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Mongolia Brief July 25, 2014 Part III

Health agencies warn consumers about false bioactive natural product advertisements
July 27 (UB Post) The Ministry of Health and State Specialized Inspection Agency (SSIA) are warning the public to read and learn about bioactive natural products before purchasing them.

Following an inspection of 30 local importers, officials noted that the companies were found to have failed to monitor side effects, maintain the quality of the products, and ensure their safety in proper storage and transportation conditions.
Four importers are operating under the condition of addressing their violations within a given time, and after the inspection, one company was shut down for selling poor quality bioactive natural products.
State authorities also highlighted that the media has been reporting on false cases of bioactive natural products treating diseases, while they are originally produced to provide essential minerals to stay healthy and prevent disease rather than treating diseases. The SSIA advised the public to double check product information before purchase and consumption.

Corruption trial for 54 university officials postponed
July 27 (UB Post) On Wednesday, the District Primary Criminal Court no.1 was originally set to hold the trial for former director of the School of Trade at the National University of Mongolia B.Javkhlantugs and 53 other university officials for receiving bribery from students, but postponed the trial date to August 13.
The Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) and Ulaanbaatar City Prosecutor’s Office’s joint investigation revealed that the 54 university officials, mostly teachers, have been taking briberies from students for better grades. The officials have been taking briberies repeatedly over a long period of time.

Oil & Oil Shale Mongolia 2014 scheduled for September
July 27 (UB Post) Oil & Oil Shale Mongolia 2014 international investment conference is back with a newly scheduled program on September 10 and 11, in Ulaanbaatar. The official decision to change the date was made by the hosts of the event, the Ministry of Mining, and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia and Minex Mongolia LLC, after the Parliament of Mongolia passed a new Petroleum Law on July 1, 2014.
The organizers assure there won’t be future changes to the schedule, as the key reason for postponing the original April date of the event – delay in adopting the new law and current oil policy of the Government of Mongolia – is now removed.
The hosts, organizers and sponsors of the conference say they look forward to sharing the new policy document and other regulations, opportunities and investment potential in the oil and oil shale sector of Mongolia during the conference in September.
The organizers say they welcome international investors and esteemed speakers of the worldwide oil and oil shale industry to “explore the vast opportunities that exist in the untapped oil and oil shale resources of Mongolia.”
Oil & Oil Shale Mongolia is the country’s first international investment conference on oil, gas, and oil shale. The event will be attended by international investors, oil, gas, and oil shale companies, service providers, consultancies, equipment suppliers, and traders.
According to the organizers, the delegates will have a unique opportunity to network with the industry’s key contacts and obtain vital information on legislation and policies on oil, gas, and oil shale exploration and production regulations from the officials of the Ministry of Mining and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia. Projects on oil refinery, exploration, production, and oil shale projects will be presented.

Khoshoot mine coal to be exploited
July 27 (UB Post) Mongolia Energy Corporation, registered with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, announced its decision to start exploiting coal from its Khoshoot mine located in Darvi soum of Khovd aimag. In 2014, the company sold 15,300 tons of coal, which is three times less than sales of the previous year.
The company also said its pre-tax loss narrowed to one billion USD. However, the company decreased its prices due to economic and market situations and the prospect of Khoshoot mine, which has an estimated reserve of 141.5 million tons of coal.

More than 87,000 citizens to receive food coupons
July 27 (UB Post) For five years, the Government of Mongolia has implemented a food coupon program for citizens with income below the nation’s subsistence level. The Ministry of Population Development and Social Protection conducted a study to determine the subsistence level this year, and will grant 87,778 members of 15,137 families food coupons. With the monthly coupons, 10,000 MNT for adults and 5,000 MNT for children, recipients can buy food from 668 shops in Ulaanbaatar. The coupons can be used to buy meat, milk, flour, eggs, vegetables, rice and fruit.

USD exchange rate remains unstable after 38.6 million USD supplied
July 27 (UB Post) Despite Mongolbank’s attempt to stabilize exchange rates, the rate of the MNT keeps decelerating. Mongolbank supplied 26.4 million USD and 10.6 million CNY (1.6 million USD) at their currency auction, and 10.6 million USD through a swap agreement on July 22. On the same day, the MNT-USD exchange rate at the Naiman Sharga currency exchange market went from 1,852 to 1,854 within a few hours. Despite the 38.6 million USD supplied by Mongolbank to the financial market, the MNT-USD exchange gap keeps growing.
The decrease of foreign direct investment and the decline of mineral product prices in international markets are the main causes of USD exchange rate acceleration. Mongolbank is in a position to tighten monetary policy in order to decrease inflation and bring balance to the USD exchange rate.

