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Mongolia Brief October 15, 2014 Part II

Names of New Three Ministers Promoted to Speaker of Parliament of Mongolia
October 15 ( Today on October 15, 2014, Minister of the Cabinet Office of the Government of Mongolia, MP Ch.Saikhanbileg presented a draft bill on "Appointing New Members of the Cabinet, Dismissing Incumbent Ministers" to the Speaker of the State Great Khural (Parliament) Z.Enkhbold.

According to the bill,
Parliamentarian Mr. Dashzeveg ZORIGT is promoted as the Minister for Finance of Mongolia Foreign policy advisor to the President, Mr. Lundeg PUREVSUREN as the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation
State Secretary of current Ministry of Mining, Mr. Rentsendoo JIGJID as the Minister for Mining and Energy of Mongolia
Parliamentarian Mr. Chultem ULAAN is dismissed from the post of Minister for Finance of Mongolia
Parliamentarian Mr. Luvsanvandan BOLD from the post of Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia
Parliamentarian Mr. Tsevelmaa BAYARSAIKHAN from the post of Minister for Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia
Parliamentarian Mr. Amarjargal GANSUKH from the post of Minister for Roads and Transportation
Parliamentarian Mr. Davaajav GANKHUYAG from the post of Minister for Mining of Mongolia
Parliamentarian Mr. Nyamjav BATBAYAR from the post of Minister for Economic Development of Mongolia
Parliamentarian Mr. Mishig SONOMPIL from the post of Minister for Energy of Mongolia
Last Wednesday on October 08, 2014, the Parliament of Mongolia approved a bill to diminish current 16 Ministries to 13, whereas six Ministries were merged into three Ministries. Therefore, above mentioned six Ministers are dismissed and the three names promoted will be discussed at the Parliament for approvals, which is expected tomorrow.
New 13 Ministries of Mongolia since October 2014:
1. Ministry of Finance (merged from Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economic Development)
2. Ministry of Mining and Energy (merged from Ministry of Mining and the Ministry of Energy)
3. Ministry of Roads, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development (merged from Ministry of Construction & Urban Development and the Ministry Roads & Transportation)
4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation
5. Ministry of Environment and Green Development
6. Ministry of Justice
7. Ministry of Defense
8. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
9. Ministry of Industry and Agriculture
10. Ministry of Labor
11. Ministry of Population Development and Social Protection
12. Ministry of Education and Science
13. Ministry of Health
New Cabinet Ministers are presented to, October 15

Brief resume of L.Purevsuren, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation
October 15 ( Minister for Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation L.Purevsuren
Current position: Adviser of Foreign Affairs to the President of Mongolia
1989 Graduated MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) mastering in Western Europe
1993 Course for young diplomats of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, organnised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany
2000-2001 Victoria University, Wellington New Zealand
2003 Asia Pacific Security Center, Hawaii USA 
1989-1991 Attache. Administration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1991-1993 Translator, Embassy of Germany in Ulaanbaatar
1993-1995 Attache, Department of Europe and America, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1995-2000 Second and later First Secretary of Embassy of Mongolia in Bonn
2000-2009 First Secretary and Adviser to European Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Foreign languages: Russian English German
Family: Married

Minister for Mining and Energy: R.Jigjid
October 15 ( Minister for Mining and Energy: R.Jigjid
1967 – 1977 Secondary Education
1977 – 1980 Faculty of Physics, National University of Mongolia
1980 – 1985 University of Textile, Japan
1985 – 1989 Engineer and Director for Production and Director of Department, Gobi Cashmere Factory
1989 – 1990 Clerk in charge of external relations, Planning and Economy Committee
1990 – 1996 Second secretary and adviser, Asia Africa Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1996 – 2000 Adviser, Embassy of Mongolia in Japan
2000 – 2004 Adviser, Asia America Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2004 – 2006 Adviser, Embassy of Mongolia in Japan
2006 – 2011 Ambassador to Japan
Sept. 2012 Charge de Affairs of the State Secretary of the Ministry of Mining

Brief resume Minister for Finance: D.Zorigt
October 15 ( Minister for Finance: D.Zorigt
1977 Secondary Education
1982 Engineer – economist, Construction and Engineering University, Rostov, USSR
1982 – 1986 clerk “Compleximport” cooperative, State Committee for External Economic Cooperation
1986 – 1989 Deputy Director, “Mongol Barilga” cooperative, State Committee for External Economic Cooperation
1989 – 1991 First Deputy Director, “Materialimpex” Cooperative
1991 – 1996 Deputy Director “Odod” LLC
1996 – 1999 Director of State Property Agency
1999 – 2000 Chairman of the State Property Committee
2000 – 2008 Chairman of the Board of Directors “Mongol Post” bank
2008 – 2012 Elected as Member of Parliament
2009 – 2011 Chairman of the sub-committee of Budget Expenditure of the State Great Khural
2011 – 2012 Chairman of the Standing Committee of Economy

