Monday, July 28, 2014

Turkey and Mongolia renew military cooperation

From July 19 to 23, the State Secretary of the Mongolian Ministry of Defense, Major General Z.Boldbaatar, visited the Republic of Turkey. The two countries’ defense ministries reviewed the performance of their cooperation and defined future initiatives.

Major General Z.Boldbaatar expressed his willingness to cooperate in all fields of the Mongolian military and increase the number of military personnel training in Turkey, and submitted the salutations of the Mongolian Minister of Defense. Major General Z.Boldbaatar let the Turkish representatives know that two of the 150 officials trained in Turkey have attained the rank of General.

The acting head of Technology and Planning of the Ministry of Defense in Turkey, Brigadier General Mustafa Avji, received the Mongolian delegates and took them on a tour to explain and provide information about the organization of Turkey’s defense ministry and other cooperating agencies of the ministry.

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