Hakuho Davaajargal leads July sumo tournament with 11 victories
July 27 (UB Post) Only three days are left until the July tournament of professional sumo wrestling in Japan, Nagoya basho, concludes.
After the 12th day of the 15-day tournament, on July 24, Mongolian Yokozuna (Grand Champion) Hakuho M.Davaajargal secured his lead in the tournament with 11 victories after beating Ozeki (second highest rank) Kotoshyoogiku.
Yokozuna Hakuho lost to Sekivake Goido on the 11th day, in a match held on July 23, Yokozuna Haramafuji D.Byambadorj beat Goido, and Yokozuna Kakuriyu defeated Tamavashi. Currently, all three active yokozunas in Japanese professional sumo wrestling are Mongolian nationals.
Japanese Ozeki Kisenosato, who had eight wins, lost to Takekaze on the 12th day. Egyptian wrestler Oosunaarashi earned his sixth victory after beating Aminishiki.
Mongolian sumo wrestler Terunopuji G.Gan-Erdene, who is wrestling as Maegashiri , won against Yoshihaze and reached 50 percent success in the tournament.
Currently, Yokozuna Kakaryuu is behind Yokozuna Hakuho with 10 victories, followed by Ozeki Kotoshyoogiku and Maegishiri Takayasu.
Today, Yokozuna Hakuho will wrestle against Ozeki Kisenosato and Yokozuna Haramafuji D.Byambadorj will face off against Yokozuna Kakuriyu. Ozeki Kotoshyoogiku will wrestle against Egyptian wrestler Oosunaarashi.
In the Jyuryo division (second division of professional sumo), Ichinojyoo A.Ichinnorov from Mongolia leads the tournament with 11 wins after beating Georgian Tochinoshi, who won 10 times.

State Badminton Championship unfolds in Orkhon Province
July 27 (UB Post) For the 15th anniversary of the Mongolian Badminton Association, the 11th Adult State Badminton Championship will be hosted in Orkhon Province from August 9 to 11.
Talented sport masters M.Zolzaya, M.Batdavaa, B.Batkhishig, B.Khuvituguldur, and J.Gerelsukh will take part in the tournament. The athletes prepared for the championship in Shangai, China, and Fukuoka, Japan.
Nine-time champion of the state championship O.Enkhbat announced that he will participate in this year’s State Badminton Championship.
The Mongolian Badminton Association was established in 1999 and it joined the Badminton World Federation in 2000. Currently, G.Galbaatar is president of the Mongolian Badminton Association and N.Zulbaatar is its secretary.
In addition, six athletes of top youth badminton teams of Mongolia will leave for the Asian Junior Exchange Games-2014, which will take place from August 26 to September 1, in Tokyo, Japan.

Mohanik plays at Russian live music festival
July 27 (UB Post) Mohanik, a Mongolian band, will take part in V-Rox international music festival from August 29 to 31, in Vladivostok, Russia. Participants of the festival first submit a video of their performance to qualify for entry.
Skindred (United Kingdom), Queen Sea Big Shark (China), Galaxy Express (South Korea), Buffalo Daughter (Japan), and other famous rock bands will participate in the festival along with Mohanik.
The organizing committee and live music fans in Russia commented on social media that this year’s competition will be very interesting, as many top tier bands will take part.

First Mongolian belly dance contest announced
July 27 (UB Post) A belly dance contest will be organized for the first time in Mongolia. The registration of the competition will continue from August 1 to September 1.
Belly dancing originated in the Middle East and is developing rapidly in Asia. A world belly dance championship is held every year.
Belly dancing has gained a lot of popularity in Mongolia, especially among women. According to the Mongolian Belly Dance Development Center, approximately 6,000 people so far have been involved in belly dance training and learned basic elements of the dance. Some 20 Mongolian dancers are currently training to become professional belly dancers.
Since it is the first time the Mongolian Belly Dance Development Center is organizing a belly dance contest, they are striving to involve as many dancers as possible.
There are no age or professional limits in the competition.
Some 20 participants will be shortlisted in the first stage of the competition and enrolled into professional training and an instructor will choreograph their performance for the next stage.
The closing performance of the competition will be held on November 28.

Khovd Province honors intangible cultural heritage
July 27 (UB Post) Ikh Aksal dance is noted in history as the first dance that praised men, and is honored as the king of all Mongolian traditional dances.
A monument dedicated to Ikh Aksal is being erected in Bulgan soum of Khovd Province. A resident of Khovd Province, B.Unenbat, first conceived the idea for the monument and decided to build it.
The four meter tall statue depicts a dancing, well-built Torguud man (ethnic group). The statue signifies the bravery, resolve, intelligence and grace of men.
The monument will be the first to show Mongolian pride, nationality, tradition, livelihood, and intangible cultural and historical heritage.
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