Saturday, May 3, 2014

Adventurous couple take on a 10,000-mile van rally

AN intrepid couple are gearing up for a car rally taking them from Worcester to the other side of the world.

Richard Stapleton and his partner Hannah Millington will tackle mountain ranges and barren deserts during a 10,000 mile charity adventure.

The couple, both from Worcester, get behind the wheel of their white Transit van this June and head for Mongolia in what could be a near-four month rally.

"We decided to take part about 18 months ago," said Mr Stapleton, who is 33 and lives just off the Bath Road in Worcester.

Miss Millington, meanwhile, is 35 and is based in the Arboretum, also Worcester.

"We both like travelling," he said.

"We were in (the bookshop) Waterstones looking at Lonely Planet guide books.

"One place Hannah has always wanted to go to is Mongolia."

He said he would be taking a sabbatical from his job as repair and overhaul contracts manager with Pershore-based Allen Gears, while Miss Millington is leaving her position with the same company to take up the challenge.

They estimate the journey will cost about £2,500 in diesel with the whole trip, including visas, setting them back about £10,000.

"We'll fund the trip ourselves," said Mr Stapleton.

"We've budgeted about £10,000 of our own money and the minimum we need to raise is £1,000."

The rally consists of a 10,000 mile trip in an average car or commercial vehicle. Those taking part leave from London, finishing the trek in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.

Enroute they will pass through south east Europe before travelling east through Turkey, onto Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, before arriving in Mongolia.

The couple, who have called their trip 'Here Today, Khan Tomorrow' will raise funds for Go Help, a UK charity working with local communities in central Asia to improve their access to education and healthcare services.

They hope to leave Worcester on Sunday, June 1.

"It's probably a long way from people's mindsets here in Worcester but it's an important cause," said Mr Stapleton.

"I am a bit nervous about it all.

"There will be unexpected events along the way. But excitement is now starting to take over."

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