Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mirage Swag | The Desert Lotus Hotel | Xiangshawan Desert, Inner Mongolia

There are all kinds of creative ways to utilize space. One of them is building hotels and resorts in the most uncommon destinations and places. The Desert Lotus Hotel happens to be a property located in the middle of the Inner Mongolian, Xiangshawan Desert.

The Desert Lotus Hotel is easy to spot from above with its while triangular tent tops. They are rotated at 45 degrees to connect together to form a circular design like a lotus. There are no bricks and tiles associated with construction of this property. The materials are all low carbon and environmentally friendly. The property uses solar, water, and wind energies for power and to reduce environmental pollution. While sand is a tricky substance to build on, the supporting skeletons of the structures are well anchored into the ground. 

This hotel resort amidst sandy seas is becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst the Chinese tourists. The resort has all kinds of desert themed activities including sand surfing and camel riding.

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