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Mongolia Brief August 22, 2014 Part II

Speaker Z.Enkhbold Received by China’s President
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 22 (MONTSAME) Being here with the state visit, the President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Mr Xi Jinping received Friday Mr Z.Enkhbold, the Chairman of the State Great Khural (parliament) in the State House. 

Mr Xi expressed a satisfaction with big achievements in the Mongolia-China ties in all spheres and with visiting Mongolia for the first time as the President.
He said he is happy that the joint declaration, which aims to forward the strategic partnership ties between our countries, has been signed. He strongly supports a developmental policy based on peace and friendship, Mr Xi said.
In response, Mr Enkhbold expressed a satisfaction with meeting with the PRC President and introduced to Mr Xi the parliamentarians present.
Noting about his participation in the Boao Forum for Asia held last April in China, the Speaker said he is pleased to recall this forum at which he had shared views on the Mongolia-China cooperation.
The Mongolian Speaker expressed a hope that signed yesterday important documents, including the declaration on boosting the comprehensive strategic partnership relations and intergovernmental protocol on implementation of all contracts and agreements established between 1949 and 2012, will  inject the impetus into forwarding the bilateral cooperation.

Road and Transportation Ministers Sign Memorandums
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, August 22 (MONTSAME) Four memorandums on transportation were signed Thursday by A.Gansukh, the Mongolian Minister of road and transportation, and by Lu Dongfu, the deputy Minister of transportation and chairman of railway agency of China.
They are on a transit transportation of Mongolia to the sea through Chinese territory, on newly establishing the Mongolia-China border railway agreement, on a development of the railway cooperation, and on railway transit transport cooperation.
Other feature is that China has given Mongolia an access to its eight seaports. 

China’s President Receives Prime Minister
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 22 (MONTSAME) The state visit of Mr Xi Jinping to Mongolia is an expression of importance China is attaching to the relations with Mongolia.
The Prime Minister of Mongolia N.Altankhuyag said it being received on Friday by Mr Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC);. Our Pm thanked Mr Xi for paying the visit here and expressed a satisfaction with establishment of the joint declaration and a middle-term programme on developing the bilateral trade and economic cooperation, agreeing on boosting the comprehensive strategic partnership ties.
He asked China’s President to pay attention to a matter on allowing Mongolian-made products to enter the Chinese market without taxes and limit on quotas.
The PM said Mongolia intends to strengthen the cooperation with China in energy and renewable energy sectors and to activate the collaboration in erecting a power station based on coal mines and in supplying coal to China. He noted that the countries set a goal to increase the bilateral trade to 10 billion US dollars.
In response, Mr Xi promised to focus attention on studying and realizing the PM's concrete proposals and requests. “We will cooperate in letting Mongolia use our seaports so that Mongolia can increase its transit transportation, it is important for landlocked Mongolia," Mr Xi said.
China is ready to buy Mongolian agricultural products, and China will study a possibility of combining China’s “Silk Road” and Mongolia’s “Steppe Road” projects, he said. China is ready to help Mongolia erect national factories, especially those deeply processing mining products, and to give financial support to run railways if Mongolia chooses a standard gauge (1,435 mm), Mr Xi said. 

Mongolian Stock Exchange Receives Investing Company Reps
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, August 22 (MONTSAME) Acting director of Mongolian Stock Exchange D.Angar received representatives of "Khan Investment management" and "Asia Capital and Advisors" companies on Friday. 
The sides talked about nowadays situation with the Stock Exchange and news products and services that enter the market in frames of a newly enforced law on Stock market, and touched upon matters on promoting this market through investment and on future trends of Stock Exchange. 

