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Mongolia Brief July 28, 2014 Part II

School project completed thanks to US-Mongolia cooperation
BAYANGOL DISTRICT, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (US Embassy) – On July 24, the handover ceremony of the renovation project at the Kindergarten 114  took place. During the Khaan Quest 2014 international peace keeping exercise, a multinational team of engineers and construction specialists worked together to complete renovations at School 42, Kindergarten 114, and to construct a new water distribution point in the Songinokhairkhan district.

U.S. Army and Marine Engineers teamed up with the Mongolian Armed Force’s 017 Construction Regiment to renovate Kindergarten 114, kicking off the project, both sides began site preparation and preliminary work on May 18th, with the bulk of the work being completed during the Khaan Quest exercise which took place between June 18th and July 1st.   
The head of the Mongolian Armed Forces, and Brigadier-General Badambazar J. said in his opening remarks at the ceremony, “We’ve finished the renovation project at the Kindergarten 114 successfully. We would like to thank the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, U.S. Pacific Command, Bayangol District Governor’s Office, and Citizens Representatives Council, Kindergarten 114 workers in the name of the Armed Force.”
The Chief of the Office of Defense Cooperation at the U.S. Defense Attaché Office Major Adam Negri said, “During [Khaan Quest] the engineers worked tirelessly to accomplish the work you’re seeing today.”
Maj. Negri added, “The purpose of this exercise is twofold, first is to improve the capacity of the U.S.  and Mongolian Engineers, and secondly is to improve the infrastructure in the communities between Mongolia.”
At the ceremony congratulations were given by the Deputy Governor of the Bayangol district Ms. Tsetsegmaa, district's Department of Education Chief Mr. Jargal A.,  the Mongolian Armed Forces Chief of Operations, Brigadier-General Badambazar J., Chief of Peace Support Operations, Col. Molorbold J., Bayangol District Governor Office Chief of Staff Col. Ganbaatar L., and the U.S Embassy, Chief of Office of Defense Cooperation Maj. Negri.  Armed Force’s 017 Construction Regiment Engineer, Kindergarten 114 staff, and representatives of the community were present to receive congratulations.
Khaan Quest 2014 was the latest in a continuing series of multilateral exercises designed to promote regional peace and security. This year marked the 12th iteration of this training event. The exercise consists of four main components, a combined battalion-level command post exercise, a platoon-level field training exercise, engineering civic action program projects and cooperative health engagement events, which comprise more than 1,200 peacekeepers from 24 countries.

KEPCO to build here power plant
Ulaanbaatar, July 28 (MONTSAME) The KEPCO, South Korea's biggest power supplier, has won the exclusive right to build and operate a fossil fuel power plant in Ulaanbaatar, the company said Friday.
Chief negotiators from KEPCO and the Mongolian Energy Ministry signed a memorandum of understanding in Mongolia on Thursday, three months after the two sides agreed to work together to improve the power supply infrastructure in Mongolia.
"This is a milestone making it possible for us to make inroads into the fast-growing power supply market in Mongolia," KEPCO said in a statement. "This project will make it possible for us to win other projects."
It is uncertain when the two sides will sign an official contract and when a construction will begin. "We will start a feasibility study soon," said a KEPCO official familiar with the case. "So it's hard to predict when we will sign an official contract."
KEPCO is the world's sixth-largest power plant builder, having built nearly 40 nuclear and fossil fuel power plants in 20 countries. KEPCO said it was seeking business opportunities in other developing nations in Central Asia.

Yokozuna Hakuho Wins 30th Emperor's Cup
July 28 ( The Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament was held between July 13th and July 27th, 2014 in Nagoya, Japan and Yokozuna Hakuho has reached an outstanding milestone of capturing his 30th win by 13:2 record with glory and respect.
In the history of Grand Sumo Tournament, there are only two famous wrestlers have ever reached the 30th mark such as the sumo legend Taiho leads the all-time list with 32 winning titles and the great Yokozuna Chiyonofuji follows with 31 winning titles and Yokozuna Hakuho - M.Davaajargal listed as the third great sumo wrestler with his astonishing success of 30th titles as of today.
Another news related with Mongolian sumo wrestlers, the Makushita division wrestler Oniarashi has stepped down his sumo career after the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament.
Final results of Mongolian sumo wrestlers in the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, July 2014
Makuuchi Division
1. East Yokozuna Hakuho - M.Davaajargal 13-2
2. West Yokozuna Harumafuji - D.Byambadorj 10-5
3. East Yokozuna Kakuryu - M.Anand 11-4
4. ME-4 Tamawashi - B.Munkh-Orgil 3-12
5. ME-6 Terunofuji - G.Gan-Erdene 9-6
6. ME-12 Kyokutenho - N.Tsevegnyam 6-9
7. MW-12 Kyokushuho - T.Erdenebaatar 6-9
8. ME-14 Kagamio - B.Nanjid 6-9
9. MW-14 Azumaryu - S.Todbileg 7-8
10. MW-15 Tokitenku - A.Khuchitbaatar 7-8
11. ME-17 Arawashi - E.Dulguun 10-5
Juryo Division
12. E-3 Takanoiwa - A.Baasandorj 12-3
13. W-3 Ichinojo - A.Ichinnorov 13-2
14. E-4 Shotenro - D.Nyamsuren 8-7
15. E-5 Seiro - A.Unubold 5-10
16. W-6 Asasekiryu - B.Dashnyam 7-8
Makushita Division
17. E-1 Sakigake - Ya.Battushig 6-1
18. E-8 Chiyoshima - G.Munkhsaikhan 3-4
19. E-19 Sensho - E.Bayarbat 5-2
20. W-24 Daishoho- R.Shijirbayar 4-3
21. E-25 Gochozan - D.Uuganbaatar 5-2
22. W-32 Ryuonami - B.Buyanjargal 6-1
23. E-45 Takakasuga - E.Enkhmanlai 3-4
24. W-50 Oniarashi - U.Ulziijargal 3-4
Sandanme Division
25. E-13 Aratoshi - V.Tserendorj 4-3
26. E-18 Taiga - S.Sharavnyambuu 0-7
27. E-41 Daionami - B.Uuganbayar 4-3
Jonokuchi Division
28. E-23 Sadahikari – D.Narantsogt 4-3

