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Mongolia Brief August 4, 2014 Part II

Capital Market Day of Mongolia in London

August 4 (Mongolian Economy) The Mongolian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange are working together to host “Capital Market Day” in London on September 9, 2014.
London was chosen as the ideal city for the event as it is one of the largest financial centers in the world. The London Stock Exchange has previously worked with the Mongolian Stock Exchange to help upgrade the MSE’s new system, Millennium IT.
This event is aiming to attract more investment from the international market as well as introducing more foreign investors to Mongolian companies. Mongolian businesses will also have the opportunity to be dually listed on the LSE. For Mongolian companies that are interested in participating are encouraged to register with the MSE by August 8, 2014. 
The MSE will also introduce a Custody and Securities Services Masterclass on the 6thand 7th of August. This event will be run by Bruce Lawrence, a Senior Post Trade Advisor of the LSE group. The objectives of this Masterclass will be to assist organizations with on-going development as Mongolia sub-custodians as well as engage them in standards of the international investor community.

Celebration of Khalkh River Battle Victory discussed

Ulaanbaatar, August 4 (MONTSAME) A Vice Chairman of the State Great Khural (parliament) and head of the Mongolia-Russia inter-parliamentary group L.Tsog Monday received Mr A.V.Oganov, a counselor of the Russian Federation Embassy in Mongolia. The meeting was dedicated to matters on marking the 75th anniversary of the Victory on Khalkh River Battle.
Mr Oganov said the Embassy will bring to Mongolia a documentary film featuring Marshal G.K.Zhukov who commanded the Khalkh River Battle. A representative of Mongolia’s Organization for Peace and Friendship (MOPF) said that this documentary will be translated to the Mongolian.
The sides also noted that many other events will run in frames of the anniversary, for example, in the Center of Russian Sciences and Culture.
Present at the meeting were D.Arvin, G.Uyanga and Yo.Otgonbayar MPs and R.Bayarsaikhan, a head of the MOPF’s secretariat.

Health Minister meets S.Korean MPs

Ulaanbaatar, August 4 (MONTSAME) The Minister of Health Ms N.Udval last Friday received a delegation headed by Mr Kim Choon-jin, a head of the Standing committee on health and social welfare of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.
The Minister thanked the delegation for contributing to the bilateral cooperation and introduced to them a reform policy for health sector of Mongolia and related priorities and goals of the government.
In turn, Mr Kim said he is here to get au fait with the Mongolian health sphere, to seek chances of setting up a Mongolia-S.Korea health inter-parliamentary union, and to start the collaboration.
The sides expressed a willingness to widen the ties and cooperation in the health sphere. 

Khan Bank and EBRD Support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

August 4 (Khan Bank) Khan Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Mongolia, have established a lending agreement for the MNT equivalent of USD 8million with The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
Last year the parties signed a USD 25million loan agreement for providing cheaper financing to micro, small and medium suppliers and distributors conducting business with large corporations. This time Khan Bank is receiving its last tranche of USD 8million equivalent in MNT.
For the first time among the Mongolian commercial banks, Khan Bank secures funding in MNT from an international bank owing to is reliable reputation.
The signing ceremony was attended by the executive management of the parties, and the agreement was signed by Norihiko Kato, Chief Executive Officer of Khan Bank, and Matthieu Le Blan, Head of the EBRD Office in Mongolia.
This loan, provided by the EBRD, has great importance in improving access to finance for MSMEs, and with the loan being made in the national currency, the Tugrug, it is expected to reinforce the development of the Mongolian capital markets and the national economy.
Khan Bank together with the EBRD makes considerable efforts to improve access to finance for MSMEs in Mongolia. In the year 2013, the bank obtained USD17million from the EBRD under this framework, and has fully disbursed it to MSMEs including USD 5million of sub-loans to about 51 businesses in value chains in Mongolia.
Thanks to the EBRD’s support, funding to micro, small and medium enterprises has increased which is anticipated will become solid investment in those target groups. 