Athletes of Mongolian National Team for 2014 ISSF World Shooting Championships Announced
August 22 ( On September 06-20, 2014, the Granada city of the Kingdom of Spain is hosting the 51st ISSF World Championship for all events from which athletes to be eligible for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics will be determined.
Accordingly, Mongolian Shooting Sport Federation announced names of participants to compete in this World Championship.
Mongolia’s first Gold medal from the World Championship was grabbed by Dorjsuren MUNKHBAYAR in the Women’s 10m Air Pistol in 1998 that took place in Barcelona, Spain. In the same Championship, the number of medals was added by Mongolian female athletes O.Gundegmaa, D.Munkhbayar and D.Oyun achieving a Bronze medal in the Women Team in 10m Air Pistol. Later in 2006, O.Gundegmaa finished the 49th ISSF World Shooting Championships held in Zagreb, Croatia with a Bronze medal in Women’s 25m Pistol. As of today, Mongolia’s total medal achieved from World Championship is one Gold and two Bronze medals so far.
Athletes of Mongolian National Team for the 2014 ISSF World Shooting Championships are:
1. Merit Athlete O.Gundegmaa, 25m Pistol Women, 10m Air Pistol Women
2. IMS Ts.Munkhzul, 25m Pistol Women, 10m Air Pistol Women
3. IMS T.Bayartsetseg, 25m Pistol Women, 10m Air Pistol Women
4. IMS O.Yanjinlkham, 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women, 50m Rifle Prone Women, 10m Air Rifle Women
5. IMS Ch.Narantuya, 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women, 50m Rifle Prone Women, 10m Air Rifle Women
6. IMS G.Nandinzaya, 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women, 10m Air Rifle Women
7. IMS D.Lkhamsuren, 50m Rifle Prone Women
1. IMS E.Davaakhuu, 50m Pistol Men, 10m Air Pistol Men
2. IMS N.Bayaraa, 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men, 50m Rifle Prone Men, 10m Air Rifle Men
3. IMS Kh.Byambabaatar, 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men, 50m Rifle Prone Men, 10m Air Rifle Men
4. IMS B.Bishrel, 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men, 10m Air Rifle Men
5. IMS J.Gankhuyag, 50m Rifle Prone Men
1. Merit Coach L.Undralbat
2. IMS S.Adilbish

Teenage Players to Take Part in World Championship
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, August 22 (MONTSAME) Teenage draughts players have received rights to partake in the Draughts World Championship.
They have been selected after the Mongolian championship, the Asian Championship, which had run in Thailand, and the events which took place here recently.
In the World championship, expected in Tallinn of Estonia this October 26–November 1, will participate: girls (under 10 year)—B.Unurjargal, L.Nadmid, B.Munkhjin; boys (under 10)–E.Uilstuguldur, B.Sukhbat, G.Tuguldur; girls (11-13)–G.Duurenbileg, S.Enkhtuvshin, E.Margad; boys (11-13)--M.Luvsandorj, S.Munkh-Orgil, Ts.Chinzorig.

Chinese Minister of Culture Visits National History Museum
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, August 22 (MONTSAME) Cai Wu, a Chinese Minister of culture, wishes a prosperity to the Mongolia-China cooperation, while visiting the National History Museum in the UB city.
Together with other Chinese delegates, Mr Cai Wu visited our National history museum on Friday to see Mongolian history, chronicles of ancestors, and our traditions. Having visited all rooms and pavilions, he left a note in the Museum's Honorary guest book. "It is apparent from the exhibits that Mongolia and China have longstanding ancient relations. I wish prosperity for the two nations’ cooperation in the future," he wrote.
After this the Minister visited Mongolian Art Gallery to see how a preparation for the Dunhuang province exhibition was going. 

President of China Attends Ceremonial Session of Parliament of Mongolia
August 22 ( On August 22, 2014, Prime Minister of Mongolia Norov ALTANKHUYAG and Speaker of the State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia Zandaakhuu ENKHBOLD have paid courtesy calls on the President of the PR of China Xi Jinpin.
During the meeting with President of China, Premier N.Altankhuyag underscored that this state visit is proved the importance of bilateral cooperation and relations between our two countries and said, “Mongolia-China strategic partnership has been upgraded one level, moreover, I am as the Head of Government pleased to note that the two states agreed to develop comprehensive strategic partnership by signing the Joint Declaration as well as mid-term trade and economic agreement”.
On the same day, President Xi Jinpin attended at the ceremonial session of the State Great Khural and delivered a speech addressing parliamentarians and people of Mongolia.
At the ceremonial session of the Parliament chaired by Speaker Z.Enkhbold, President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj, Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag, Parliamentarians, members of the Government, representatives of Foreign Diplomatic Offices in Mongolia, accompanying delegates and other officials from both sides were present.

Ministers sign Mongolia-China prisoner transfer agreement
August 22 ( The Justice Minister of Mongolia and Foreign Affairs Minister of China Wang Yi signed a prisoner transfer agreement on August 21st.
During the visit by China's President Xi Jinping to Mongolia, significant talks and agreements on economy and legislation were expected to be signed.
Justice Minister of Mongolia Kh.Temuujin and Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi signed "Protocol on Exchange of Note on Agreement on Transfer of Prisoners Between Mongolia and China."
The agreement will be effective in 30 days, on September 20, 2014.
There are approximately 40 Mongolian nationals jailed  in China.  Thirty-two were sentenced for cases involving marijuana.

