Monday, July 28, 2014

Oil & Oil Shale Mongolia 2014 scheduled for September

Oil & Oil Shale Mongolia 2014 international investment conference is back with a newly scheduled program on September 10 and 11, in Ulaanbaatar. The official decision to change the date was made by the hosts of the event, the Ministry of Mining, and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia and Minex Mongolia LLC, after the Parliament of Mongolia passed a new Petroleum Law on July 1, 2014.

The organizers assure there won’t be future changes to the schedule, as the key reason for postponing the original April date of the event – delay in adopting the new law and current oil policy of the Government of Mongolia – is now removed.

The hosts, organizers and sponsors of the conference say they look forward to sharing the new policy document and other regulations, opportunities and investment potential in the oil and oil shale sector of Mongolia during the conference in September.

The organizers say they welcome international investors and esteemed speakers of the worldwide oil and oil shale industry to “explore the vast opportunities that exist in the untapped oil and oil shale resources of Mongolia.”

Oil & Oil Shale Mongolia is the country’s first international investment conference on oil, gas, and oil shale. The event will be attended by international investors, oil, gas, and oil shale companies, service providers, consultancies, equipment suppliers, and traders.

According to the organizers, the delegates will have a unique opportunity to network with the industry’s key contacts and obtain vital information on legislation and policies on oil, gas, and oil shale exploration and production regulations from the officials of the Ministry of Mining and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia. Projects on oil refinery, exploration, production, and oil shale projects will be presented.

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