Defense Sectors of Mongolia and United Kingdom Hold First Official Talks in Ulaanbaatar
October 15 ( The first meeting between defense sectors of Mongolia and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was held in Ulaanbaatar on October 13, 2014.
The British side was represented by Brigadier General Simon Levey, Defense Attache at British Embassy in Beijing, China, who concurrently serves as Defense Attache to Mongolia and Julian Pearson, Deputy Head of Mission and Head of Commerce at British Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, where the Defense Ministry of Mongolia by Colonel D.Ariunbold, Director of the Department for External Cooperation.
During the meeting, parties exchanged views on bilateral relations within defense sector, current state of partnership and its further tendencies, and agreed on the measures to implement jointly in 2015.
At the meeting it was also discussed and agreed to continue training of Mongolian military staff at the UK Military School, to expand participation of the UK representatives at the Khaan Quest multinational peacekeeping exercise, to continue the implementation of “Peacekeeping English” project at Defense Ministry of Mongolia, to exchange of experiences in the military hospital and back-office management services as well as to develop horse polo sport in Mongolian defense sector.
This meeting was significant as the first official talks since the establishment of Memorandum of Understanding between the two Defense Ministries inked in 2012.

First Ever Wheelchair Miss to Be Hosted in Ulaanbaatar on International Day of People with Disability
October 15 ( The “Bid Chadna Negdel” NGO in collaboration with “Brilliant” women’s union and Ikh Zasag International University are organizing the first ever pageant contest for people with disabilities namely Wheelchair Miss 2014 in Ulaanbaatar on December 03, 2014.
The December Third is an International Day of People with Disability and last year the NGO successfully organized the “Wheelchair Fashion” show and this year the show will be also hosted on this day.
The winner of the contest will be elected as the Envoy representing Mongolian people with disability and be the first owner of the Wheelchair Miss Trophy, moreover, she will be awarded with a certificate to have a holiday with her family members in Italy.

2014 Wool, Cashmere and Leather Products Exhibition Opens Tomorrow
October 15 ( The Ministry of Industry and Agriculture in collaboration with Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association, Mongolian Association for Manufacturers of Leather and Skins, and Misheel Group LLC are organizing the “Wool, Cashmere, Hide and Leather Products 2014” annual exhibition and trade fair in Ulaanbaatar on October 16-20, 2014.
The event will take place at Misheel Expo Center for the consecutive 8th year and this time over 120 entities industrialized in this sector will be participating and displaying their best products in the following categories.
- Wool and cashmere clothes
- Wool and cashmere hats, gloves and scarves
- Sheepskin coats and fur clothing
- Leather clothing, shoes and handbags
- Leather accessories

Turquoise Hill Announces Third Quarter 2014 Production
October 15 ( On October 14, 2014, the Turquoise Hill Resources announced the third quarter 2014 production for Oyu Tolgoi LLC, Mongolia's largest copper and gold mining company.
Production for Q3’14 was 36,600 tonnes of copper and 132,000 ounces of gold in concentrates. Metal production for the quarter was in-line with Q2’14 as higher copper grades offset lower throughput due to the previously announced failure of the rake arms in one of Oyu Tolgoi’s two tailings thickeners.
Material mined of approximately 19.5 million tonnes for the quarter was higher than Q2’14 but was impacted by lower equipment availability.
The high-grade zone of the open pit was progressively accessed during Q3’14 with consistent mining of the high-grade zone starting in September. As a result, gold grades improved during Q3’14 and are expected to increase during Q4’14.
Strong concentrate sales continued during Q3’14 with sales exceeding production resulting in an inventory drawdown for the quarter.
Production and financial guidance update
As a result of the delayed mine advancement in Q3’14, Turquoise Hill now expects Oyu Tolgoi to produce between 550,000 - 600,000 ounces of gold in concentrates for 2014. Previously anticipated Q4’14 gold in concentrates production is expected to shift to Q1’15. Turquoise Hill previously expected between 135,000 - 160,000 tonnes of copper in concentrates for the year but now expects Oyu Tolgoi to produce between 135,000 - 150,000 tonnes of copper in concentrates for 2014.
Throughout 2014, Oyu Tolgoi has been focusing on cost reduction and productivity initiatives designed to generate increased cash flow and improve financial performance. As a result, Turquoise Hill expects an approximately US$130 million reduction in Oyu Tolgoi’s operating cash costs for 2014 from the previously announced US$1.0 billion. Turquoise Hill has also reduced expected capital expenditure for 2014 from US$160 million to capital expenditure of approximately US$110 million for the year.
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