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Mongolia Brief October 14, 2014 Part II

Mongolia won 6 medals at the Junior and Youth Sambo World Championship
October 14 ( Mongolia grabbed six medals at the 2014 Junior and Youth Sambo World Championship that was held in Seoul, South Korea.

Mongolian wrestler Munkhbat in men`s junior 48 kg event and Sumiyabazar in men`s 60 kg event both won bronze medals.
Bavuubaatar in men`s youth 62 kg event Selengesaikhan in women`s 56 kg event won bronze medals too and Adiltsetseg in women`s 68 kg event won silver at the 2014 Junior and Youth Sambo World Championship.

Recruitment of new soldiers to army begins Friday
October 14 ( Welcoming home veterans who have served in the army will be held on October 15th in accordance with the city governor`s resolution to conduct demobilization and recruitment.
Recruiting new soldiers and contract servicemen to the army will be organized between October 17-19th of 2014.
The registration will be held on October 17- 19th for men who are fitted for military service between the ages of 18 and 35.
The recruiting will be held at the following secondary schools:
Bayangol district – 96th secondary school
Bayanzurkh district – 53rd secondary school
Sukhbaatar district – 31st secondary school
Songinokhairkhan district – 83rd secondary school
Khan-Uul district – 34th secondary school
Chingeltei district – 24th secondary school
Nalaikh district – Local occupational training center
Bagakhangai district – Cultural palace
Baganuur district -will be organized during the next registration period

Mongolia welcomes its three millionth person
October 14 ( Mongolia, the country with the lowest population density, welcomed the first millionth citizen back in 1962.
The two millionth citizen of Mongolia was recognized in July of 1988.
According to a study done by the National Statistical Committee Mongolia, the 3 millionth citizen has been welcomed in the first quarter of 2015, a whole 27 years later than the second millionth citizen.
Surveys show Mongolia`s population growth rate has been an estimated 1.8-2.0 percent in the past five years.

Ulaanbaatar to Celebrate 375th Anniversary with Grand Parade on October 29, 2014
October 14 ( Celebrating the 375th anniversary of the Capital City, the Ulaanbaatar Administration for the first time to host a parade named after the Mayor of UB at Chinggis Square on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.
At this parade about 8,000 participants from over 30 organizations including governmental, NGOs and universities are registered to attend and during the event, many activities will be organized such as food taste, city big sale, art and cultural performances.
Also, as part of collaborations, Tengis and Urgoo cinemas will feature all movies at 50% of discounts on this day and the city museums will be opened with free entrances including Mongolian National Museum, Choijin Lama Temple Museum, Winter Palace of the Bogd Khaan, Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Mongolian Theatre Museum and UB Museum.
Moreover, the city public transportation will also serve at half-price ticket.
City mayors parade and, October 14

Macroeconomic indicators as of September
October 14 (Mongolian Economy) In September 2014, the national consumer price index rose 0.7 percent from the previous month, totaling a 13 percent increase from 2013. This percentage increase is largely due to higher prices for a household’s purchased goods and services, such as water, electricity and fuel, and other miscellaneous products. 
According to a report from the Bank of Mongolia, money supply reached MNT 10.1 trillion, representing a 0.6 percent decrease from the previous month. Circulated currency reached lower levels, totaling MNT 827.3 billion, a 6 percent decrease from August 2014. Loans outstanding amounted to MNT 12.6 trillion, which is a 2.2 percent increase from the previous month, totaling a 24.2 percent increase from the same period in 2013.
Principal arrears amounted to MNT 464.6 billion, equivalent to an 11.9 percent decrease from August 2014. Nonperforming loans reached MNT 590.4 billion, decreasing 4.6 percent from the previous month. 
For the state budget, revenue increased as equilibrated revenue and grants of the General Government Budget totaled MNT 4,311.7 billion. Total expenditure and net lending of the budget came out to 4,504.2 billion tugrug. This represents a deficit of MNT 192.5 billion.  As subsidies and transfers rise along with the expenditures on goods and services, the total expenditure and net lending will continue to grow. 
The external trade balance presents a similar story. In the first 9 months of 2013, there was a deficit of 1.7 billion USD. However, within the first 9 months of this year, deficits fell down to 24.9 million USD, a 1,703.2 million USD decrease from the same period in 2013.

Inner Mongolian Khyangan Aimag to Promote Its Businesses in Ulaanbaatar
October 14 ( A large delegation of public and business representatives from Khyangan Aimag (Hinggan or Xingan league) of Inner Mongolia, China is to arrive in Ulaanbaatar on October 24, 2014.
The visit is aimed to promote its businesses and broaden cooperation with Mongolian counterparts, which is organized for the first-time by the Aimag Administration.
In the frames of measures, an exhibition and fair trade will be hosted at Misheel Expo Center in Ulaanbaatar on October 24-27, besides, Khyangan Aimag Trade and Economy Forum is scheduled to organize at Tuushin Hotel on October 25, 2014.
During the Forum, one-to-one meetings between entrepreneurs will be provided and businesses interested to invest into Mongolia will be represented in the following categories:
- Joint collaboration investing in the construction sector
- Cooperation in agriculture (crop husbandry, greenhouse farming, vegetables, sunflower and joint projects on vegetables)
- Cooperation in the mining sector
- Meat purchasing
- Chicken and egg imports
- Establishing Mongolian pharmaceutical manufactory
- Others

