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Mongolia Brief May 13, 2014

Consumer commodity price increased by 12.3%
May 13 (business-mongolia.com) According to the National Statistics Committee, price of consumer goods increased by 1% from a month ago and 12.3% from last year.
12.3% corresponds to CPI index which also defines the inflation rate from last year. Main contributors were food products, soft beverages and clothing goods.
Regionally, Khuvsgul province was least affected by the CPI index increase and Darkhan-Uul province had the highest price increase. Out of 329 goods in CPI price index 34% had price increase,  46% were stable, and the rest showed some decrease in prices.

MPs Leg Childcare Center in Songino Khairkhan District
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) Head of the Standing committee on social policy, education, culture and science D.Battsogt; D.Sarangerel and L.Erdenechimeg MPs Monday got acquainted with activities of Songinokhairkhan district-based childcare center.
Opened in March of this year, the model childcare center receives everyday 15 children, and employs chief and assistant teachers as well as a chef. The children have up to five-fold meals, said D.Olziikhishig, a manager of the center. “In order to focus on food safety, parents of the children and the teachers participate every week in purchasing of foods from markets,” she said.
D.Battsogt MP emphasized an importance of providing a condition for children, who stayed at home out of kindergartens, to be involved in childcare centers by accelerating an adoption of a draft law on pre-school education. Moreover, Erdenechimeg MP believes that founding a number of such childcare centers in the city will create 5,000 job places in the capital city, and 15 thousand vacancies across the country, and then underlined a requirement to urgently discuss the draft amendment at parliament.

Concession Contract to Be Established for Tavantolgoi-Khanbogd-Khangi Road Project
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) The Cabinet meeting on last Saturday permitted Economic Development Minister N.Batbayar to establish a concession contract with Nano LLC for road building linking Tavantolgoi mine to Khangi port in eastern Dornogovi province over Khanbogd in Omnogovi province.
The concessionaire Nano LLC is a project company founded within a partnership of ‘Union of Mongolian Auto-road Companies’ Consortium and MCCC LCC, who were awarded with rights to cooperate with the Mongolian Government in this concession agreement.
The Cabinet assigned Transport Minister A.Gansukh, Environment and Green Development Minister S.Oyun and Construction and Urban Development Minister Ts.Bayarsaikhan to provide relevant accession and authorities to the concessionaires for preliminary and feasibility studies and road building.

Agriculture Exchange Trades 120 Billion Togrog
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) In the first quarter of 2014, the Agricultural Commodities Exchange conducted trades of 120 billion togrog, says an officer.
The exchange held trades of cashmere, sheep and camel wool and vegetable oil totaling 403 billion togrog, since approval of relevant laws, last year. The establishment of the Agricultural Commodity Exchange greatly contributes to keeping of the purchasing price of cashmere high in the country, says an officer, citing that last year the price had not gone under 60 thousand togrog per kg. 

Mongolia Produces One Ton Gold in First Quarter of 2014
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) In the first quarter of 2014, gold production in Mongolia was one ton, says Mining Deputy Minister O.Erdenebulgan.
The gold production in first quarter of 2014 shows a decrease of a half ton compared to the same period of the previous year. The nation has planned to produce 31 ton of gold this year. However, the plan is still achievable, the Deputy Minister says, noting that gold production in Oyu Tolgoi mine is expected to reach 20 ton, and others are going to produce 11 ton of gold this year. Gatsuurt mine might also launch its gold production within this year, thereby contributing to the realization of the gold production plan, adds Mr Erdenebulgan amid his interview given to Khurd news agency.

