Thursday, May 1, 2014

Arizona dust storms pale in comparison to China's

NASA Earth Observatory released the below images of a massive dust storm seen from space.

The leading edge of this April 23, 2014 dust storm stretches around 500 miles across northern China and into Mongolia.

The images were captured by NASA's Aqua and Terra satellites.

The two pictures were snapped one hour and 45 minutes apart. In that time the storm traveled over 40 miles.

Click here for NASA's comparison tool

Spring is the most common time of year for dust storms in China. The dust is kicked up by winds from storms moving through Siberia.

Visibility in the dust storm pictured was down to 160 feet in some areas. The dust was so thick in the Gansu Province of northwest China, people covered their mouths with masks and scarves to reduce the amount of dust getting in their lungs.

Click here for a slideshow of the dust storm impacts

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