department.
Prior to serving as Deputy First Head of the General Police Agency, he worked as head of the Metropolitan Police Department, State Investigation Department and Selenge Provincial Police Department.
Baatarjav's father, Colonel Sainnyambuu, was chair of the division in the Dundgovi Provincial Police Department.

This Year’s Harvesting to Be Started Earlier by 7-10 Days Y-O-Y
August 29 ( On August 28, 2014, the regular Cabinet meeting took place, where Minister of Industry and Agriculture Sh.Tuvdendorj introduced the preliminary report of harvesting.
In 2014, it was cultivated in 434.5 thousand hectares and preliminary it expects a total of 466.6 tons of harvest and average quintal or centner (100 kg) of wheat to collect is 15.2; also, 116.3 ql. of potato, 121.4 ql. of vegetable, 5.8 ql. of oil plant and 26.7 ql. of fodder plant per hectare.
Due to dry climate with small precipitation fell between end of July and first 15 days of August, the harvesting process will be started 7-10 days earlier compare to previous years. Meantime, it expects rainy and chilly weather until mid-September in agricultural regions, thus affiliated organs are obliged to take precaution measures immediately.

Government Obliges to Select Investors for Tavan Tolgoi Deposit by November 01, 2014
August 29 ( At the Cabinet meeting held on August 28, 2014, the Tavan Tolgoi deposit development issue was discussed due to stagnant situation ongoing to date.
Earlier, the State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia issued Resolution No.40 in 2008, No.39 in 2010, and No.34 in 2014 to develop and select investor for Tavan Tolgoi deposit and ordered the Cabinet to adhere guidelines, but to date the regulation was not implemented and frozen.
To remind, the preliminary selection of companies to invest and cooperate in Tavan Tolgoi deposit was announced in December 2010, where out of 15 companies forwarded their bids 6 firms were selected and after considering, Mongolia-Russian Railways Consortium, Chinese Shenhua Energy Group and US Peabody Energy Corporation were picked to develop Tavan Tolgoi’s west block and were introduced to the National Security Council of Mongolia, but the Security Council rejected the proposals and delivered back to the Government.
Therefore on May 08, 2014, Parliament ratified Resolution No.34 on “Some Measures to Increase Economic Stimulation” including a number of provisions relevant to Tavan Tolgoi.
Accordingly, at the meeting held yesterday, Cabinet Ministers agreed to put the deposit into the full economic circulation and resolved to conduct selection process based on necessary studies by amending some criterion, requirements and principles on previously announced tender and issued a Government resolution on “Some Measures on Tavan Tolgoi Depost”.
In the frameworks, it was obliged to announce a new tender and select within November 01 and establish contract with selected ones before December 15, 2014. The working group will be supervised by Head of the Cabinet Office Ch.Saikhanbileg.

Programme to Be Implemented for Developing Public Services
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 29 (MONTSAME) A programme will be realized to develop the public services in accordance with a decision of the government made Thursday.
This programme aims to boost the public services in localities. It means that vacancies will be increased and a migration to the UB city will be decreased.  
The programme is to be realized in frames of goals reflected in the 2012-2016 programme of the cabinet for reforms which say about creating services centers and complexes in the localities and delivering necessary services to people.
The provinces do not have proper opportunities to develop the public services due to lack of pledge properties. It has led to a situation where almost 90% of the public service holder and companies are not interested in involving their employees in the social insurance system, plus, they are running services in rented houses which do not satisfy essential standards and requirements.

Agricultural Secondary Insurance Company to Be Established
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 29 (MONTSAME) At its regular meeting on Thursday, the cabinet decided to found such an incorporated company.
The shareholders’ authority has been given to the Minister of Finance.
The law on index-based livestock insurance, adopted at the spring session of parliament, reflects clauses on establishing this company state-owned shares of which are to be authorized by the cabinet member in charge of financial affairs.
The Minister of Finance Ch.Ulaan was ordered to transfer the capital, placed in this year’s budget, to the company’s account and to place other parts of capitals in the budgets of 2015 and 2016.

Minister of Agriculture about Harvest
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 29 /MONTSAME/ The Minister of Industry and Agriculture Sh.Tuvdendorj Thursday gave a report to the cabinet on preliminary results of harvesting.
Planting was made on 434.5 thousand hectares areas this year nationwide. Mongolia will harvest 466.6 thousand tons of grain--one hectare will give about 15.2 centners of wheat, 116.3 centners of potatoes, 121.4 centners of vegetables, 5.8 centners of oil plants, and 26.7 centners of fodder plants.
The harvesting will launch 7-10 days before the due time because most of areas of the country had low precipitation between late July and early September, the Minister explained.
The cabinet gave obligations to related Ministries and to local authorities to organize the harvesting in a short time with a use of appropriate technologies and to accelerate the road repairs for the harvest transportation and to provide all with fuels and electricity.

Peacekeepers Receive State Prizes
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 29 (MONTSAME) The President and Commander-in-Chief of the Mongolian Armed Forces Ts.Elbegdorj and the Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag granted state prizes to peacekeepers who served in the United Nations peacekeeping operations in the Republic of South Sudan.
The Order of Military Merit went to Lieutenant-Colonel U.Amgalanbaatar, a chief of staff of the #850 military unit; and to Major D.Monkhbat, a chief of staff of the #011 military unit.
The Medal of Military Glory went to Lieutenant L.Dagvasuren, a deputy commander of the #150 unit, and to other 12 servicemen; the Medal for Peace--to 558 servicemen.
From November of 2013 to this August, 850 Mongolian peacekeepers served in South Sudan. They erected shelters for refugees, worked at checking points of the military base, provided the local inhabitants with drinking water, and delivered foods.
Peacekeepers, August 29

Altanbulag Test Period Extended
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, August 29 (MONTSAME) Ministry of Economic Development reported Friday at news conference that a a new procedure test period at Altanbulag free trade zone will be extended. 
A head of innovation and public-private sector department of the Ministry S.Bekhbat and others reminded that Altanbulag-Russian Kyakhta border checkpoint was switched to 24-hour regime from this July 1, "since then, flows of investments, passengers and goods into the zone have been continuously increasing".
Taxes of 13.6 million togrog and tariffs of 62.2 thousand togrogs were collected during a flow of 125 thousand tonnes of goods between June 1 and July 31, also some 254 million togrog goods were sold out of 851.5 million worth, and 7,181 passengers and 2,365 vehicles passed the point. 
The officials said this can serve a nice sign of realization of the many-year discussion over the free trade zone development.
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