Ice Bucket Challenge’s hot success
By Nomin-Erdene Tumennasan
August 22 (Mongolian Economy) The “Ice Bucket Challenge” – a viral trend – has finally reached Mongolia as thousands of people worldwide dump buckets of ice water over their heads in order to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. For those of you who are not aware of what ALS is, ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that rapidly weakens the muscles, disabling most of its victims from having the ability to walk or even speak. Many of those who suffer from this disease fail to control all voluntary movement throughout their bodies. As the degeneration of motor neurons progresses, patients can become completely paralyzed, often times leading to their death. 
Today, there is not cure or treatment to stop or reverse the damaging effects of ALS, hence why research and development is necessary in order to develop a method that will be able to save thousands of lives. On average, an ALS patient has between two to five years of life expectancy and this disease occurs worldwide. This is where the “Ice Bucket Challenge” comes in. The framework of this challenge is that once an individual is elected to participate, that individual must either pour a bucket of ice water over their heads or make a donation, usually USD 100, to the ALS Association within the span of 24 hours. 
Thousands of people argue that the “Ice Bucket Challenge” does nothing to help ALS, but that’s where they are confusion arises. With the start of the challenge, donations have skyrocketed. Last year, the ALS Association gained around USD 15 thousand, yet during the same period this year, the association has received over USD 15 million in donations, with an astounding USD 8.6 million in one day. 
With the spread of thousands of videos all around the world, people have become more aware of ALS and what it means. In fact, many opt to do the challenge and donate, though many accuse people of pouring ice water over their heads to avoid contributing to the association. This campaign has effectively raised awareness and support for ALS. In fact, in the span of 15 days, the ALS Association received a total of USD 4 million after over 1.2 million videos have been shared. 
The nature of the challenge is simple: To raise awareness. It did just that. There will always be pros and cons to any activity that goes viral, although much better than the Pass Out Challenge or the Fire Challenge, both of which are dangerous acts that people are supposed to find amusing. There is no denying the amount of money the association has received and a large part of it is due to the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” 
Even celebrities have been catching on to this viral trend including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift. The audience and participants of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is increasing at rapid levels. The trend has reached all corners of the world as individuals in developing countries hop onto the bandwagon. 
Needless to say, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” has garnered attention from all around the world. Those who believe that it is a great idea show be aware that this challenge is to raise awareness for ALS. It’s not just for entertainment, although it certainly provides a high level of amusement for all those watching the videos. A clever gimmick turned out to be just what ALS needed in order to raise money that will gear towards research and development to further treatment opportunities for ALS patients. 

26 Deals Signed During Xi Jinping’s Visit 
By Nomin-Erdene Tumennasan
August 22 (Mongolian Economy) Xi Jinping’s official visit to Mongolia was the first visit since he entered office two years ago. Both nations share a deep partnership and his visit aimed to bring more development to both countries though the signing of a number of deals. During the meeting yesterday, both Xi Jinping and Ts. Elbegdorj signed over a dozen agreements revolving around infrastructure and energy cooperation in order to increase Mongolia’s mineral trade and transportation sector. 
Seventeen of the 26 agreements that were signed include deals related to trade, infrastructure, energy and financial cooperation. These include a memorandum dedicated to strengthen coal-processing cooperation and a coal-gas project worth USD 30 billion. This project will be organized by Sinopec Group and a Mongolian partner. The importance of this development is to encourage clean energy and reduce carbon emissions as demand for coal continues to fall. 
The original meeting that was held yesterday afternoon was expected to last 90 minutes; however in-depth discussions elongated the meeting by an hour in order to cover all sectors. China has the capacity to help Mongolia develop its sectors as foreign direct investment and growth is diminishing. Xi Jinping proposed a cooperation model that will integrate mineral resources, infrastructure construction and financial cooperation. In addition, this model will improve transportation links with China and cover Mongolia’s shortage of capital. 
Over the past ten years, bilateral trade has increased rapidly, reaching USD 6 billion last year. China receives over half of Mongolia’s external trade, marking it as a large partner and close friend. With the signing of many deals, Mongolia hopes to reverse the negative trend of foreign direct investment.

