Thursday, November 24, 2011

Electronic ID cards to be issued in December

Sources tell us that the Government will begin issuing new electronic identification cards to citizens beginning December 20.

At the Government meeting on March 9, 2011, it was decided to issue the new ID cards.

First Deputy Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag was asked to discuss implementation of the decision in June 2011, and the Chief of the General Authority for State Registration was instructed to prepare for the change from the current ID card to the new one.

Our sources say the new ID card is based on examples from 47 other countries. The card will reduce ID theft and be used for migration, voting, and taxation purposes.

Also, some services, including social welfare, health, and education, will be accessible by using the card through appropriate state organizations.

Fingerprints and digital photographs of citizens obtained through civil registration will be among the data included in the new ID cards.

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