Wednesday, May 28, 2014

China Metallurgical : ENFI Finishes Feasibility Study Report on Copper Smelting Project in Mongolia

China ENFI Engineering Corp. (ENFI) announced that, the Feasibility Study Report on the Copper Smelting Project (with an annual output capability of 120,000 tons) of HOKO Company in Mongolia was formally completed on May 23, 2014.

The Copper Smelting Plant of HOKO Company is the first such works in Mongolia. ENFI is responsible for the preparation of the Feasibility Study Report. The experts present at the reviewing conference for this report included: Chairman DOVCHIN NYMAA, the General Counsel and the other heads (six persons in total) of HOKO Company, as well as the Technical Director of Xinhaoyuan Company, the Consulting Company recruited by the Employer. After the strict assessment, all the experts reached consensus that, the Feasibility Study Report prepared by ENFI was in compliance with the requirements of the contract and the relevant standards for such reports of non-ferrous metals industry in terms of content, depth and format. According to the evaluation result, the technical option is advanced and reliable, the technical indicators are full and accurate, and this has laid a firm foundation for the project execution.

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