About documents signed during Chinese President’s visit
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 22 (MONTSAME) Mongolian and Chinese Ministries and state bodies have signed some 20 documents in frames of the state visit of China’s President to Mongolia.
With an aim to lift the bilateral strategic partnership to the comprehensive strategic partnership, the Presidents of the two countries inked the joint Declaration on developing the comprehensive strategic partnership.
Mongolia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr L.Bold and his Chinese counterpart signed an intergovernmental protocol on the implementation of two-side contracts which were established between 1949 and 2012; and a cooperation protocol between the two Foreign Ministries.
Mongolia’s Minister of Justice Kh.Temuujin and China’s Foreign Minister Mr Wang signed a protocol on exchanging a note of the convict-share contract.
An intergovernmental agreement on running marine and transit transports of Mongolia through Chinese territory was signed by Mr A.Gansukh, the Minister of Road and Transportation, and China’s FM Mr Wang. Three more documents--a general intergovernmental agreement on developing the cooperation in railway transit transport, a memorandum of mutual understanding on boosting the railway cooperation and a memorandum of mutual understanding on updating the Mongolia-China border railway agreement--were inked by Mr Gansukh and Mr Lu Dongfu, China’s Vice Minister of Transportation and Director of the State Railways Administration.
A memorandum of mutual understanding on developing the cooperation between Mongolia’s Ministry of Mining and China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in deep processing of coal was signed by Mr D.Gankhuyag, the Minister of Mining, and Mr Xu Shaoshi, the NDRC chairman.
A memorandum of mutual understanding on founding a Mongolia-China Council for the cooperation in minerals, energy and infrastructure between Mongolia’s Ministry of Economic Development and the NDRC was inked by their leaders.
The Minister of Economic Development N.Batbayar and China’s Minister of Commerce Mr Gao Hucheng inked a middle-term programme on developing the bilateral trade and economic cooperation, an intergovernmental agreement on the economic and technical cooperation, an intergovernmental exchange letter on launching a project on erecting a developmental center for the children with disabilities with a Chinese side’s aid, and a memorandum of mutual understanding between the Ministry of Economic Development and China’s Ministry of Commerce on establishing an economic cooperation free-zone.
The Minister of Economic Development Mr Batbayar and the chairman of the Export-Import Bank of China Mr Li Ruogu signed special credit agreements for the projects on E-health, education for the new century and purchasing of big-sized tractors.
An agreement on establishing a cooperation commission for the Mongolia-China border management was signed by Mr Ch.Saikhanbileg, head of the Cabinet Secretariat for Government, and by Mr Yu Guangzhou, chairman of China’s General Administration of Customs; a cultural exchange protocol--by Ms Ts.Oyungerel, Mongolia’s Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism, and by Cai Wu, China’s Minister of Culture; and a cooperation memorandum on monitoring between the Bank of Mongolia (BoM) and the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC)--by Mr N.Zoljargal, the BoM president and by Mr Shang Fulin, the CBRC head.
Head of Mongolia’s Oil Authority Mr G.Olziiburen and a vice president of the China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) Mr Liu Hongbin inked a memorandum. In addition, a credit agreement for a apartment project was signed by Mr A.Gantulga, a director-general of the State Housing Corporation, and by Mr Li Ruogu, a president of Exim Bank of China.
Other agreements--on a commercial loan between the Development Banks of the countries and on financing the Gashuunsukhait-Gants mod border railway-- were signed as well.

Mr Xi addresses honorary session of Mongolian parliament
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 22 (MONTSAME) In frames of his state visit to Mongolia, the President of the People’s Republic of China delivered a speech at a honorary session of the State Great Khural (parliament) on Friday.
Mr Xi emphasized that he is satisfied with outcomes of his visit, and that he is very confident about a good future of the Mongolia-China relations. Established the diplomatic relations 65 years ago, Mongolia was among the countries who became first to establish such ties with China, he noted.
Mr Xi also underlined that the bilateral relations opened a new page in their history by entering the volume of comprehensive strategic partnership and coinciding with the 65th anniversary of the diplomatic relations.
After this speech the Speaker of parliament Mr Enkhbold thanked the President of China for addressing the session and wished him success and all the best on behalf of the Mongolian MPs.
Present at the honorary session were Ts.Elbegdorj, the President of Mongolia; members of parliament, the cabinet members, heads of the diplomatic missions of foreign countries to Mongolia; delegates included in the visiting group; and other officials.

Dignitaries attend opening of photo exhibition
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 22 (MONTSAME) With the state visit to Mongolia, the President of China Mr Xi Jinping, and the Prime Minister of Mongolia Mr N.Altankhuyag took part in the opening of a photo exhibition on Friday.
The “Memory of Mongolia-China trade and economic cooperation” action has been dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Mongolia-China diplomatic relations, and is displaying historical photos depicting the commercial and economic cooperation.
The exhibition has been co-organized by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Mongolia.
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