Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Mongolian Dream: Oyun-Erdene Duinkhersuren

Oyun-ErdeneDuinkhersuren, 24, is a housewife and lives with her husband and child.

What is your biggest concern in life right now?

The biggest concern in my life is money. My husband works at a state university. That’s why his salary is really low. His salary is spent on basic needs such as housing bills, food and needs for my daughter. I want to buy clothes or something for my husband, daughter and me, but we haven’t more money to buy those things. Also, I want to study at a university for a master’s degree, but I need money for tuition. If I go to university, I need a babysitter. Hiring a babysitter is also money, so money is my biggest concern. I graduated from university, and I am able to work, but my daughter is too little now. She is only one year old. When she reaches two years old, she will go to kindergarten. After that, I will find a job.

What would you like to see for your children in 20-30 years from Mongolia?

Girls are giving birth at younger ages day by day. In my opinion, when people give birth at a young age, it means they are contributing to Mongolian development. Women have to sit at home after giving birth. The state has to give an allowance to young housewives, because their children are Mongolia’s future. Mothers must nurture their children until they are up to two years old. Some mothers hire babysitters and work for money. It is very bad for your child’s formation of character. That’s why the state has to focus on young mothers.

If you were a top decision maker in the country, and you could change only one thing, what would it be?

I would improve the education system of Mongolia and prepare skilled workers. Now, huge and tall buildings are being built. These buildings will not influence the country’s development, as I see it. If everyone in Mongolia was skilled, Mongolia would not need to import products from abroad and hire foreigners for construction work.

On a scale of one to 10, how happy would you say Mongolian society is?

Looking from one perspective, Mongolian society is a happy society. Because Mongolia exists between two giant countries. Also, Mongolia is an independent country, which means state policy is not bad. From another perspective, the Mongolian economy depends on foreign countries. In addition, our education level and its quality is getting worse and worse. Everyone graduates from university but their knowledge and skill level is not good. Students are the product of universities, and universities are producing bad products. This means that state policy on education is really weak. Aside from these issues, I would give six points for the happiness of Mongolian society. Mongolia is a peaceful and safe country compared to other countries such as Ukraine, Iraq and Iran.

How do you think this age will be remembered in the future?

If Mongolia is doing the same as it is today in the future, it will probably lose its independence. If Mongolia changes its policy and improves its economic situation, Mongolia will develop like Singapore, or somewhere like that. Every citizen has to be responsible for his or her actions.

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