Stock exchange weekly review

Ulaanbaatar, August 4 (MONTSAME) Five stock trades were held at Mongolia's Stock Exchange from July 28 to August 1, 2014.
In overall, 8,808 shares were sold of 28 joint-stock companies totalling MNT 22 million 941 thousand and 081.00.
"APU” /2,115 units/, "Kherlen khivs” /1,914 units/, "Baganuur” /1,090 units/, "Genco tour bureau” /1,020 units/ and "Tavantolgoi" /495 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value--"APU” (MNT eight million 249 thousand and 021), "Baganuur” (MNT four million and 142 thousand), "Tavantolgoi” /MNT two million 435 thousand and 319/, "UB-BUK” /MNT two million and 120 thousand/ and "Gobi” (MNT one million 820 and 635).

Stock exchange news for August 4

Ulaanbaatar, August 4 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades held Monday, a total of 1,463 shares of 13 JSCs were traded costing MNT 11 million 842 thousand and 250.00.
"Merex” /300 units/, "Sharyn gol” /280 units/, "Mongol savkhi” /150 units/, "Bayangol hotel” /138 units/ and "Tavantolgoi” /137 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value--"Bayangol hotel” (MNT eight million and 004 thousand), "Sharyn gol” (MNT one million 966 thousand and 225), "Tavantolgoi” (MNT 658 thousand and 685), "Mon-it buligaar” (MNT 601 thousand and 400) and "Mongol savkhi” (MNT 195 thousand).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 589 billion 780 million 209 thousand and 314. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,759.10, decreasing by MNT 75.91 or 0.48% against the previous day.

Japanese delegation visits Olympic House

Ulaanbaatar, August 4 (MONTSAME) A delegation led by Mr K.Iwamoto, a deputy head of the City Council of Japan’s Fukuoka city Monday visited the Olympic House, the Headquarters of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee (MonNOC), Ulaanbaatar.
During the visit, Mr Iwamoto handed to the MonNOC authority an official request on having a joint training in Fukuoka Prefecture prior to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
Fukuoka Prefecture is rendering all-sided assistance to Mongolia in order to qualify two Mongolians to compete in badminton events of the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics under a leadership of a coach N.Ishiguro.
Present at the meeting were the secretary-generals of the Mongolia’s federations of shooting, baseball, volleyball and badminton.

Winners of the 23rd State Champions of Bodybuilding named

August 4 ( Mongolian Bodybuilding Fitness Federation held the 23rd State Champions of Bodybuilding at UB Palace on August 2nd. The 23rd edition of the competition had 79 athletes in both adults and youths categories.
Gankhuleg /Golden gym fitness club/ in men`s 65 kg, L.Saruulbat /Fit Mongolia club/ in 70 kg, G.Dorj / George Gym / in 75 kg, E.Ganzorig /All Master club/ in 80 kg, and J.Nurlan /Black puma club/ in 85 kg event became winners of the 23rd State Champions of Bodybuilding.
And in men`s fitness category, E.Zoloo /All Master club/, in women`s fitness category  S.Gansaruul / California Fitness club/ became winners.
Winners of the State Championships of Bodybuilding were granted rights to represent the country in international and world championships.

Ulaanbaatar Railway Awarded by Sukhbaatar Order

August 4 ( The annual Railway Workers' Day and the 65th anniversary of the establishment of "Ulaanbaatar Railway" Mongolian-Russian joint venture were held at the Khonkhor railway station on August 2nd and August 3rd, 2014 through which the traditional wrestling and knucklebone shooting contests as well as the artistic performances had taken place accordingly.
Elsewhere, the photography exhibition regarding the timeline success and achievements of the Ulaanbaatar Railway and the Russian Railways was also hosted in Ulaanbaatar railway station simultaneously.
During the Railway Workers’ Day, the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj had issued the presidential decree; in accordance with that, Ulaanbaatar Railway JSC was awarded by the Sukhbaatar Order respectively.
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