Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Economic Ties between China and Mongolia

Welcome to our weekly edition of Biz Buzz, looking at the emerging trends in the Chinese business world.
On this week's show, we get perspectives on China-Mongolia economic ties, horse industry in China, why Suzhou leads transformation in China, as well as rising tuition fees for college students.

Selected News:

Q&A: Economic Ties between China and Mongolia

This week, Chinese president Xi Jinping visits Mongolia. Bilateral economic ties are not often discussed in media, but they are very important to this couple of neighbors. Major cooperation areas include trade, mining and transport.

For more, Zheng Chenguang speaks with Mr. Amar Lkhagvasuren, Economics Officer at the Mongolia Resident Mission of the Asian Development Bank.

Audio Link: http://english.cri.cn/7146/2014/08/25/3081s841606.htm

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