Mongolian scientist discovered a new element
May 13 (news.mn) An international team nuclear physicists at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, Germany head by Mongolian scientist, member of The Council of Scientists of Nuclear Energy Authority, J.Khuyagbaatar has confirmed an existence of super-heavy element with atomic number Z=117.
The initial observation confirming the super-heavy element with atomic number Z=117 was published in 2010.
Nuclear physicists team produced two atoms of the super-heavy element with atomic number Z=117, making use of an intense 48Ca beam and a target material of radioactive 249Bk confirming the existence of the element.
In the process, a new isotope 266Lr was discovered from the previously unknown alpha-decay branch of 270Db. With a half-life of 1 hour, 270Db is the longest-lived alpha emitter having an atomic number, Z, greater than 102.
Element 117 is yet to be named: a committee comprising members of the International Unions of Pure and Applied Physics and Chemistry will review these new findings, along with the original ones, and decide whether further experiments are needed before acknowledging the element's discovery. Only after such final acceptance, a name may be proposed by the discoverers.

President and State Prosecutor met secretly
May 13 (news.mn) Local press have reported that President Ts.Elbegdorj had an individual meeting with the State Prosecutor General D.Dorligjav urging him to strongly persue a certain course of action and possibly even issued a warning of resignation if the demand is not accepted.
The call for the resignation of MP and Minister of Justice Kh.Temuujin is scheduled to be under discussion in the plenary session meeting of Parliament this week. When the matter was entered for discussion in last week’s plenary session meeting of parliament, the State Prosecutor General of Mongolia, D.Dorligjav, the Head of General Police Agency, T.Biligt and the Head of the General Intelligence Agency, B.Ariunsan were present. Confirmed sources say that the Justice Minister urged their presence for their testimony on several issues.
DP members and the DP caucus said that they have no ingformation on the report regarding the secret meeting between the President and the State Prosecutor General. The meeting was supposed to have been held last Friday or Saturday.
Local sources speculate that President Ts.Elbegdorj asked the State Prosecutor General D.Dorligjav to strongly support the legal reform launched by the Justice Minister.
An unconfirmed source also said that President Ts.Elbegdorj asked the State Prosecutor General to consider public expectations on certain controversial cases including the cases of former senior police colonels who allegedly became wealthy although their income is certain. It is thought that the President prompted the need for legal reforms. However, the specifics of the meeting are still being kept secret.

Mongolian Men’s Team Wins Gold and Women’s Team Grabs Bronze from 7th East Asian Men, Women and Team Judo Championships
May 13 (infomongolia.com) The 7th East Asian Men, Women and Team Judo Championships were successfully organized in Ulaanbaatar taking place at the Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Complex on May 09-10, 2014.
At this seventh edition, judokas from nine countries including China, Guam, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, and Mongolia have competed in 7 weight categories in each Men’s, Women’s and Team divisions. 
Following the Championships, the Best Male Judoka was named as IMS B.Odbayar (Mongolia) who competed in the Men’s 73 kg and the Best Female Judoka is Yu.Suzuki (Japan), Women’s +78 kg.
On the second day, the team competitions were held, where Japanese female wresters dominated over all its opponents achieving a Gold medal and the teams of South Korea and Mongolia grabbed Silver and Bronze medals respectively.
In the Men’s Team competitions, Mongolian male judokas won a Gold medal followed by Japan and South Korean teams.
Final results for Women’s division
48 kg
1. Jon Uu-sin (North Korea)
2. Yamazaki Tamami (Japan)
3. G.Otgontsetseg (Mongolia)
3. Go Harim (South Korea)
52 kg
1. Tanimoto Nodoka (Japan)
2. Park Dasol (North Korea)
3. Lien Pel Ji (Taiwan)
3. -
57 kg
1. D.Sumiya (Mongolia)
2. A.Batzul (Mongolia)
3. Hwang Hee-jing (South Korea)
3. Tsu Hongog (China)
63 kg
1. Nishikawa Mano (Japan)
2. Kin Su (North Korea)
3. Ts.Tserennadmid (Mongolia)
3. Lee Young-jin (South Korea)
70 kg
1. Ts.Naranjargal (Mongolia)
2. Ono Yoko (Japan)
3. Kim Song-hwa (South Korea)
3. Chin Yin Ting (Taiwan)
-78 kg
1. Nadoka Misaki (Japan)
2. Park Yi-jin (South Korea)
3. B.Munkhtuya (Mongolia)
+78 kg
1. Yunihagi Suzuki (Japan)
2. Jao Man (China)
3. G.Gantogos (Mongolia)
3. Uim Jon-jisi (South Korea)
Final Results for Men’s Division
60 kg
1. Oshima Yuma (Japan)
2. Kim Huo-jin (South Korea)
3. Ts.Tsogtbaatar (Mongolia)
3. Kimas Jong (China)
66 kg
1. Hashigushi (Japan)
2. Lee Dong-roch (South Korea)
3. D.Tumurkhuleg (Mongolia)
3. Chad Had Chin (Taiwan)
73 kg
1. G.Odbayar (Mongolia)
2. Song Ming (South Korea)
3. S.Miyaragchaa (Mongolia)
3. Ota Keichi (Japan)
81 kg
1. N.Davaasuren (Mongolia)
2. B.Bat-Erdene (Mongolia)
3. Sato Sasaki (Japan)
3. Kin Nam (South Korea)
90 kg
1. Kim Juk (South Korea)
2. Sugakara Takeshi (Japan)
3. Kh.Tsogtgerel (Mongolia)
3. G.Altanabagan (Mongolia)
-100 kg
1. Kim Lin (South Korea)
2. B.Janchivdorj (Mongolia)
3. Otsu Mizuki (Japan)
3. B.Ariun-Erdene (Mongolia)
+100 kg
1. Momoshi Mashuri (Japan)
2. B.Temuulen (Mongolia)
3. U.Duurenbayar (Mongolia)
3. Kim Mun-sir (South Korea)

