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Mongolia Brief October 15, 2014 Part III

President’s advisor meets founder of TI
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, October 15 (MONTSAME) An advisor to the President on human rights and legal policy Ch.Onorbayar Wednesday received Mr Peter Eigen, the founder of the Transparency International NGO.

Mr Onorbayar highlighted accomplishments and ongoing project on fighting corruption, establishing rule of law, strengthening justice and good governance. Then he emphasized that Mongolia successfully lowered its Corruption Perception Index, held by Transparency International, for the last two years. He promised to continue the anti-corruption fight to provide transparent and open government.
Mr Eigen highly spoke Mongolia’s achievements in the anti-corruption actions and concurred to support and to cooperate with Mongolia.

Presidents of Mongolia and Austria about their meeting
By B. Khuder/B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 15 (MONTSAME) Being in Austria with the official visit, Mr Ts.Elbegdorj together with his counterpart Mr Heinz Fischer called a press-conference after their official talks in Vienna on Tuesday. 
Mr Fischer underlined an importance of the Mongolian President’s visit and he is “happy that the Mongolian President attaches a great importance to the relations with Austria”. He noted that he visited Mongolia 12 years ago being the president of parliament, “since then our relations, especially the economic ties, have been expanding”.
The human right is a vital matter for Austria, "we have touched upon it and have highlighted a decision of Mongolia on putting a moratorium on the capital punishment,” he said. 
“We have also talked about recent visits of China and Russia state heads to Mongolia, a  Mongolia-Russia-China trilateral meeting in Dushanbe, and approaching early November meeting of landlocked developing countries in Austria, which will bring together the UN Secretary-General as well as delegates of Mongolia,” he said.
In turn, Mr Elbegdorj expressed a satisfaction with visiting Austria and underlined that both Mongolia and Austria have unique traditional culture and history, “and we cherish human rights, freedom, justice and democracy”.
“Austria was one of the first countries to establish the diplomatic relations with Mongolia and to set up commercial ties. Our countries could cooperate in many spheres such as energy, agriculture, tourism, education and culture,” Mr Elbegdorj said.
The Mongolian President noted that the two countries support each other at international arena. “Mongolia is doing important steps towards a good governance. Mongolia joined the International Anti-Corruption Academy in 2013, Mongolia also managed to reduce its corruption in the last two years by 27 places,” Mr Elbegdorj emphasized and invited Mr Fischer to visit Mongolia.
After this the two dignitaries answered questions.
Q: How does Mongolia consider Russia’s position over Ukraine? Does Mongolia want to join the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)?
A: Mongolia has been running big reforms in its politics, society and economy since late 1989,  Mongolia is the most liberal country in its region in terms of politics and socio-economy. I studied in Ukraine for five years. The matters regarding Ukraine are multi-sided, have deep reasons. Being in Mongolia with a visit, the President of the Russian President Vladimir Putin put forward a peace initiative on tackling the Ukraine’s issues. In general, I think that Russia and western countries can negotiate this matter, and that this approach is supported by Russia and its President.
Regarding the Eurasian Economic Union (former Eurasian Customs Union), I would say that we can run economic talks with it, but do not intend to join it.”  
After this the Presidents answered a question about cooperation as the landlocked nations.
“A group of landlocked countries do not have united stable position, which is may be explained by geographical locations. Main objective of the forthcoming meeting of the landlocked countries in Austria is to determine spheres where their interests may cross, for instance, economy or environment matters, but not to shape up a united political direction or policy,” Mr Fischer emphasized.
In turn, the Mongolian President mentioned about a foundation of the International Think-Tank for Landlocked Developing Countries by the UN Secretary-General in 2007 in Ulaanbaatar and then said Mongolia will send its delegates to the upcoming international meeting for the landlocked countries.
“Main issue of the visits of the Presidents of China and Russia to Mongolia was the transit transportation. Mongolia has established an intergovernmental agreement with China, and is  working on make same agreement with Russia. I see that Mongolia is fully possible to take specific privileges,” he said.
Mongolia has two neighbours and considers the whole world, the European Union and Austria as its “Third Neighbour”. In case of reaching mutual understanding with the neighbours on the transit transportation issues, Mongolia will settle its path to the “Third Neighbour”, Mr Elbegdorj said.
When asked about the settlement of issues between Rio Tinto and the Government of Mongolia, the President expressed his belief that the issues can be settled.
Mongolian journalist asked Mr Fischer about Austria’s neutrality in foreign relations, and its pros and cons.
To this Mr. Fischer noted that the neutrality was first initiated in Austria by a federal president after the end of World War II, and was taken after the neutrality of Switzerland. The second step toward the neutrality was taken when the contingents of the USSR, France, the UK and the USA left this country, “because there was a suspicion that Austria would become a member of NATO,” he added.
Austria enacted the Declaration of Neutrality after adopting its constitution and signing agreements with the above countries whose contingents left Austria, and yet it has taken 10-15 years to determine the country’s neutral policies on international stage, he went on.
“Looking back, we never regret the decision. I am confident that 85 percent of the population will vote for keeping the neutrality, if a poll is conducted”, and noted that the four most powerful political parties in parliament support the neutrality. 
A journalist asked our President about the achievements made by Mongolia on combating corruption, as the President had mentioned earlier, and about possibilities of assistance from Austria to Mongolia in this combat.
Many have failed in obtaining freedom and lost their way, among the new and restored democracies since 1974, because of bad governance and bribery, said our President. Combating corruption is not only a matter of good governance but is also associated with the country’s independence and security, in respect of the view that a country’s security is more likely to be eroded by corruption from inside, he stressed.  
He also mentioned plenty of activities performed by Mongolia on this matter such as adopting of new programs and laws on jurisdiction, ratification of the UN Convention Against Corruption, and pending ratification of European convention on the issue.
“The people’s commitments and support for the State in establishing good governance and eliminating corruption have always inspired me”, he said and stressed that Mongolia’s biggest achievement is two-digit decrease of the last three years in corruption indexes by “Transparency International”.
“Protecting the democracy is a continuous process that we should demise for generations. Mongolia is going to intensify the actions against corruption,” said Mongolia’s leader.

