Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MIAT welcomes new plane

MIAT Mongolian Airlines welcomed a fresh-out of the factory Boeing 737-800 on Saturday at Chinggis Khaan International Airport. The plane was named after Guyug Khaan, third ruler of the Mongol Empire and grandson of Chinggis Khaan.

“Mongolia plans to become a leading air transportation service provider in the region in the future. To reach this goal, the new plain will serve a critical role,” said a MIAT spokesperson upon welcoming the new plane.

The plane is the second of three that Mongolia is to receive from Boeing. In 2011, President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj made a contract to purchase three planes from Boeing, during his visit to the USA. Mongolia’s first very own Boeing 767-300ER was delivered last year in May. MIAT previously leased all four of its planes from other airlines. According to the Director of MIAT, G.Jargalsaikhan, the new plane is being leased from Air Lease Corporation for a duration of 15 years, after which, it will become the property of MIAT.

The plane has capacity for 162 passengers, can fly up to 10 hours nonstop and is the fifth plane in MIAT’s fleet.

Deputy Minister of Transportation Kh.Erjan commented, “In relation to the state’s policy on air travel, MIAT was given national airline status, which means the state will support the company until 2020. By this time, we expect the fruits of this support to mature and not only the company, but our nation will be able to compete in the world through this sector. The new plane will not only add new routes but also ensure the comfort and safety of passengers and help reach our eventual goal.”

Currently, MIAT offers direct flights to Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin, Erlian and Hong Kong, and charters flights to Osaka, Jeju, Pyongyang, Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi and Dubai. A direct flight to Frankfurt will launch from June 19 and a flight to Singapore will launch in October, according to G.Jargalsaikhan.

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