Morin Khuur Ensemble of Mongolia to Stage in Ulan-Ude Performing Western Classical and Famous Movie Soundtracks
May 13 (infomongolia.com) After 17 years, Mongolian Morin Khuur Ensemble is to stage at the Buryat State Philharmonic Society in Ulan-Ude, Russia to perform traditional Mongolian music as well as the Western classical and famous movie soundtracks on two-stringed musical instruments called Morin Khuur (Horse-head fiddle) on May 21-22, 2014.
On the first day of the concert, the Ensemble to perform soundtrack music from wellknown films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”, “Memoirs of a Geisha”, “The Legend of the Pianist”, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, “The Last Emperor”, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, “Soong Sisters”, “Schindler's List” composed by Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, Burt Bacharach, Klaus Badelt, Ryuichi Sakamoto, John Towner Williams, Kitaro, Tan Dun, and from Mongolian movies “Queen Mandukhai the Wise”, “Under the Eternal Sky”, “Last Queen of the Khaan”, “Ferocious Saint Lord of Gobi”, “I Like to Fly”, “No Right to Die” and “Aravt” by Natsag JANTSANNOROV, Zundui KHANGAL, Sharav BYAMBASUREN, Batmunkh CHINBAT, and Luvsanjamts MURDORJ.
On the second day, Mongolian artists headed by Frontier Cultural Servants S.Battulga and G.Byambajargal, People's Artist of Mongolia A.Dolgor and the winner of the 2011 Glinka International Competition G.Ariunbaatar in will perform Mongolian and Burayt songs.

UNICEF and National Authority for Children of Mongolia to Broaden Its Collaboration
May 13 (infomongolia.com) On May 12, 2014, Director of the National Authority for Children of Mongolia Ms. I.Narantuya received in her office the UNICEF Mongolia's Representative, Mr. Mohamed Malick Fall, where representatives from both sides have attended.
During the meeting, parties discussed issues of further collaboration to carry out, for instances, sides negotiated to submit its voices to Mongolian National Council for Children, to co-organize the International Day for Protection of Children observing in Mongolia as the Mothers' and Children's Day on June First with the Office of the President of Mongolia, to report public the studies on children welfare and circumstances, and joint writing of the Fifth Periodic Report on Convention on the Rights of the Child of Mongolia as well as UNICEF medium-term program evaluation process.

