Thursday, November 24, 2011

Soum residents oppose Australian mining company

Residents of Tsetserleg soum of Khuvsgul aimag say they will send a note to Mineral Resources and Energy Minister D.Zorigt opposing the activities of an Australian mining company in the area of the soum.

The Mogoin Gol mining area has supplied coal to Khuvsgul and Zavkhan aimags since 1970. The coal is coking coal like that of the Tavantolgoi mining area. Residents of Khuvsgul aimag had opposed a Chinese company’s activity in the area, and the Chinese company left.

But now Khurgankhairkhan LLC, an Australian-owned company, has begun exploration drilling in the Mogoin Gol mining area. Residents say the company is polluting the area, and that representatives of the company have offered to give herders whose animals have died due to the pollution MNT 1 million each.

Therefore, residents of the soum are going to send a note to Minister D.Zorigt opposing the company’s activities.

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