Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mongolian professionals enter international competition

Mongolia joined WorldSkills International as the 69th member in order to train skilled professionals based on labor market demands, to challenge the skills and knowledge of teachers and students, improve the vocational education system, introduce Mongolia’s skills to the world, and to learn from the experiences of foreign countries.

As a Member of WorldSkills, Mongolians can now participate in the WorldSkills competitions and other activities, gain access to their network of worldwide resources and expertise in skills training and promotion, and set themselves against the highest global benchmarks set by countries and regions with the most advanced skill levels.

WorldSkills International annually organizes the WorldSkills competition, and in order to select competitors, Mongolia is organizing Mongolian Skills-2014 for nine professions in two phases.

Students from vocational education training organizations selected for competition will be trained in South Korea as part of the preparation for WorldSkills.

The Mongolian Technical Vocational Education and Training system is focused on becoming demand driven, with importance placed on improving learning environments through upgrading equipment, workshops, and instructional learning materials.

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