Parliamentarians Meet Businessmen
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) A leader of a working group at the parliamentary Standing committee on social policy, education, culture and science Ya.Sodbaatar MP; and other parliamentarians J.Batsuuri and S.Ganbaatar Monday received businesspeople and delegates of employers and professional associations.
The working group has been set up with responsibilities for studying a matter of augmenting salaries and pensions, harmonizing it with people’s livelihood and inflation rate, and for issuing a proper suggestion.
At the meeting, Batsuuri MP noted the working group’s suggestion has included proposals from business delegates and professional unions, and it shall be reflected in the governmental policy. Then, parliamentarians shared views with the delegates on a way of improving livelihood of people and a chance for augmenting the salaries.
In turn, the business delegates criticized that Ministries and agencies are not pay much attention to many important decisions made by parliament, and bureaucracy causes main problems. “It is vital to refine upon the social insurance and VAT systems. Otherwise, it is impossible to increase the salaries,” they stressed. They also complained that the state support is rendered to only state servants, and other people who run own business are gone out of the state aid.        

Businesswomen Convene in Ulaanbaatar
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) A forum for small-sized businesswomen with a theme “What difficulty do you have?” was held Tuesday in Ulaanbaatar at an initiative of the unofficial group of women parliamentarians.
Co-organized by the group of women parliamentarians and the Ministry of Labour, the forum brought together N.Altankhuyag, the Prime Minister; L.Erdenechimeg, a head of the Group of Women Parliamentarians; G.Uyanga, S.Odontuya, D.Sarangerel MPs; Ts.Oyungerel, the Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism; S.Oyun, the Minister of Environment and Green Development; and Ya.Sanjmyatav, the Minister of Labour.
Erdenechimeg MP made the opening remarks at the forum, saying that many Mongolian women are doing business, contributing to their families and creating thousands of job places. Then she introduced to the gathered a result of a survey conducted by the Union of Mongolian Women among small- and middle-sized businesswomen. “23 per cent of the women involved in the survey said the interest rate of loans is too high,” she said.
At the forum, Uyanga MP said she hoped that businesswomen in Mongolia will be a continuation for erecting basic industries that will become the pillar of the national economy, and expressed her position to urgently set up the tax on imported products which are considered as the biggest barrier to national productions.
Products of leather and knitted goods J.Saran and J.Bolorchuluun said small- and middle-sized producers face many problems to receive soft-loans. Moreover, same products imported from China cause big problems to develop the national productions of leather and knitted goods, they said.
As of today, 12 thousand businesspeople for small- and middle-sized productions are registered in the city, and 60% of them are women. Over 60% of the businesswomen are aged 40-55 years old. Most of these women are engaged in the productions of sewed and knitted clothes, foods, tourism, handcrafts and souvenir and felt goods.
Apart of the parliamentarians, the forum gathered 800 people.

Ambassador of State of Israel to Mongolia Visits Ulaanbaatar
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) The Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Bold Tuesday received Mr Matan Vilnai, Concurrent Non-Resident Ambassador of Israel to Mongolia.
Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia Mr. Luvsanvandan BOLD received in his office a non-resident Ambassador of the State of Israel to Mongolia Mr. Matan Vilnai in Ulaanbaatar on May 13, 2014.
During the meeting, Minister L.Bold expressed his satisfaction with strengthening Mongolia-Israel friendly relations and cooperation, and offered to host a regular consultative meeting between the Foreign Ministries of the two countries in the second half of this year.
Minister L.Bold extended congratulations on the Israeli Declaration of Independence that marks annually on May 14 since 1948. The sides also exchanged views on issues pertaining to bilateral cooperation in the political, economic, health and agricultural spheres.
Mongolia and the State of Israel have established the diplomatic relations on October 02, 1991.

Council to Intensify Economy Created
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) A council for stimulating economy created at the Prime Minister to implement related resolution approved by the parliament, last Thursday.
A Chairman of the Business Council of Mongolia B.Byambasaikhan has been appointed as a Secretary for the Council.
According to the approved resolution, measures to intensify the economy of the country are supposed to be taken within a hundred days.
A hundred days started to be counted from last Friday.

