Friday, November 25, 2011

U.S. conductor to conduct ballet “Atilla”

Stanford Symphony Conductor Jindong Cai has arrived in Mongolia to conduct the symphony orchestra’s performance of the ballet Atilla at the State Academic Theatre on November 26.

Jindong Cai is working with members of the orchestra to prepare the music. He told our correspondent during a rehearsal that he is happy to conduct the symphony orchestra.

He also expressed his happiness on visiting Mongolia for the sixth time. Jindong Cai conducted Bizet’s Carmen and Tchaikovski’s Swan Lake last March at the invitation of the Director of the State Opera and Ballet Theater. But this is the first ballet that he will conduct in Mongolia. The conductor said that the history of the ballet is wonderful and he likes the music and dance of the ballet. Mongol Costume is assisting with the performance and is working to show a collection at the opening ceremony of the ballet.

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