Friday, May 2, 2014

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation training in Mongolia

In the framework of legal reform laid out by the Minister of Justice, a proposal for the formation of an investigation bureau focused on national security and fighting transnational organized crime was submitted to cabinet members. The main activities of the Bureau of Investigation would be to fight against drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking, and cyber crime. In order to study the experiences of countries that fight these crimes, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was called on.

The FBI has been providing training to Mongolian law enforcement officers since April 21.

We learned more about the training from Ronald D. Curtis, special agent of the FBI and Virt Blake, legal attache of the U.S. Embassy in China.

How does the FBI work?

First of all, after analyzing what kind of crime is harmful, we start to work. We investigate the crimes that might impact society negatively. For example, we mostly fight against terrorism and cyber crime. Cyber crime is really harmful to the global community. The FBI does not investigate crimes such as assault, transportation accidents, or domestic violence.

Mongolia is considering the formation of a Bureau of Investigation. Under what department does the FBI work?

The FBI belongs to the United States Justice Department. There are other agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration in the Justice Department. The United States of America is a federal country so each state has a legal office and they all belong to the Justice Department.

Do any other law enforcement officers participate in cases handled by the FBI?

The FBI cooperates with the other legal agencies (city, state, and federal) which have the same obligation. During the handling of the case, the prosecutor’s office controls it.

Transnational organized crime occurs in Mongolia. By joining the National Investigation Agency of Mongolia and Mongolian Criminal Police Department, we established the Department for Fighting Against Organized Crime. You have conducted several surveys in Mongolia. Do you think that we really need the National Investigation Agency?

We don’t have the right to draw a conclusion on it. Establishing a Bureau of Investigation or not will depend on your country’s government’s decision.

Who initiated the idea to come to Mongolia?

In 2013, delegates led by the Minister of Justice of Mongolia visited the U.S., and during the visit they met the head of the FBI. Currently we are developing a draft on the Bureau of Investigation. In connection with it, they discussed inviting facilitators from the FBI to share their information and experience. Based on this, the trainings were scheduled to be held for two weeks in April 2014. At present, we are starting the training.

What kind of information did you have about the Bureau of Investigation draft?

We met working group members from the Standing Committee of the Cabinet last Friday and D.Battsogt, the Member of Cabinet headed the meeting. The draft consisted of six chapters and 40 provisions. At present, we have not become acquainted with the final draft, which is why we couldn’t make any conclusions earlier. As we understand, the newly established agency will investigate illegal drug and human trafficking, and cyber and financial crime.

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