Thermal Power Station to Be Built in Eastern Province
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) With a grant aid of the Asian Development Bank, a thermal power station with a capacity of 8.4MB will be erected in an eastern Dornogobi province.
This is a part of action being carried out by the Government for Reforms to build a thousand family apartments in all provincial centers.
Commencing from last week, construction work is expected to be completed by a tender-winner Chinese “Taishin” construction group and put into operation within this November.

Province Receives Japanese Equipment
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) Japanese firefighting and medical equipments were given to related organizations of Dornogobi province, last week.
In frames of the cooperation, Japanese Shizuoka prefecture presented these equipments to the province, including three fire fighting vehicles, an emergency ambulance car and other necessary things such as 22 beds, 16 medical exam tables, 13 drop shelves, three tables for inpatients and 81 mattresses.
Apart from this, the sides are running a student exchange program called "Dornogobi children in Japan" which has been involved a total of 103 pupils and six teachers, relevant officials said.

Naadam Organizing Committee Convenes
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) A meeting of the national Naadam festival was held in the room of Deputy Prime Minister D.Terbishdagva on Monday.
At the meeting, the Naadam organizers shared views on ongoing preparations for the festival, including arrangements in the horse racing area and the wrestling stadium, and planning of a 3D show in the city main square.
The festival organizing committee consists of subcommittees separately responsible for wrestling, horse races, archery competitions, vendor sales and services, state ceremonies, public order, art events, knucklebone shooting contests, and press.
Naadam is a traditional festival in Mongolia. The games are Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery and are held throughout the country during midsummer. Women have started participating in the archery and girls in the horse-racing games, but not in Mongolian wrestling.
In 2010, Naadam was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.
The biggest festival (Naadam of the Country) is held in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar during the National Holiday from July 11 – 13, in the National Sports Stadium. Naadam begins with an elaborate introduction ceremony featuring dancers, athletes, horse riders, and musicians. After the ceremony, the competitions begin.

Hydro Accumulation Power Plant to Be Constructed in Orkhon Province
Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) A hydro accumulation power plant is planned to be erected in Orkhon province.
The construction work will be completed by a domestic “Erdenet Factory” company together with Slovakian “Marcus Industry” company based on local technology park.
Last week, three engineers from Slovakia delivered a report about their research in the province.
This power station will have a capacity of 100MB and two pools, and it intends to produce cheaper energy during night time.
As expected, a sum of 400 million USD will be required for this station which included in work list under the concession contract.
Furthermore, the sides will work on its economic feasibility and finance matters after the “Marcus Industry” company can reach agreement with the Ministry of Energy.  

Air Pistol Championships Held in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) National air pistol championships named after ‘Buudagch’ (Shooter) Club were held in Ulaanbaatar.
In men’s category, E.Davaasuren from Aldar Sports grabbed a gold medal, followed by his brother E.Badamgarav and O.Togoldor. In women’s category, O.Gundegmaa from Aldar Sports bagged a gold medal leading thirty shooters and achieving 199.3 points. O.Gudegmaa was followed by T.Gantuul and Ts.Monkhzul.

