Thursday, August 21, 2014

D.Boldbaatar wins Rally Mongolia

The Rally Mongolia 2014 international cross-country rally was held from August 10 to 17. The Rally Mongolia is one of the biggest international rallies in Mongolia and Asia and has been held for the past 20 years.

Around 100 racers from Mongolia and other countries race in the tournament every year. Racers reached the finish line after crossing 4,000 km through Ulaanbaatar, Dundgovi Province, Gobisumber Province, Tsogt-Ovoo, Elsentasarkhai, Khongor, Undur Shireet, Erdenesant, and back to Ulaanbaatar in a harsh climate.

The rally is organized in Mongolia with much of the race taking place in the Gobi region.

Mongolian female racers participated in last year’s rally for the first time.

Four female Mongolian racers, including G.Battsetseg, Kh.Oyuntuya (also known as DJ Anna Sui), Ch.Battsetseg and racer of Eco Motorsport travelling club B.Bat-Undral competed in this year’s rally.

International Sports Master D.Boldbaatar won a gold medal in the motorcycle race of the Rally Mongolia.

D.Boldbaatar is one of the few experienced racers of Mongolia. He has previously competed in the notorious Dakar Rally twice, representing Mongolia.

Mongolian racer Yu.Erdenetumur won in the vehicle race contest, Japanese racer Sugawara Teruhito won the truck race and U.Vanchinkhuu won in the 4×4 race.

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