Monday, July 28, 2014

Inner Mongolia Women's Federation Helps Underprivileged Woman Win Lawsuit

Husband of underprivileged woman Tian Runlian from Bayan Nur City, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, presented a banner to Vice President of the Inner Mongolia Women's Federation Bao Xiaochun on June 30th, 2014, in appreciation of the Federation's assistance to Tian during her struggle for proper financial compensation connected to an industrial injury.

Tian was severely injured by a temporary construction shed that collapsed on her back and legs, when she was preparing meals for construction workers on a construction site operated by Bayan Nur Construction Company in August 2011. Later, she was diagnosed with vertebra burst fractures, which left her with paralyzed legs. Yet the company ruthlessly refused to pay for her medical treatment.

Since then, Tian and her family were set on a tortuously winding path to fight for their legal rights and necessary financial compensation from the company. Tian filed several appeals and lawsuits to the local bureau of human resources and social security and people's court against the company over her injuries in 2012 and 2013. However, relevant departments failed to pass their verdicts over Tian's case on the grounds that she had not presented competent documents to support her claim.

Tian refused to give up her lawsuits and turned to the Office on Women's Rights and Psychological Counseling under the leadership of the Inner Mongolia Women's Federation for legal support in her case in November 2013, though she had faced lots of discouragement since her injury in 2011.

This time, Tian's case went smoothly and the local people's court finally granted its judgment in her favor, after the Inner Mongolia Women's Federation appointed a lawyer responsible for her lawsuit and instructed Bayan Nur Women's Federation to work with local departments in search of a solution to Tian's problems.

The judgment stipulates that the company should take full responsibility for Tian's injury and deliver financial compensation to Tian immediately.

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