Friday, May 16, 2014

China Metallurgical : HTC Digs New Deal on Furnace Combustion System in Inner Mongolia

The Industrial Furnace Company of Huatian Engineering & Technology Corporation of MCC (HTC) was awarded with a manufacturing contract by Andritz (China) Co., Ltd. on May 13, 2014.

According to the contract, HTC shall be responsible for manufacturing of the furnace combustion system and furnace-group controlling system for three Aluminum Melting Furnaces (120t), three kettle-furnaces (120t) of Andritz (China).

The jobsite is located within the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the rich coal gas in the local area will be utilized as the fuel. Since the coal-gas is of low heat value, in consideration of the energy-conservation effect of the overall kiln and after careful comparison, the new technology of double-regenerative combustion system for cold-gas of generator, which is developed by the Industrial Furnace Company of HTC and has been successfully put into application, was employed. Comparing with the ordinary combustion method, the energy-saving efficiency will reach up to at least 40%. On this ground, the energy utilization ration will be greatly enhanced, and the unit consumption and manufacturing costs for aluminum melting operation will be dramatically cut down.

As a matter of fact, there is no historical precedent for utilization of generator's cold-gas and application of double-regenerative combustion technology on large-sized Aluminum Melting Furnaces (120t). This project is in compliance with the energy-conservation and emission-reduction policies of the State Government. After completion, it will be proved to be of great promotion value.

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