Wrestlers grab medals in Baku Golden Grand Prix
Ulaanbaatar, July 28 (MONTSAME) Freestyle wrestlers of the national selected team have won medals in the 7th “Golden Grand Prix” international wrestling tournament which ran last weekend in Baku, Azerbaijan.
International master of sports P.Orkhon captured a silver medal in the women’s 55 kg contest by defeating Kazakhstan and Belarus rivals. At the gold medal contest, she was beaten by a Japanese. A bronze medallist of FILA World Championship B.Odonchimeg also grabbed a silver medal in the women’s 69 kg bout. Other Mongolians E.Narangerel (women’s 48 kg) and D.Khuderbulga (men’s 97 kg) won bronze medals each.
The events were attended by some 260 wrestlers from 26 countries.  

Gold Shows Significant Growth Rate
July 28 (Mongolian Economy) During the first half of 2014, Mongol Bank bought 4.1 tons of gold. This number shows 2.5 tons of gold bought during the same period last year.
This increase in gold reserves is a reflection of transparency in the gold market which was brought on by recent changes within the Minerals Law. The mining sector is expecting 30 tons of gold to be mined. As a result, officials hope that the foreign currency reserve will increase by over USD 1 billion. 

Mongolian, Russian, and Chinese Forum in Erlian
July 28 (Mongolian Economy) One of Mongolia’s main priorities is to increase and tighten good relations with its neighboring countries of Russia and China. In terms of foreign policy enhancement, Russian and Chinese leaders are paying Mongolia an official visit in the upcoming two months. Before these visits, however, the government office of Erlian city will host a forum and exhibition of Mongolians, Russians, and Chinese. The Mongolian National Chamber of Industry and Trade, in collaboration with the Government of Inner Mongolia, established the event to occur between August 20, 2014 and August 24, 2014. This forum will highlight economic trade and partnership between the three nations. 
The theme of the event is “Open Trust, Reform Development, and Partnership.” The exhibition will sport national products and imported products. Project and trade ideas will also be introduced during the forum. In Erlian, a store filled with Mongolian national products opened. In addition, participating companies and producers are able to enter Erlian with products without the hassle of undergoing documentation. Custom works will not be necessary for these businesses. 
This forum is a good opportunity for many to expand operation outside of Mongolia. Participants will also discuss other topics including local administration, government, mining and infrastructure. 50 Mongolian members registered.

Mongolian National Manufacturers to Organize Trade Exhibition in Beijing
July 28 ( In the framework of the recent official visit of the Governor of the Capital City and the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, Mr. Erdene BAT-UUL to Beijing, China which was held in June 2014, Mayor E.Bat-Uul had agreed upon to cooperate with Beijing side for joint implementation of several projects in the near future.
In regard with that joint implementation, the trade exhibition so called "Import Products 2014" will be organized in Beijing between September 28th and October 8th, 2014 to promote various range of the Mongolian national manufacturers’ products in China.
Elsewhere, the trade exhibition in China allows our national manufacturers to promote and sell their manufactured goods during the whole 10 days through the booths with up to 1,000 square meters in larger shops and trade centers in Beijing city, China.

Stock exchange news for July 28
Ulaanbaatar, July 28 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades held Monday, a total of 415 shares of seven JSCs were traded costing MNT one million 482 thousand and 235.00.
"Genco tour bureau” /150 units/, "Gobi” /125 units/, "Makh impex” /108 units/, "Mongol shiltgeen” /10 units/ and "APU” /10 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value--"Gobi” (MNT 983 thousand and 035), "Makh impex” (MNT 324 thousand), "Mogoin gol” (MNT 94 thousand and 500), "APU” (MNT 39 thousand and 010) and "Baganuur” (MNT 19 thousand).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 602 billion 295 million 764 thousand and 833. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,944.39, decreasing by MNT 165.96 or 1.03% against the previous day.
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