Saturday, May 18, 2013

Steppe Singer to perform in Ulaanbaatar

Steppe Singer, Urna Chahar Tugchi from Ordos, Inner Mongolia, is to re-visit Mongolia. Urna is to stage the performance “Heavenly Bird” live for Mongolians in Ulaanbaatar in the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet on May 29th.

Tseren tours, the Goethe-Institute and the Arts Council of Mongolia are jointly organizing the performance.

Steppe Singer Urna will perform songs from her albums Amilal, Hodooda and Tal nutag at her performance in Ulaanbaatar.

The last time Urna Chahar Tugchi arrived in Mongolia was in 2010 for a performance for the launch of the Cosmopolitan Mongolia Journal.

The Steppe Singer believes and introduces herself as a Mongolian. There are numerous fans of her that think her songs are far beyond amazing.

The album "Jamar" is her top pick out of all of her work. It was been said that so many of her pieces are like entire worlds of sonic mystery unto themselves.

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