Monday, August 26, 2013

Chairman of City Council visits Ger District Redevelopment Project site

The Chairman of the Capital City Council, D.Battulga, in charge of implementation of the Ger District Redevelopment Project, visited the project site and met with project contractors. On Tuesday, he spoke with Ulaanbaatar’s public relations department about the status of the project.

His first visit took him to the 8th and 16th khoroos of Bayanzurkh District, where Baganat Urgoo and Gangar Invest companies are working on 93.8 hectares of land near Defense University. Baganat Urgoo has so far cleared the lands of 32 households.

The company had already received approval for the planned schemes for redevelopment as part of the capital city’s general plan and are waiting to sign a contract with the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development.

Gangar Invest will redevelop 39 hectares of land including the properties of more than 400 households, one general education school, and 30 businesses.

When the project is complete, it is expected to enrich the lives of residents by building pedestrian-only sidewalks, green space, schools, cinemas, and public pools. At the moment, 12 residential properties have been purchased and cleared to make way for a housing project. The initial part of the project will build three 12-story apartments by October of next year. A Gangar Invest spokesperson said that if there are no delays, the housing project could be finished even sooner.

“The families living in this region are very active, considerate and supportive of the development projects,” the spokesperson added.

Beren Company received the rights to redevelop the general plan of the 9, 10, 11, and 12th khoroo’s of Sukhbaatar District, around the 7th khoroolol.

The company had already signed commercial contracts with 150 households and started clearing the land for redevelopment. During the visit, they had been building on four blocks and made agreements with five households whose property will be used for the construction of roads.

Beren’s spokesperson told the Chairman of the Capital City Council that if these families were relocated, around 700 meters of road could be built. The company is planning to build a school for 800 children, a kindergarten for 250 children, apartments for 360 households, roads, leisure parks, and green spaces in the 7th khoroolol.

Contractors, Asar Urgoo and Buural Sutai were given the rights to redevelop 15 hectares of land in the 13th and 15th khoroos of the Chingeltei District near the 72nd school. At the time of D.Battulga’s visit, Buural Sutai had cleared the properties of seven households and was working on the foundation of an apartment building. The spokesperson for the company said that their schemes are being revaluated by the Capital City Authority for General Planning as the energy requirement figures were inaccurate.

Buural Sutai is planning to complete their first apartment building by winter of next year. Chairman D.Battulga said that all the capital city authority related issues are being resolved without delay, hence the contractors should focus on the quality of the buildings.

D.Battulga also told contractors that since the residents of the capital city entrusted them with their comfort, and health and safety of their living environment, they have a responsibility to complete their projects within projected timeframes.

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