Trade Fair between Bordering Administrations of Russia and Mongolia to Be Organized in Uvs Aimag
October 14 ( On October 15-18, 2014, the Davst Sum Administration of Uvs Aimag in collaboration with Tyva Republic (Tuva), Russia are to organize a border trade fair at Borshoo Trade Center in Khandgait Bag of Davst Sum, where business representatives from both sides are to exhibit their products and goods.
The event was agreed to host every two years simultaneously on each territory during the signing ceremony of Protocol inked by Uvs Aimag Governor D.Tsendsuren and Chairman of Tyva Republic Sholban Kara-ool.
The Protocol on cooperation between the two administrative bodies was signed in Mongolia on September 04, 2014 and in the scope of the document, parties aim to broaden cooperation in trade and economy, science and technology, as well as to develop partnership at border and in cultural spheres.

President of Mongolia Handed "Formula of Power", Russian Film Dedicated to Him
October 14 ( On October 13, 2014, the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj left the country to attend the 10th ASEM Summit in Milan, Italy and during a short stay in Moscow before to head for Europe, President Ts.Elbegdorj visited the site of ITAR TASS, Russian News Agency, where he held a meeting with members of the Club of Chief Editors of the Russian Mass Media.
During the meeting with Russian Chief Editors, President Ts.Elbegdorj stressed the importance of the September visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Mongolia and shared on perspectives of the development of cooperation between Russia, Mongolia and China.
After which, President Ts.Elbegdorj, the honored guest of the Club was handed a film dedicated to him as part of the series of "Formula of Power", a TV series that profiles world leaders, hosts by ITAR-TASS First Deputy Director General Mikhail Gusman.
Moreover, Mr. Gusman had a chance to hold an exclusive interview with President Ts.Elbegdorj. This is the second interview with Mongolian President and the first interview was made when Mikhail Gusman visited Ulaanbaatar as one of the President’s Guests to witness the 2014 National Naadam Festival and timely before the Russian President V.Putin’s working visit to Mongolia paid last September.
In the latter exclusive interview with Mikhail Gusman, President Ts.Elbegdorj said, “We want to keep developing partnership with Russia and as of fact, when we ask our people which country they want to have closer relations with, statistics show 60% prefer Russia and 15-20% choose China. The rest of the world is our third neighbor. Of course, we want to have good relations with all other countries. It’s good for our neighbors too, because there appear more opportunities for investment”.
In addition, President Ts.Elbegdorj noted, “When someone somewhere asks whether an American military base may appear on Mongolian territory, I can say, it will never happen, because Mongolia’s Constitution bans deployment of foreign military bases on the country’s territory”.

Foreign Minister L.Bold Meets U.S. Senior Military Leaders Visiting Mongolia
October 14 ( On October 14, 2014, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia L.Bold received in his office the U.S. senior military leaders visiting Mongolia under the Capstone Military Leadership Program.
During the meeting, Minister L.Bold informed the foreign policy of Mongolia and the current state of the Mongolia-U.S. relations and cooperation and touched upon some issues concerning bilateral cooperation in the defense field.
Also, presenting Mongolia’s position towards international and Northeast Asian regional issues, Minister L.Bold answered the questions of the Capstone fellows, who visited Mongolia several times under this Program.
CAPSTONE is a joint service professional military education courses for newly promoted brigadier generals and rear admirals serving in the United States military. The National Defense University conducts the CAPSTONE course with objective to ensure senior military leaders understand how military forces and other elements of national power are integrated and used to support national military strategies, and how joint, interagency, and multinational operations support strategic national objectives.
FM Meets Senior Officials of US DefenseMontsame, October 14

State Bank to Issue JCB Debit Card in Mongolia Starting from Spring of 2015
October 14 ( The JCB International Co., Ltd. ("JCBI"), the international operations subsidiary of JCB, and State Bank, a government-run bank in Mongolia, have announced a new partnership for issuing JCB branded cards to the people of Mongolia, according to Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) press release from October 14, 2014.
State Bank plans to launch debit card issuing in the spring of 2015. This will mark the first JCB card issuance in Mongolia.
Kimihisa Imada, Deputy President of JCBI stated, "The new card issuing partnership with State Bank offers JCBI the opportunity to launch the JCB brand in Mongolia, a market with a high potential for growth in both issuing and acquiring business, as the central bank is making progress on building the payments infrastructure. I am delighted that the partnership enables State Bank and JCBI to provide people in Mongolia with more attractive services such as JCB Plaza Lounges and other T&E services that embody the Japanese spirit of hospitality".
D.Batsaikhan, CEO of State Bank said, "State Bank has started to accept JCB cards in 270 ATMs, 1600 merchants and 540 branches through Bank of Mongolia since March 2014. Since then, we have stepped forth our partnership to the next level as the first issuer of JCB card in Mongolia. It is a very honor for us to have such a world brand as a partner. We are aiming to provide services to the tourist and travelers on business from both countries and also for the Mongolian people who are living and studying in Japan. We would like to offer services which will match the needs of the customers with JCB cards between two countries, which can provide more worthwhile services to our customers. We hope that our partnership will introduce more attractive services to both countries' customers".
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