Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia /MONTSAME/ President Ts.Elbegdorj has underlined that a matter on burying nuclear waste in Mongolia became a center of the public attention in the last two months and that is creating a worry among people.

On Wednesday, he expressed his position on this matter and talked with media about the Tavan tolgoi project and a criminal case of murdering a politician S.Zorig.

As we informed before, the President by his decree and directives banned on Tuesday the government from dealing with nuclear waste issues. "In other words, we must re-examine the law on nuclear energy and other policy documents in order to prevent causing consequences. The matter of nuclear energy and burying nuclear waste is similar to playing with a fire, the nuclear waste of other countries is a 'snake grown up in another body', he said. “Receiving back the nuclear waste after exploiting and exporting uranium must not be, as I think, this is a pressure from foreign superpowers, and we must throw out this delusion,” the President stressed.

Then he explained a reason of giving back a draft agreement on the Tavan tolgoi project after it had been discussed at the NSC. It is because the NSC cannot accept this draft as it is, in other words, the draft is not accorded with the laws and regulations. The cabinet wants to give it back, too, he said.

Another issue touched upon was about the directive to intensify the consideration of the criminal case of S.Zorig murder. In accordance with it, the State Prosecutor-General has given information to the NSC on procedure of detecting the criminal case, he said.

Present at the meeting were some MPs, cabinet members and officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nuclear Energy Authority (NEA). A head of the NEA S.Enkhbat was not there due to health condition.


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