Consultation runs for energy monitoring experts
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, October 15 (MONTSAME) The fourth consultation of energy control experts was held Tuesday in Ulaanbaatar.
Co-organized by the Ministry of Energy, the General Agency for Specialized Inspection (GASI) and the #2 thermal power station, the consultation attracted D.Dorjpurev, the Vice Minister of Energy; L.Batsaikhan, head of the State Management Department of the Energy Ministry; and D.Jargal, a department head of the GASI; also 54 engineers and technical experts from 25 organizations.
Eight reports were delivered at the consultation. The participants decided to issue a recommendation and to send it to energy companies and factories.
Next consultation will be run in 2015 by the “Dorgon hydropower station” LLC at the “Energy system of western region” state-run company.

Stock exchange news for October 15
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, October 15 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades on Wednesday, a total of 23 thousand and 496 shares of 17 JSCs were traded costing MNT 19 million 881 thousand and 569.00.
"Ulaansan” /14 thousand and 814 units/, “Remikon” /4,100 units/, “Genco tour bureau” /1,875 units/, “Khokh gan” /1,611 units/ and "Mongolia Telecom” /212 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value were "Ulaansan” (MNT 14 million and 814 thousand), "Darkhan nekhii” (MNT one million 017 thousand and 500), “Talkh chikher” (MNT 840 thousand), "Gutal” (MNT 745 thousand and 500) and "Remikon” (MNT 467 thousand and 400).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 572 billion 020 million 146 thousand and 346. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,682.10, decreasing 21.20 units or 0.14% against the previous day.

Founder of Transparency International visits
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 15 (MONTSAME) The founder of Transparency International Peter Eigen called October 14 a press conference at the Kharkhorin Hall of Ulaanbaatar Hotel. He is visiting Mongolia at invitation of Friedrich Ebert Foundation of Germany.
Mr Eigen brought a presentation themed “Roles of independent and civil organizations in investigating and combating corruption” into discussion. During the conference, he informed the gathered about solution to corruption—an urgent problem faced by the global political sphere, and about his talks with other countries. Branches of Transparency International NGO have opened in 110 underdeveloped countries. The branches cooperate with press and media organizations to run its activities. Mongolia branch also runs surveys and makes conclusions regarding corruption.
 The founder of the NGO shared opinions on Tuesday with Mongolia’s related officials on Forms and consequences of corruption in mining sector, and on strengthening good governance through combating corruption in the raw materials industry.
The Government of Germany has awarded Peter Eigen a state order called “Great Christ Order of Honor”, in high recognition of his efforts in combating corruption on an international level.

