Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chinese Culture Week opened in Mongolia

President Xi Jinping's wife Peng Liyuan and Mongolia President Elbegdorj's wife Bolormaa together attended the ceremony for Chinese Culture Week, which celebrated the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Mongolia and the China-Mongolia Friendship and Exchange Year. They cut the ribbon for the ceremony, enjoyed a performance by Mongolian artists, attended the China Dunhuang Art Exhibition and saw the Dunhuang mural copies and replicas of clay sculptures and instruments.

Cai Wu, minister of Chinese Cultural Ministry, addressed at the ceremony that President Xi and Mongolia President Elbegdorj issued a joint declaration on 21 Aug that agreed to raise the bilateral relations to the level of all-round strategic partnership. At this historic moment, hosting Chinese Culture Week was not only to salute to each other's culture and art by friendly exchanges, but also to commemorate the 65-year-long diplomatic relations between the two countries and express people's firm confidence to build a bright future. The Silk Road is a friendly road connecting history and reality, which has spread Chinese art and culture to the world. As part of the Silk Road culture, the Dunhuang frescoes can promote the exchange and cooperation between China and Mongolia.

Oyungerel, minister of the Mongolian Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that the cooperation between China and Mongolia boasts a profound and age-old history, and has made continuous progress in the new century. Mongolian people respect Chinese culture, which has a history of several thousand years. Many Mongolian young people have pursued further study in China to study Chinese culture and have made contributions to the continued growth of Mongolian culture. He believed that the fine tradition would achieve sustainable development in the future.

The opening exhibition of Chinese Culture Week was co-hosted by China Arts and Entertainment Group, China's Dunhuang Research Academy and Mongolian National Gallery of Art, and was supported by Regong Painting Academy of Qinghai province. Mural copies and replicas of clay sculptures and instruments collected by Dunhuang Research Academy and about 100 Thangka works created by Regong Painting Academy were displayed.

On Aug 22, an art exhibition on Chinese tea culture, From Beijing to Ulan Bator, opened in the Chinese Cultural Center in Ulan Bator. The exhibition was an elegant experience of Chinese culture.

Apart from the exhibition, a comprehensive art group sent by the cultural department of Jilin province will hold two performances at Mongolian National Palace of Culture on Aug 26-27. Cultural week will close on Aug 30. And this year, Mongolia will also hold a "Mongolia Cultural Week" in China.

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