Friday, November 25, 2011

Xinjiang Carries Coal from Mongolia

Xinjiang autonomous region of China and the Republic of Mongolia officially realized coal transportation on November 23.

Mongolia has lots of coal resource but the coal conversion is insufficient due to limited capacity of mineral product exploitation and deep processing.

However, Xinjiang is short of 1.6 million tons of coking coal every year, particularly No. 15 coking coal for steelmaking. In 2008, the two sides began to seek trade and economic cooperation in a wider range so as to shape a development pattern that enables regional economic advantages to complement each other and boosts industrial transformation and upgrading. On November 7, the 360-kilometer international highway between Mongolia and Xinjiang that was located at Tarkshiken port of Qinghe County in Xinjiang passed inspection. The two sides agreed that this special coal channel would be a long-term transportation line.

Through this highway, vehicles from Xinjiang can carry coal from the Khushuut mine of Mongolia while vehicles from Mongolia can go to the circular economy demonstration park of overseas resource processing located in Qiaerkutu Town of Fuyun County. It is predicted that by the end of the 12th five-year plan period, there will be 10 million tons of coking coke carried from Khushuut mine to Xinjiang.

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