About meeting of HR managers
By N. Khaliun
Ulaanbaatar, October 15 (MONTSAME) The 5th meeting of Human Resources (HR) managers will be held at the Great Hall of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry on October 16.
It will be co-organized by the National Research Institute of Human Resources together with the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The main topics are organization development, human factors, and managerial skills. The participants will learn methods of HR management and planning and global trends in this sector.

Business registry in statistics
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 15 (MONTSAME) In third quarter of this year, 110.4 thousand entities were registered in the Registry Base of Economic Entities, 56.1 thousand or 50.8 percent of registered are operating. Most of the operating entities are located in Ulaanbaatar, according to the National Statistics Office.
Some 34 thousand entities operate in Ulaanbaatar that make up 61.6 percent of all operating organizations, 7.1 thousand or 12.6 percent – in central region, 6.4 thousand or 11.5 percent – in region of Khangai, 5.7 thousand or 10.2 percent – in western region, and 2.3 thousand or 4.2 percent in eastern region.
Entities with one to nine workers cover 84.9 percent of all operating entities, 10-19 workers – 6.5 percent, 20-49 workers – 5.3 percent, and entities that have more than 50 workers make up 3.2 percent.
Among the non-operating 54.3 entities registered in the base include 16.6 thousand that have not started operations - 30.5 percent, 30.7 thousand or 56.5 percent – temporarily stopped operations, one thousand or 1.9 percent – entirely shutdown, 6.0 thousand or 11.1 percent – without specific address or with other reasons.

Mongolians to attend World University Championship of Woodball
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 15 (MONTSAME) The national team of student athletes to participate in the World University Championship of Woodball headed to Malaysia on October 15. The tournament is to run October 21-26 in Kuala Lumpur.
The team includes 12 athletes--Sh.Batjargal, M.Sugarsuren, B.Oyuntuya, B.Khishigjargal, G.Batbuyan, D.Munkh-Orgil, G.Ijiltsetseg, G.Enerel, E.Enkhtuvshin, D.Davaadorj, Ts.Baasanjargal and B.Bayanbulag. In the previous championship, our team ranked at fifth place in overall scores.

Bulgan aimag pays tribute to World champion G.Boldbaatar
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, October 15 (MONTSAME) Authorities of Bulgan aimag’s Khangal soum and its people showed respect to their resident G.Boldbaatar IMS, a gold medallist of the Judo World Championship.
The ceremony and a small festival were attended by D.Erdenebat, a governor of Bulgan aimag; the aimag’s administrative officials; leaders of the Orkhon aimag-based “Khangarid” sport club; members of Khangal soum’s Council; representatives of the Mongolian Judo Federation and youths’ organizations. This event also attracted N.Tuvshinbayar, an Olympic champion and State Honored Sportsman.
A judoka of the “Khangarid” sport club, G.Boldbaatar won a gold medal in the Chelyabinsk-2014 Judo World Championship in the men 60 kg contest. For his success, the club gave him a cash prize of MNT 25 million and a three-room flat. Bulgan aimag’s administration also granted him MNT 5 million. He has been awarded prizes and cash from other organizations.

Press release: Oyu Tolgoi - update on production and operations
October 15 (Oyu Tolgoi) - 134,100 tonnes of concentrate produced in third quarter, 2014 -
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Today, Oyu Tolgoi released its quarterly production report, providing an update on production and performance.
Between July and September 2014, Oyu Tolgoi produced 134,100 tonnes of concentrate, bringing total production so far this year to 377,000 tonnes.
In September, concentrate production was impacted by operational damage to the rake arms of one of Oyu Tolgoi’s two tailings thickeners. The concentrator operated at approximately 60 per cent throughput during the repairs. Despite reduced throughput, Q3’14 metal production was in-line with the previous quarter due to higher head grades.
Concentrate sales continued to exceed production rates in Q3’14 resulting in further inventory drawdown.
Oyu Tolgoi Chief Financial Officer, Steve Duggan, said: “Our workforce coordinated an impressive effort across the business to safely and quickly repair the thickener rake arms while limiting the overall impact on production.
“We continue to make good progress in moving from the post-commissioning phase of the business into steady-state operations.”
Oyu Tolgoi’s latest production figures can be found below. Further information can also be found in Turquoise Hill Resources’ production report.
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