SUMO/ Hakuho, Kakuryu win while Harumafuji survives scare on Day 2

May 13 (asahi.com) Yokozuna Harumafuji survived another close call at the hands of Aoiyama on May 12 as all three Mongolian grand champions posted wins on the second day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.
Fighting in the day's final bout at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Harumafuji clearly had his hands full with the 196-kilogram top maegashira.
Harumafuji was shoved back several times by his opponent and almost touched the dirt with his hand, but prevailed when he got his shoulder in the chest of the giant Bulgarian and drove him out over the ridge to improve to 1-1.
Harumafuji lost to komusubi Yoshikaze on Day 1 and was in no mood to take a second straight loss so early in the 15-day meet. Aoiyama dropped to 0-2.
In other major bouts, newly promoted yokozuna Kakuryu won his second straight bout when he overpowered Yoshikaze.
After butting heads shortly after the face-off, Mongolian Kakuryu calmly stepped to the side and swatted his opponent out over the straw ridge. Yoshikaze, who appeared stunned by the blow to the head, dropped to 1-1.
Kakuryu became the 71st yokozuna when he was promoted to sumo's highest rank after going 14-1 and winning the spring tournament in March.
Yokozuna Hakuho, who is bidding for his 29th Emperor's Cup, had little patience for the diminutive grappler Takekaze.
Despite losing a grip on the belt of the top maegashira, Hakuho calmly shoved his opponent out to pick up his second straight win. Takekaze, who dropped to 0-2, was no match for the powerful Mongolian.
Ozeki Kisenosato stayed undefeated at 2-0 with a comfortable win over Chiyootori. Kisenosato quickly shoved the komusubi wrestler back several steps at the face-off and sent him out to his second straight defeat.
Ozeki Kotoshogiku also kept a clean slate and improved to 2-0 when he got both arms around Takarafuji and bulldozed the winless No. 2 maegashira out for his second loss.
No. 3 maegashira Aminishiki, who has a reputation for beating higher-ranked wrestlers, was true to form when he sent sekiwake Goeido tumbling over the straw ridge with several powerful thrusts to the upper body.
Aminishiki improved to 2-0 while handing Goeido his first loss.
Egypt's Osunaarashi was handed his first loss when he was shoved out by No. 11 maegashira Toyohibiki, who improved to 2-0. Osunaarashi, a No. 10 maegashira, stands at 1-1.
Up-and-coming grappler Endo was manhandled by No. 5 maegashira Shohozan, who deployed a barrage of arm thrusts to send the No. 4 maegashira backpedaling over the straw ridge.
Endo dropped to 1-1 while Shohozan is undefeated at 2-0.

National Draughts Championships to Be Held in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, May 13 (MONTSAME) National draughts adult championships are planned to run in Bayanzurkh district of the capital city on May 13 – 22.
The championships will be held in two categories of men and women, and in each category, fourteen draughts players will compete for the championship titles. At qualifying stages held earlier, these 28 players were awarded with rights to participate in these finale contests.
At the championships, games will be held in the Fisher system with time control of 80 minutes and one minute per move. Champions and runner-ups will be awarded with rights to take part in the 2014 Asian Championship in Bangkok, Thailand on June 10 - 15.

Mongolia-Austria Business Meeting in Ulaanbaatar Scheduled on May 26, 2014

May 13 (infomongolia.com) Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) in association with Advantage Austria are organizing the Mongolia-Austria Business Meeting in Ulaanbaatar at 09:00 am in MNCCI building on May 26, 2014.
At the meeting, following companies representing Austria will attend:
- AME International GmbH, a global healthcare technology solution provider based in Vienna, with extensive know how in developing, implementing, operating and financing international health care projects to cooperate and seek partners in Mongolia;
- Plasser & Theurer, an Austrian manufacturer of rail track maintenance and track laying machines, to propose its products and services;
- Norbert Schaller GmbH, a one-stop planning, project development and construction management services provider, equipment supplier and technological consultant, cooperate and seek partners in Mongolia;
- Hoffinger Solutions GmbH, strategy consulting, development and strategic planning evaluation for company or organization, to establish a joint venture in Mongolia;
- EOSS Industries GmbH, provides funding, management know-how, strategic exchanges and opportunities, to establish a joint venture in Mongolia;
- UniCredit Bank Austria AG, better known as Bank Austria, is a Central and Eastern European bank;
- Rosenbauer International AG, one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of fire-service vehicles, based in Leonding, Austria, to cooperate and seek partners in Mongolia;
- Bilfinger VAM Anlagentechnik GmbH, a leading edge company in industrial plant engineering and pipework construction as well as apparatuses, vessels and tanks for many decades, to cooperate and seek partners in Mongolia;

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